Many women have no proper sense of danger

The other day I came across a tragicomic piece of news: some woman used to do yoga poses hanging over the railing of her balcony, which is 25 meters (> 75 ft) above ground. All went well, until she finally slipped, and crashed to the ground. She didn’t quite qualify for a Darwin Award as she got away with about 100 bone fractures. Look at this pose:

It would have been a bit less stupid to do this pose the other way round, i.e. with her torso remaining above the balcony.

A have to say that I was quite bemused by reading about this event due to the utter stupidity. This young woman almost fell to her death because she did not realize that, yes, gravity is a bitch and can end your life quickly.

It is commonly understood that more men than women die in accidents. This is partly due to dangerous jobs being the domain of men, while cushy office jobs are increasingly seen as the birthright of women, and if there are men in those jobs, then those bigots should vacate their seats because we need more women in tech and in every other field where you can draw a big salary without having to risk your life.

Excluding job-related accidents, plenty of men also die or get injured in off-duty activities. For this, you can blame lack of impulse control as well as thrill-seeking. For instance, one of the most riveting documentaries I watched recently was Free Solo, which traces the career of Alex Honnold, who became famous because he’s climbing rocks with his bare hands. He’s not using a rope. One mistake more likely than not will lead to his certain death. Plenty of guys practising free-soloing fell to their death. Related are guys who scale skyscrapers, get famous on YouTube, slip, and die. It seems that in all those cases, those guys thought they had things under control. They did not just naively climb a difficult mountain in worn out sneakers or scale a skyscraper for giggles. Instead, they assessed the risks and thought they could handle them. In contrast, look how oblivious to danger the woman in the picture above seems.

I also mentioned impulse control, or the lack thereof, as a male issue. Some guys seem prone to literally losing their mind. For instance, they may get drunk, then something pisses them off, and before they know it, they’ve hit some other dude with a bottle over the head. If you’ve ever witnessed a guy running amok, you know that this can be pretty scary. Women don’t seem to have that problem, however.

I have the impression that many women are so sheltered and/or by so much into all the bullshit they are fed that they seem to either think that they are invincible or they believe that danger is a concept that only applies to movies. Let me give you a few examples. First, have you ever witnessed a woman berating a guy, maybe in public? I have witnessed a few times in my many nights spent in clubs and bars that some woman unloaded on some unfortunate guy, most likely their boyfriend. I’ve seen women slap guys who weigh easily four times as much as them. Another popular move is throwing a drink at a guy. You really have to wonder what is going in the mind of those women because one hit would knock them out, while it would take quite a few soy boys to take on one Chad.

Among female friends and girlfriends I also encountered many who had no concept or appreciation of the many advances of civilization. They live in complete safety and think that this is the default state. Yet, the default is that our natural environment is brutal and it took us many thousands of years to figure out how to live in relative comfort. One woman, who grew up in a very sheltered environment, told me she wanted to go on a backpacking trip through parts of Africa — on her own! I don’t know the exact details, but in the end she did not go. Had she gone, chances that she would have gotten raped or killed would have been non-zero. In general, there is a strange fascination with the third world in some women. Then you ask them a few questions, and it turns out that even basic questions like health care or sanitation did not even cross their mind. Heck, my ex-wife got very offended when I shot her plans of traveling through India down by showing her pictures of what the big Indian cities really look like. Oh, of course I was called a “racist” when I asked her if she was aware that open defecation is very common in India.

My favourite is, of course, liberal women who welcome hordes of immigrants from the third world and who end up getting raped or killed. Those women are used to being around soy-boy cucks who have less testosterone in their entire body than a Waffen-SS soldier had in his little finger. Consequently, that’s what they believe all men are like: never asserting themselves, happy to be verbally and physically abused, and afraid to make a move. Yet, Africa-Tyrone who routinely raped women back home will not be very impressed when he is told to stop. Instead, he may even invite a few of his buddies to join in the fun. Further wonderful expressions of the female obliviousness to danger are the many cases where women climb into enclosures in zoos to take selfies with dangerous animals.

Quite frankly, I don’t even get why women so readily engage in one-night stands. When I was starting out with picking up girls, I wondered about this, so I did the obvious thing and just asked a chick after I had hooked up with her. It seems that something clicked in her mind. Her reaction was, of course, highly irrational. Instead of admitting that it’s quite risky to follow a complete stranger home, I now turned into some weirdo and pervert in her mind — because otherwise I would not have asked such a question. Well, that was not the well-thought-out response I had vaguely hoped to receive, but it did answer my question. It nicely illustrates that your average slut is just completely oblivious to the fact that hooking up with a stranger can be quite dangerous, probably about as dangerous as doing balancing exercises on your balcony. They not only think that nothing bad will ever happen to them. Instead, danger is not even on their mind — until it is too late.

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One thought on “Many women have no proper sense of danger

  1. Reminds me of a girlfriend i had many years ago. She used to leave work at night walk home. Instead of walking along the more illuminated and transited boulevard, she chose a darker back street with less traffic, with the argument that it was safer because “there were less people around”.

    Also, she thought she was safer on her own but I was in danger, because she thought thugs would seek out fights with me (this was never a problem in that area, but muggings were more frequent). The fact that I was taller, much heavier, and actively practicing martial arts somehow didnt seem to count.

    Thankfully it was in a comparably safe neighborhood, but the stupidity of those statement still resonates today.

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