The Makeup Deception: An Illustrative Example

I recently came across a particularly good example of how women trick with makeup. Have a look at this (fair use assumed):

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that the two pictures are too similar to be natural. Thus, the picture on the left has most likely been created with “makeup removal” software that simply makes some educated guesses. Whether the picture on the left is real or not is not irrelevant, because the important takeaway is that the picture on the right is not real in any case. It shows a real person. Yet, with that heavy layer of makeup, you are not facing reality.

The amount of trickery women can do is absolutely staggering. No matter how beautiful the woman you pull from the club is, you can subtract a good 2 points from her sexual market value without makeup. Of course, genetics play a role as well. Assuming a woman has naturally high cheekbones and not implanted ones, the fact of the matter is that there is still rather imperfect skin stretching over it.

Imagine what would happen if makeup was outlawed! Of course, feminists would be up in arms. They are not really against the objectification of women, knowing full well that it would be a lot more difficult to extract resources from men if they were facing supposed natural beauty. Makeup is a matter of (economic) life and death for most women. Many women have only their looks to get by. Sure, some end up in cushy diversity roles in industry, but the vast majority are employed in menial jobs which they would like to quit sooner rather than later. Escaping that kind of life is a lot more difficult without a thick layer of makeup.

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13 thoughts on “The Makeup Deception: An Illustrative Example

  1. Working around a lot of women, every once in a while the ones that apply heavy makeup will get lazy and show up to work with minimal or no makeup. It’s never pretty.

    Makeup is like a double edged sword, I believe. Because it might make a woman appear prettier in the short-term, but in the long run it does a lot of damage to the skin.

    1. I just remembered a recent occasion in which a woman who regularly applies excessive eyeliner (or whatever it is) to create that exaggerated wing look. Just google Amy Winehouse to see what I’m talking about.

      Anyway, in about a three month time frame, she had two instances where her eye would become irritated and have drainage rolling out of it. I suggested that she lay of the eye makeup for a little while until it resolves. She took my advice, but complained to me that too many people commented that they didn’t recognize her, and that she didn’t look well.

    2. Imagine how she must have felt! Then again, she may not have thought much about it, believing instead that she’s not really herself when not wearing any makeup.

    3. I see many women with decent skin in spite of using makeup though (in Singapore). Or maybe I’ve not been paying close enough attention? There’s also a general perception that wearing makeup is a form of manners and part of work etiquette. So if the female standard at the workplace is to have at least a light mask of makeup on, you could come across unprofessional in comparison.

      But I never really got on the bandwagon myself and there’s no reason to start now. In fact I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I don’t really know how to apply it properly if some special occasion calls for it. So a part of me has always felt less grown up than some of my peers; like I didn’t mature in this regard. In 5-10 years’ time I’ll see how my skin compares to that of my friends. It’s pretty good at the moment, if I may say so myself 🙂

    4. I don’t think anyone would complain if a youthful cutie didn’t wear makeup in the office. Makeup makes unattractive women appear anything from not ugly to attractive. Of course, you couldn’t phrase it like that. It is also true that only very few women can get away with not wearing any makeup, or not much of it.

      When would you ever see your friends without makeup?

    5. I briefly looked into skin damage and makeup. Perhaps unsurprisingly, there don’t seem to be any studies. It’s similar to how Big Tobacco did not financially support studies on the health risks of cancer. Just look at the ingredients in makeup products and ask yourself how it can’t be detrimental to your skin if you suffocate it with it for 16 hours a day. Also, I learned that makeup brushes are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that are known to cause premature aging.

    6. @Sleazy’s Wife

      “I see many women with decent skin in spite of using makeup though (in Singapore). ”

      Well, Singapore…
      Their skin looks decent because of the humidity levels.
      That’s not all comparable to Western Europe.

    7. One problem with make up seems to be that it increases the aging process by trapping pollutants from both makeup and the environment. These trapped pollutants affect skin’s collagen and elastin. It’s particularly bad if you don’t remove makeup at night.

  2. I guess I’m fortunate in that I’ve never looked at girls faces. It’s not a factor in my attraction, like at all.

    I look at things like skin on the forearms, finger shape and size, her calves, her wrists, etc… I’d take a 9 body chick with an ugly face any day. Best hardon I ever had was a 4 faced chick with 10 body. I’ve been hit on by a lot of pretty girls with unattractive (average) bodies. Just not interested.

    Those mismatches are a rarity tho. Fortunately good faces are correlated with these other things. A girl who has feminine fingers and bone density will have a prettier face (most of the time).

    1. Tl;dr

      I don’t care whether a chick is wearing makeup, I’m looking at her ass anyway. Or rather how her jeans fit her legshape and what markers she has that she is of petite/feminine stock.

    2. body > face for sure, but maybe not to the same extreme as Alek.

      Pretty face, average body -> not interested (or barely interested). Great body and almost any face will do.

      There was this chick I knew with a 9.5 face and a hip to waist ratio of 1.0 – a total no go, and such a waste of a pretty face lol

    3. Great body and almost any face will do.

      That puts you in the same place as me. See ive never even considered a chick with anything less than a great (8+) body.

      So when I say I don’t look at the face because I don’t need to… is because I don’t even consider a girl with less than an 8 body and like 8 of femininity markers.

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