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Open Thread 2019 (#8)

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64 thoughts on “Open Thread 2019 (#8)

  1. Hey Sleazy,

    What is your opinion about the current development between USA and China and their economic war (sanctions, bans etc.)

    1. I got myself a big bag of popcorn, enjoying the show. What I find most interesting is that Trump apparently thought the Chinese would falter almost immediately. Yet, they are not. There is a part I have not seen discussed in the MSM: Google cut-off Huawei from using Android. However, it is not the case that the latter could not come up with their own operating system for mobile phones. The same is true for all the other foreign companies that cut off their Chinese counterparts from supplies. Thus, cutting China off from US technology could very well end up further strengthening China. In the worst case, this trade war could thus be a catalyst for the ascension of China on the world stage.

    2. @Aaron “Sleazy” Elias

      Let’s hope it won’t fuck up our economies, although we are doing a great job at that ourselves…

    3. Interesting result from Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2019:

      “Of the top countries on our survey, China has developers that are the most optimistic, believing that people born today will have a better life than their parents. Developers in Western European countries like France and Germany are among the least optimistic about the future.”

      Although I’m far less optimistic about China than Sleazy. It’s built on cheap money (the Great Wall of Credit) even more so than U.S. and European economies. It’s more dependent on the U.S. than the U.S. is dependent on China. Although tariffs and trade wars are stupid and always hurt the citizens of all parties. China’s economy is still more (over)regulated and planned than the West. That’s not a recipe for prosperity. Also, world domination doesn’t seem to be in the Chineses DNA.

      I still think the U.S. is still the most dynamic place for the foreseeable future despite the fact that its power is diminishing every year.

  2. I wanted to buy a Xiaomi Smartphome (MI 9 SE), but right now I am unsure about it. Xiaomi is chinese, so sanctions could follow very soon…

    1. Isn’t that more of a German trait? I agree, though, German women can be pretty uptight, particularly further up north.

    2. @Sleazy

      I live in Hamburg, and yes, northern-german women are very cold and “offish”…

      Foreign girls have a way more pleasant demeanor.

  3. Aaron,

    Have you ever been with a woman you couldn’t make cum through penetration? If so how did you feel about or what would you think of that situation?

    1. Probably most if not all guys have. Only a minority of women come via exclusively vaginal penetration. It’s no big deal. You can finish them off with your fingers or, if you’re more daring, your mouth later on. Also, a lot of women are happy if they make a prime alpha like you cum. Their own orgasm is less relevant.

    2. Aaron,

      Thank you for your reply. Furthermore, if you found out that she has orgasmed through vaginal penetration before with a previous partner, meaning your manhood is a different size than his and/or your chemistry is different with her than she had with him, would you view that as a red flag?

      I guess I see it as a red flag in the sense that if you’re in a relationship with her, she might miss cumming from vaginal penetration and seek it elsewhere, not to mention one might feel she is settling with you “alpha fucks, beta bucks”. OR am I just thinking about this too much?

      it is that easy.
      it is that easy.
      if you have those fears she might as well doesnt think of you as alpha.

  4. Alex,
    How would I know if a girl is leading me on and is not interested in having sex? I’ve seen girls where they are comfortable with me establishing physical contact, and I am able to escalate that physical contact, but it never goes beyond a certain point. They just give enough to keep you hook while they that they “want to take things slow; I’m not that type of girl; or that they only have sex with guys they are in relationships with and that the best relationships start of with friendship and that they need to get to know you, etc”. Whats going on here?

    1. That’s easy. If she rebuffs your sexual escalations, she’s leading you on.

  5. I was at a social event this week, that had a(n implicit) formal dress code. I noticed two dudes in t-shirts going from group to group with a deck of magic cards, performing and dishing out high fives. Amazing that there are still adherents to this style of ‘pickup’ nowadays.

  6. Jesus F Christ. The Greens have won Hamburg district elections. Time to start packing. What the fuck is happening in Germany? Have those people completely gone mad? The fucking greens!!! Like yeah, deindustrialize Hamburg, ban motorised private transport, and let in millions of third world analphabets….

    I don’t want to live anymore in Germany. Is it all going to waste! Give it another 10 to 15 years and finito.

    1. The Green Party used to campaign against the Internet. They were raging against ISDN back in the days as much as they rage against the nation-state nowadays. What is worse, they openly support socialism and publicly debate nationalizing large companies like BMW or seizing private land or apartments because of the housing shortage. Those people are so effing stupid that they don’t realize that the reason the cost of housing has been skyrocketing is that there has been a tsunami of doctors and engineers from the Middle East and Africa.

      If you want to know what a country run by socialists looks like, then spend a weekend in Berlin.

    2. @Sleazy

      Don’t forget their stupid brain-dead idea to restrict speeds nationwide on the highways to 120 km/h, country roads to 80 km/h and city streets to 30km/h. They also want to ban 65% of automobiles. And not to forget their proposal to take into account islamic law & culture in German Courts (some sort of Sharia light legalization).

      100.000 doctors and engineers migrated to Hamburg since 2015. And those stupid green cunts wonder why housing prices are skyrocketing and why tax money is running out. Minister Scholz is already announcing deep financial cuts O_o

      I’ve been planning to visit Berlin for a very long time, but somehow haven’t yet found the time. Maybe in August. Can you recommend a good place / district to stay over weekend?

    3. My go-to recommendation used to be the Park Inn hotel at Alexanderplatz as it’s reasonably priced and very centrally located. However, Alexanderplatz has become a pretty hostile area. There are countless reports of a bunch of foreign doctors and engineers just descending upon unsuspecting whiteys. Surely, you don’t want to be yet another one of those unfortunate souls who end up dying from heart failure while a knife is sticking out of their back (for those not in the loop, there has been a widely publicized case where a German man was knifed and killed, and it was subsequently ruled to have been a “natural death” from heart failure).

      Maybe look for a hotel in Berlin-Mitte instead. The city is getting quite rough, though. If you don’t have a good reason to visit Berlin, I’d abstain from doing so.

    4. @Sleazy
      >>Maybe look for a hotel in Berlin-Mitte instead. The city is getting quite rough, though. If you don’t have a good reason to visit Berlin, I’d abstain from doing so.<<

      No good reason, just touristic curiosity.

  7. Women really are like crabs in a bucket:

    “Taylor has visibly gained weight since her 1989 album, and she looks healthy now— she looks more like me. It dawned on me that Taylor Swift was probably very unhealthy to maintain her Taylor-Swift-Skinny.”

    “Now, instead of wishing that I resembled her boney structure, I feel empowered seeing an image in the media that celebrates a healthy body instead of starving it.”

    Yeah how about no:

    1. Taylor Swift fattening up should be a reason for criminal prosecution. She went from being totally fappable to disgusting. I don’t want to look up how heavy she is in the current year. She’s probably a walrus by now.

    2. It’s funny how being a skinny guy is seen as “standard” and we’re expected to lift weights 3 times a week and eats loads of food until we look jacked but somehow it’s “unrealistic” and “unhealthy” for a woman to be slim.

  8. Aaron,
    In regards to comfort and physical contact, how much comfort is needed to have casual encounters vs a woman withholding sex cause she views her partner as a long term potential, thus making him wait while satisfying her needs on the side with Chad’s, Jamal’s and Tyrone’s?

  9. Old but gold:

    “So I talked to her again and long story short: she wants me to act like her ex-boyfriend in bed. She says that he fucked with her mind so much that she has a psychological need to associate sex with him. So she wants to say his name during sex and wants me to do the same things he did in bed; wear the same smelling cologne, say the same things, etc. Otherwise she just couldn’t get into it.”

    “I’ve never before had a girlfriend while she’s had eleven partners before, so maybe my inexperience just doesn’t compare to her previous boyfriends… the thought keeps haunting me.”

  10. what’s the no b.s. sleazy take on finding and fucking “9s” and “10s”, or rich girls etc.

    i dont like the number system but in other words, chicks who are that level of hot beyond hot. There are girls who turn me on and are cute or even hot but this is beyond that. Experiences come to mind in certain areas of LA nightlife where what I saw seemed to keep out doing the kind of beauty I thought was the top of totem pole for me.

    Not that I had the confidence or composure to do anything about it or see past it.

    1. Looks, status and money. The biggest issue you’d probably have is getting access to these women. What most guys consider 9s are actually probably 7s or 8s. So, when some guy brags about banging a 9 from the club the other night, he is most definitely being generous about rating chicks.

    2. What pickernanny said is the first/most important point on this subject. Actual bonafide nines are more rare than a unicorn. Unless you’re in a new york agency that deals with models of that type, you’re unlikely to cross paths with more than 2 for every decade of your life.

      What most guys call nines and tens, are actually sevens and eights… The good news is that it doesn’t matter. Like, getting a nine is a 100 times more difficult (just because of the finding them part)… but she’s not going to give you a 100x better hard-on, she’s not going to be a 100x better girlfriend… etc etc… And even the novelty of having one will wear off in a bout a week, so…

    3. If you think about it, a nine is a chick who has (for example)

      – a nine body and nine face
      – a chick with ten body and eight face
      – a chick with eight body and ten face

      Here’s the secret… It’s A TON easier to find a chick who’s an eight because she:

      – has a ten body and seven face (for example)

      I’ve never been with a nine myself. Maybe 8.5 tops. But i have been with chicks that have a nine or even ten body (but face wasn’t so high). I have been with chicks that have nine-ten face (but body wasn’t so high).

      I can’t imagine that if both things were present on the same girl, it would magically be amazingly better and totally worth 100x more effort to get.

  11. Guys, since you are talking about finding 9s and 10s I have a related question.

    How do you assess where you fall on the looks scale? Do you just see what girls are willing to have sex with you and assume you have the same rating? Do you go by how enthusiastic girls are to be with you? Do you compare yourself to male models or film stars? How much weight should you give to face vs body vs height vs style?

    Maybe this is just mental masturbation, but most of the girls I’ve been with were 6s and 7s with the odd 8 and moving forward I don’t feel motivated to date girls seriously unless they are at least an 8, preferably a 9 (Do 10s even exist?). I was trying to work out what my own rating was to work out if this realistic for me without building wealth or status to leverage.

    1. I’d say your looks are the girls you can easily hookup with +1-2.

      If you can easily hookup with sixes, you’re probably a seven or eight.

      It’s opposite with relationships/provider arrangements.

    2. “It’s opposite with relationships/provider arrangements.”

      Hm? So, if I’m a 7, I with what can I have a relationship with?
      What’s the rationale? Thanks!

    3. “Do 10s even exist?”

      Not in my mind. 9 is the highest rating for me. 10 is an ideal – perfection, which does not exist in the real world. Like a frictionless surface or a perfect vacuum.

      On the low end anything below a 7 is pretty much unfuckable territory for me. And I really don’t know what the difference between a 3 and a 4 is. I guess there are differences one can articulate, but they are totally irrelevant for me. And even the difference between a 4 and a 5 is hard to discern.

      So basically the rating scale for me is: below 5, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Should we switch to a 1-6 or a 1-7 scale? 😉

    4. Alek, what do you mean by it being opposite with relationships/provider arrangements? Looking back, I don’t see any difference between the attractiveness of the girls I can hook up up vs the girls I dated longer term.

    5. @Overdrive… I mean that guys can get hotter girls than they can hookup with if they can offer status or provision.

      A six guy can get a seven girlfriend (perhaps even eight) if he’s providing something like status, protection, provision etc.

      In your case I’m guessing your relationships were exactly like your casual partners… just longer. That’s why they were the same looks range. You didn’t pay them or offer them shit to be your girlfriend. Same like the fuckbuddy, you kept having sex and seeing each other more often.

    6. Alek, it’s never really occurred to me to spend money on women I was seeing. It would feel like prostitution. I’ve never experienced a woman expecting me to pay for her, even though I always hear guys saying lots of women do. I’m usually broke though so maybe women like that avoid me.

      You are right though, I didn’t really do anything different to get a gf compared to casual sex. Maybe I might have to change my strategy if I want to date hotter women. As you guys said the first difficulty is finding them. I feel like most girls in clubs are in the 4-7 range with the odd 8 and a few monsters.

    7. Same like the fuckbuddy, you kept having sex and seeing each other more often.

      Let me rephrase… For you it probably went like this…

      – You started off just casually banging a chick, and then it just kinda naturally turned out to last a longer time, you kept hanging out etc… Like organically went from casual to long-term

      – The typical guy does something else… they start off by pursuing and courting a chick and promising her all the stuff they’ll provide for her… whether it’s protection and provision or attention or whatever stuff they think is “ltr stuff”. These guys don’t ever have a casual dating stage. It goes from courting to LTR (there’s no casual stage).

    8. If all of your LTRs start off in the casual stage, you’re limited by the same limits as IF you wanted nothing more than casual. Coz your LTRs are casuals that organically became LTR.

      In the other method, you can get hotter chicks into an LTR, because you start off promising them shit they’ll get in exchange for being your GF… which isn’t actually a good thing. So you can get a hotter chick than the “casual first” approach… but the sex with her will probably be worse if she’s the kind of girl who would never have been casual with you, but only accepted you because of a long courting procedure that involved offering provisions (etc).

    9. I don’t agree with 100% of everything said here about accessibility, but thanks to this it’s blog and thread I’m seeing how much perception plays a role in all of this.

      In most of all of my experiences to this point, the girls that have stuck around the longest I wasn’t thinking of them as 9’s and those that I did perceive as 9’s or any kind of exhalted status I wasn’t my best self after a while and they did not stick around etc. I use to be bummed about this but if it’s a pattern might as well accept it and use it. Sometimes just repeatedly saying to myself to not get excited, she’ll leave eventually anyways and just chill.

      This reminds me of the movie Other other guys and the dynamic of mark wahlberg and will Ferrell and Will Ferrell’s character’s wife, played by eva mendez.

      Its all the stuff mentioned here already, but Im hoping the interaction process deepens my understanding.

    10. In most of all of my experiences to this point, the girls that have stuck around the longest I wasn’t thinking of them as 9’s and those that I did perceive as 9’s

      Well… the thing is… Actual nines are actually inaccessible/statistically super-rare. Just the stats alone make them inaccessible… they’re as rare as an albino or triplet identical twins.

      PUAs however seem to report taking a number from a nine 10 times a week. How they do this is perception… they perceive dolled up sevens as “a nine”. I once challenged PUAs with a very simple test… this always works to put them on the spot.

    11. My simple test?

      Whenever someone claims to have dated a nine, I ask them… Did she ever do any modelling work or get paid merely for existing/looking pretty? Has she ever been on a billboard or cover or any ad anywhere? Has anyone ever offered her money to just stand at a door and greet people and earn a surgeon’s salary for it?

      The PUAs always make some excuse like “no, but maybe she didn’t go out seeking modelling work”. HERE’S THE DEAL. A nine doesn’t have to do anything to make money on her looks. PEOPLE seek her out. She gets money just for breathing. Modelling scouts give her business cards and say she’ll make 5000$ merely for being 5 seconds in a revlon ad.

    12. When a girl is a nine… Promoters at a club bring her expensive champagne and then ask her if she’d like to smile at people at the entrance of some private VIP event and get paid a surgeon’s salary for it. All she has to do is have even the most modest of average social lives to get all these opportunities thrown at her.

      If that doesn’t happen to the “nine you’re dating”… not only is she not a nine… she’s not even an eight. Even fucking eights get such offers (just more modest sums than the nine and it’s not revlon, but some small local brand).

    13. Alek, by that standard I have met exactly one 9 in the last year. Ironically that was whilst I was visiting a friend in London for a couple of days. She actually seemed into me and gave me strong IOIs but I was only able to get her phone number due to logistical issues and multiple cockblocks. Meanwhile here in Smallcity, UK i get instant rejections from 6s and 7s, basically never see 8s and the only girls that give me IOIs are 5s and below. It’s a nightmare lol

    14. Damn this is turning into mental masturbation!!!

      If YOU find her attractive, turns you on, cant keep your eyes off her, YOU JUST MAKE A MOVE!!!

      The only point for discussing 9/10 (top tier good looking girls) is when PUAs or anyone selling you anything that promises you a chance to fuck a girl at that level with lies and bullshit. Thus need to call them out.

      More you think about this, the less of a chance you will fuck them and the opportunities that do present themselves will not be taken.

      If you want better quality women, get fit, stronger, dress well, have more money, power and fame , improve your logistics and follow Sleazy’s advice…then you will have all the pussy that you can handle and decide who you want to stay in your life.

      A top 9/10 girl is not going to fix your life!!


    15. Alek, by that standard I have met exactly one 9 in the last year.

      Sounds about right. They’re that rare.

    16. If YOU find her attractive, turns you on, cant keep your eyes off her, YOU JUST MAKE A MOVE!!!

      So I should never make moves on any women from now on. Thanks Cani, i’m going gay from now on… roflmao.

    17. So I should never make moves on any women from now on. Thanks Cani, i’m going gay from now on… roflmao.

      If you can stop looking at your reflection, then you can get some women 🙂


  12. About these 9 and 10. They DO exist but… In the eye of the beholder. When I was 19, with high testosterone, never using internet porn or dating websites before, and on nofap (important) I’ve seen loads of 9. Now the same chicks would be sevens.

    Hell, I even picked university city due to walking one street for 5 minutes and noticing at least 10 hot chicks. Now walking the same street I wouldn’t even blink an eye

  13. If this is legit then it is extremely enlightening lol. Tinder experiment with 29 year old muscular Chad detailing how he is on house arrest for raping children and is soon to go back to jail for domestic abuse in the profile. At one point in the video, the catfish Chad claims that he ‘made a mistake’ by raping a two year old child, and the chick is completely fine with this as long as it doesn’t get brought up again. Amazing.

    1. Instead of just dropping a link, it would be a lot better if you added a bit of commentary as well.

    1. It’s good to see at least some backlash. You deal with bullies by hitting them as hard and as fast as you can instead of the pussy-footed plea bargains we have been witnessing. For instance, Brett Kavanaugh had his reputation soiled with made up accusations. He should have sued all parties involved. Do this often enough and make those dipshits realize that they’ll end up with a bleeding nose with their false accusations, and this #metoo nonsense would be done. It’s similar to how Duterte deals with the drug problem. You just shoot them dead. The fear of death (or personal bankruptcy) certainly keeps people in line.

    2. Duterte could’ve done it easier and cheaper.
      Legalize drugs, privatize the health care sector.
      Watch what happens when local gangsters can’t compete quality wise with the industrially produced drugs. Further imagine how happy a totally privatized health insurance company is to jack up your monthly premiums after you’ve failed the drug test they have you take before they insure you. I hear Marijuana is traceable up to 4 years in human hair.
      Hospitals wouldn’t treat some overdosed idiot without health insurance or upfront payment
      Problem solved.

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