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Why TagTheSponsor is an Evergreen Site

I recently wondered if the website TagTheSponsor is still around. It is. There is seemingly no shortage of women on Instagram who are ready to get pooped on by an oil sheik — or someone who pretends to be one. In case you are not familiar with that site, its goal is to provide proof that certain “Influencers” with a large following on various social media sites are in fact whores. Their expensive cars, clothes, cosmetic surgeries, tattoos, travels are paid for with pussy juice. The guys behind TagTheSponsor pretend to be rich foreigners, preferably of the Arab persuasion. They approach those women online with broken English, offering sizable amounts of cash in exchange for sex. Those women who were successfully baited happily share their passport particulars page — the sheik’s assistant has to book a flight, after all — and may even record a video in which they state to which sexual practices they agreed on. Quite often, they are happy to send nudes as well.

One reason TagTheSponsor is still around is of course that there is a never-ending stream of harlots joining Instagram, putting up selfies, and hoping to make it big as an “influencer”, or just as a garden-variety whore. Another reason is that even a well-traveled whore who has sold her pussy on every continent is in an unfortunate position if she cannot live off referrals alone. I have been told that this is not uncommon with high-level escorts, but that well may run dry eventually because guys who pay a few thousand bucks for an escort apparently prefer variety. Then there is of course the problem that a woman who got used to spending well above her means is tempted to keep doing so. Thus, she needs to acquire new customers.

Put yourself in the shoes, er, stripper heels of such a whore: she knows how the game works and what she has to do to get paid to keep up appearances. Then a request for sex from some unknown dude comes in. It is perfectly reasonable that a mysterious sheik who is ready to drop 50 Gs on her for a week may be a bit protective about his privacy as well. Thus, she cannot demand much proof of him. Yet, she has to negotiate in advance what their business arrangement is to entail. Unfortunately, for her, at the bargaining stage she is unable to tell if she is dealing with a genuine prospect or a pretender who is already taking screenshots of her poorly-written messages. In the absence of a registry for verified whore mongers, she can easily get duped.

I can’t say I have much sympathy for those women. Quite frankly, if they were openly announcing that they are expensive hookers, I would even have a modicum of respect for them. As it stands, they pretend to be “models” or some kind of “freelancer”, posting pictures taken in exotic locales. They are mere pretenders. Thus, it is a sweet irony that pretenders can so easily expose them.

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2 thoughts on “Why TagTheSponsor is an Evergreen Site

  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of this site before. I couldn’t help but notice the story about the 20 year old blonde that was hanged from the back of the yacht. It appeared she has so much sun exposure in her short life that she could star in a milf porno and most would be non the wiser.

    1. I find that one shocking as well. At first I wondered if there was some mix-up of pictures because I likewise thought the person in those pictures is in her mid-30s. On a related note, some Swedish women love their tanning booth, which makes them age extremely quickly. It’s quite eerie.

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