Female Behavioral Patterns

The other day I received an email by someone who bought one of my Sleazy Stories books. He wrote that he was particularly surprised by one of the chapters as the girl described in there reminded him a lot of an ex-girlfriend of his. Over the years, I have gotten similar emails, albeit not very often. What some of those guys seem to have in common is that they do not have particularly extensive experience with women. Otherwise, they may have realized that there are certain female archetypes. If you have been with, say, 20 or 30 women, ideally at the level of a fuck buddy or beyond, you have basically seen everything the female sex has to offer in terms of their psychological makeup.

Only because the behavior of women is so predictable is it possible that we can share our experiences online and benefit from it. What is interesting, though, is that your typical woman is oblivous to the fact that she is not all that special. She’s just like any other woman with a similar personality. There are just a few combinations. In fact, guys who are smooth with girls are smooth for that very reason: they have interacted with similar women and therefore they can just go through the motions because they have gathered reference experiences with women similar to her.

Quite a few women have told me that they have never met a guy like me. I have heard this in various contexts, referring to my uncanny ability to read a woman so well that my escalations unfold in a very smooth manner. However, I have heard the same from more impulsive women, those on the cluster B personality disorder spectrum. To them, I was the only guy who could ever handle them. Yet, I was just as tired of their shit as any other guy who ever dumped them. I have just dealt with so much bullshit that it does not particularly faze me. (Of course, those women never see it coming when you inevitably dump them because no matter how smooth you are, you do grow tired of those crazies. Meanwhile, they think that guys have to learn to deal with their crap instead of working on themselves.)

I think most men eventually get a glimpse of that reality. While they may not reach a point where they will be able to deal with various kinds of women with relative ease, they will probably realize that their current sweetheart has characters traits similar to some ex-girlfriend. On a more intermediate level, you get to the point where some women almost appear like pastiches to you. This is because very few if any women have excentric hobbies or interests. Thus, your current girlfriend may have the body type of ex-girlfriend A, like the same music as ex-girlfriend B, be as active or inactive in bed as ex-girlfriend C, as bubbly as your work colleague D when she wants to put on a pleasant front, and as remorseful as your mother when she does not. Whoever said that women are complicated just hasn’t met enough of them.

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23 thoughts on “Female Behavioral Patterns

  1. One thing I’ve noticed about the rare women who do have some sort of uncommon female hobby, like playing and instrument pretty well, for example. Is that they will receive an unjust amount of praise for their level of competency at said skill. It’s like a guy would have to compete at a level of 10x the proficiency to get the same amount of ackowledgement for doing the same thing. And the more attractive she is, the harder it will be to compete.

    Here’s a hot chick playing and singing a cover everyone has already heard a billion times before:


    And here is a virtuoso playing something original and outstanding:


    The amount of views are comparable, however, the guy the latter video is literally one of the best players alive today. Leagues above the former example.

    1. Also, the number of views the former gets will dwindle to nothing over the years. She’s drawing an audience based on her looks. This reminds me of some girl who uploaded videos of her doing some drum set solos, dresses like a whore. People tuned in for the visuals. Plenty probably muted the videos as the sound may only be distracting.

    2. Interestingly, she has already stopped uploading videos in the last couple of years. So there you go.

    3. @Sleazy

      It seems to me that the classical thots are migrating to Youtube these days. There are tons of “Lingerie try on” videos on Youtube with millions of views. Youtube is a Softcore-Porntube in disguise.

      They dress like whores, put their asses in thongs, film and upload their videos to youtube and get millions of views. Strange world.


    4. Thanks for sharing. Those videos were surprisingly anticlimactic. In particular the last one, the fattie in her underwear with around 10 millions views, leaves me flabbergasted. If those views are real instead of bought, then the standards of many men must be abysmally low.

    5. I think Aaron has a hard time putting himself in the shoes of average guys lol. Yea, I think it really is that bad. The majority of men are desperate and/or brainwashed. At least that’s been my observation. In terms of brainwashing, it’s not uncommon to see average guys shacking up with single moms or ‘BBWs’ (or a combination of the two for the luckiest guys), since only real men do that sort of thing.

    6. @Pickernanny

      I had seen the same video and noticed the same phenomenon you and @AaronSleazy pointed out – i.e. “hot” chicks playing guitar and getting 10:1 more views than if a guy were to do the same thing. I’m sure the comments are filled with white knights, marriage proposals and grandiose praise. If a guy plays, the comments would likely mock the Youtuber or maybe even ask what gear he used.

      Re: the original video you posted, I’m sure that brunette with the big boobs graduated to being an instagram T-hot.

      Speaking of Instagram thots, I seem to see a flurry of posts from two types: (1) supposed fitness chicks and (2) women posting about being #GIRLBOSS or #techbosslady or #girlsintech

    7. I think the things that kind of irritates me about the lingerie stuff is that lots of guys are being demonetized on youtube for just for having less than popular opinions. Yet, children can easily gain access to half naked hog beasts. Nonsense.

    8. @Sleazy

      Too many extremely horny men these days. Being a young western woman in the 21. century guarantees her a lot of attention.

  2. To be fair, I’ve noticed the same with attractive men. In a given skill an attractive and/or tall guy will achieve 10% of the skill as someone proficient in the hobby/skill, but be given a ton of praise and compliments and encouragement from women. I mean these are guys that I can see are “attractive” myself.

    But sometimes there would be a guy I couldn’t understand why… would get similar effect. I used to think these guys had “charisma”. Because these guys looked ugly to me. But they’d get the same heaps of praise based on incredibly mediocre skill.

    1. Then I got blackpilled… I watched a bunch of those videos delving into what makes a face attractive… Ok, the jaw stuff was obvious to me. I can tell a guy has an attractive male model jaw. But then these blackpillers would talk at length about this “compact midface” stuff… And I didn’t think it made much difference.

      But then one day I decided to go through the FB profiles of all the guys i wondered about throughout the years. The guys I thought were ugly, but were killing it with chicks, getting tons of praise for mediocrity, chicks kissing their butts etc etc… And each and every single one of them has a compact mid face.

      Like boy was I blown away by this. I thought it must be some hidden charisma (which they usually also have, but now I would conclude they got the charisma as a result of all the positive feedback, so it’s a consequence, not a cause). Or perhaps it’s a massive conspiracy that 100% of them without exception have a compact midface just blackpillers said.

    2. Let me summarize more succintly:

      – I watched how sluttily-dressed chicks would get tons of praise for their skill, despite the fact they were mediocre at best. (like the chick in that guitar video above)

      – But I also watched certain guys get the exact same treatment

      – There were things these guys had in common:

      A) All of them were charismatic and (or at least) charming (100%)
      B) Most were tall and obviously good looking, like what’s obvious to someone even if they’re not an expert on male looks (60%)
      C) A big chunk however were neither tall nor obviously good looking (40%)

      Here’s the last thing I realized, and it’s a biggie

      D) All of them had a compact midface (100%)

      So the only things that are common for all these guys is that 100% of them are at least charming, and have a compact midface. Are they getting the royal treatment because of the midface? I’d say yes, 100% can’t be a coincidence. Whereas the charm can merely be something they developed due to all the positive reinforcement.

    3. Maybe my claims were biased. I can definietly agree that good looking men get plenty of praise for being average in talent get tons of praise.

      I went back to that chicks video with the big tits and guitar and read some of the top comments. They were pretty hilarious. Comments like, “she definitely wants people to notice her for her guitar playing” and such. She was sort of made out to be a joke.

    1. No, i’m talking the exact opposite. For years I wondered why guys who don’t look “pretty” get so many bitches kissing their ass etc… I thought it was “charisma” coz they appeared “ugly” to me.

      Male models have BOTH
      a) Prettiness
      b) Those masculine features

      Us guys… we’re not naturally attuned to recognizing the masculine features… we only recognize when a guy is “pretty”… we look at male models and say “so girls like pretty boys”.

      But a guy who only has “pretty” without the masculine thingies, isn’t attractive. Whereas an “ugly” guy with those things is hot to women. After you watch a couple of blackpill videos on facial male attractiveness you’ll start seeing it everywhere.

    2. Some examples, @Alek?

      I know you like blog readers to do their homework, LOL. But browsing those incel/blackpill forums is kind of a pain the ass. Too much rambling and snapping at each other and little argumentation.

    3. I fully agree with that. The last time I checked those forums, I found them impossible to read. You have threads with hundreds of rapid-fire one-line replies that are devoid of any content.

    4. I don’t think I’ve ever read a blackpill forum. You mean things like sluthate? Or do they have forums dedicated to this lms kind of stuff?

      I just watched some youtube videos where guys summarize their beliefs/findings with good visual examples, images, charts etc. Those were good 10 minute video summaries.

    5. Yes, that’s the big one. Reddit may be the main watering hole for that community nowadays, though.

    6. Blackpill forums: lookism.com, incels.co
      discord: blackpillmafia, faceandlms private

    1. I’m pretty sure I dropped the link on a comment thread here a month back. It went unnoticed when I shared it. I’ll try to retrieve it from my browsing history or search through the open threads on here.

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