The NAWALT Claim is an Admission of Defeat

When guys bring up the problems associated with dating modern women, such as their boundless narcissism, general lack of interests, shallowness, or the fact that dating is a rather costly affair, all with a doubtful payoff, feminists and their enablers are quick to shout that “not all women are like that.” We mock this with the short-hand NAWALT. This claim is so common that you can as well abbreviate it, which says a lot already. True, not every woman is a cheating whore with a triple-digit partner count, and if you are very lucky, you will be in the vanishingly small minority of happily married men. Yet, the odds are clearly stacked against you.

Now, think about what is means if you say that not all X “are like that”! Let’s start with a little thought experiment. Assume you are a Third-World warlord, eager to go to war because you have beef with some neighboring tribe, which goes back so far in time that nobody even knows what the issue is. You just hate each other. King Mugombe, the ruler of that tribe, has recently slain a good chunk of your men and you barely escaped with our life. In order to retaliate, you need more men to fight your stupid, little war. Unfortunately, your women, even though they pump out a solid 16 to 20 babies each during their fertile years, can’t make their kids mature any faster. They just need time to reach adolescence.

You send our a few of your henchmen and ask them to gather all men in your tribe of fighting age. They do so, and you eventually get to personally inspect them. As you look around, a good 2/3 seem malnourished, a few miss a limb, some seem downright retarded or have such poor discipline that they cannot even stand still for a few minutes. Irritated, you turn to your generals and shout, “Are they all like that?” as you angrily wave your machete in the air. Your generals cower and say, “No, no, massa, dey not all like dat!” Sure enough, among the 1,000 men you had rounded up, a few dozen are well-nourished, in good physical condition and they don’t appear to be too dull either.

What this example underlines is that the claim that “not all X are like that”, when brought up as a defense, implies that, in general, most X are indeed like that. I bet feminists and their enablers are well aware what a shitty deal most women are. Just watch the numbers dwindle if you exclude all fat, tattooed, sluts with a bad attitude. What you desire may be as little as a childless, young, reasonably attractive, non-tattooed woman with a low partner count who knows how to behave, but you are looking at a small minority of all women because, sadly, they are essentially all “like that”, and even the precious princess you find may one day decide to use the power of the state to ruin your life. Thus, not all women are like that, but as a good heuristic, you may very well assume that they all are.

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2 thoughts on “The NAWALT Claim is an Admission of Defeat

  1. western lifestyle has spoiled our women. Maybe marry some obedient oriental girl? (But that comes with different dangers…)

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