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Pick-up and the Degeneracy Dilemma, or: Why you probably won’t find a good girlfriend or wife

At work I listen to electronic dance music a lot. A track I quite recently came across is “Girls & Boys” by Bali Bandits, some no-name duo. It’s a great track. Give it a listen if you like EDM:

This is the kind of music I loved dancing to when I roamed the clubs. The lyrics of that song also reminded me of the debauchery in those places. A heavily distorted female voice sings, “I like girls and boys and all my toys … I just want to make some noise.” Compared to tracks like Beyonce’s “Girls”, this is almost high-brow pop music. Yes, I certainly think that we have been moving towards retardation levels when it comes to lyrics. Most people probably could not even mentally process the lyrics of popular music from the 1960s or 1970s.

We have also moved to retardation levels when it comes to unbridled sexual activity. My dilemma was that, on one hand, I detest debauchery, at least when I think about it. On the other, getting my rocks off with random chicks is pretty great and, of course, if I hadn’t done it, they just would have fucked someone else.

Yet, if you target quick sex, regardless if your preferred way is club game, day game, or online game, you will likely have more sex with women who lead a more degenerate lifestyle. The importance of sex for women is that it facilitates pair bonding with their partner, which enables them to be devoted mothers and wives. Unfortunately, as they take one dick after another, they are eroding their pair-bonding until it may very well be non-existent. This may be a relatively new phenomenon for contemporary leftist social science, considering that topics such as marital fidelity are taboos and cannot be touched if you want to stay in academia, but it is common knowledge. Otherwise, you would not have heard that can’t turn a whore into a housewife.

As a sexually active man who reflects upon the society he lives in, you may very well end up looking down on the vast majority of women you have sex with. You are basically one step away from a john who pays hookers, except that you do not pay. Do you think whoremongers respect whores? Sure, an empowered young woman can make a fair amount of money selling her body, but the likely price she has to pay is that she will never have a healthy relationship and a family on their own.

The degeneracy seems to be getting worse. When I first hit the clubs, I sometimes pulled women who were uncomfortable giving blowjobs. That was in the mid to late 2000s when HD porn was not yet mainstream. Fast forward a few years, and standards have gone through the roof. I can’t say I’m too much into anal sex, but friends of mine are. They tell me that a significant percentage of the women they meet they have anal sex with on the first date. Deep-throating has also become a seemingly very widespread skill among young women. They can no longer cook, but they can gobble down cocks like a champ!

What I also distinctly remember is that when I returned to the hookup scene, when my first marriage was falling apart and my now ex-wife suggested “opening it up”, that women ‘performed’ a lot more. It’s almost as if they watch porn to learn what to do. The modern woman is very adept at talking dirty or moaning in an absolutely exaggerated way — some girl I banged was apparently confused about this, otherwise I couldn’t explain why she moaned loudly when I pulled back, and when I really got into jackhammering her, she suddenly made different and much more natural sounds. The more women turn themselves into nothing but sex objects, the less they are suited for a relationship. Instead of getting rid of their gag reflex by pushing a dildo down their throat and keeping it there, they would be much better advised learning some proper wife skills. Instead, you basically get free whores.

What you also have to take into account is that no matter how easy it is for you to get laid, the women you pull, while they are in their prime years, either have an even easier time or could have it if they only put their mind to it. When I look back on some of my crazier nights at a club like Berghain in Berlin, I had the occasional exceptional night where I had sex not just with one woman in some bathroom stall, but also with another one a few hours later. Yet, some of the sluts I met made me, and every other guy no matter how much of a stud he is, look like amateurs. One woman I bumped into, for instance, told me that she sometimes fucks three or four guys a night, just to “earn cocaine” of presumably sub-par quality for the next week or so. To her that was no problem at all because she does “not even have to look at them.” She takes a small bag of her drug of choice, bends over, and is done in a few minutes. I have seen girls disappear into the bathroom stall with two guys at once. One time I found myself, albeit briefly, in a bathroom stall in some club in Stockholm with one chick and two guys. That creeped me out so I bailed. Chances that I could get three girls into a bathroom stall are essentially zero. Meanwhile, she was just a pretty good-looking slut on MDMA who (presumably) wanted to have three dicks in her mouth at the same time and one dick in each hole afterwards. These are of course extremes, but a similar extreme is being a guy and able to fuck chicks in the bathroom stall at all. As a guy you will always work a lot harder for a much smaller payoff.

It seems there is a natural law according to which most women exhibit more degenerate behavior than most men. This is also implied by those studies that show that women find 80% of men to be below average. They want the top 20% of guys, if not fewer, implying that a small number of men has sex with almost all women. This leads to some interesting conclusions. First, the average woman has taken more dick than the average man has enjoyed pussies. Second, the biggest slut on the planet has likely taken more dick than the biggest stud has smashed pussy. Third, the entire spectrum from average guy to stud may show the exact same. Have fun dating and marrying, guys!

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106 thoughts on “Pick-up and the Degeneracy Dilemma, or: Why you probably won’t find a good girlfriend or wife

  1. “Have fun dating and marrying, guys!”

    Haha. Let’s say you do find a decent chick and marry her. She is young, attractive, has had less than 5 partners, doesn’t smoke, eats smart and exercises, has a decent education and career, parents stayed together. Just about every prerequisite you would require. We will also assume you get married in North America ot Western Europe.

    Good chance that once your bae hits about 29-31 years old and she begins to undergo physiological changes, she is going to naturally become increasingly repulsed by her husband. Naturally, she will instictively start to seek out some genetic variation i.e. some strange dick.

    I could be wrong, but what’s holding a good girl back from wanting to break loose anyway? She probably might not even get caught, but the fear of being exposed just makes her get off even harder.

    1. “Have fun dating and getting married”

      More like, have fun having sex once a month and using up all your energy and free time.

  2. You know Aaron, I read many of your articles. I agree with you on some things. You are clearly an intelligent guy and you are an independent thinker. However I do think that you are too negative about a few things.
    As far as I know there is no serious research indicating that women think 80% of men are below average. This number comes from a study where people were asked to rate other people. If you rated 4 stars or more (out of 5) this person would receive a message that you rated them as attractive. Obviously many women rated men who they actually thought was a 4 as a 3 because they did not want this person to receive this message.

    1. This is based on a study done by OKCupid. Here’s the original blog post, which the author has taken down:*/

      You will find a lengthier discussion in the book Dataclysm.

      Your reasoning makes little sense. Even if what you write is true, it defeats your argument: if you think someone is a 4/5 but then rate them 3/5, then your standards are clearly out of whack as this implies that you don’t really think a 4/5 is attractive. Thus, the behavior those women showed is that they only consider 5/5 men attractive. How does this counter my statement in any way?

    2. Do you really think it defeats my argument? I get your point, but the fact that women want the most attractive guy they can get does not mean they think 80% of men below attractive. Men have very low standards because they chase women for sex. That’s fine but you’ve got to realize that this means that you give women all the power. If women would be honest in this research they would get way too many messages from guys who simply think she’s interested so let’s message her. She would much rather either date the most attractive guy she can get or a guy who’s somewhat attractive but has a lot in common with her. Online dating is very different from real life in my opinion because guys just message every woman who is somewhat attractive simply because there is no fear of rejection. In real life my experience is that average looking guys can get a girlfriend of around the same attractiveness.

    3. I read bits and parts, but I can’t take that article seriously to be honest. You just can’t make that argument based on this one research. Maybe the guys on OKCupid are below average looking. Most guys are not on OKCupid.

    4. You should in my opinion shrug off your prejudgements and give it another try.

      Also about settling soon, the risk is that you wouldnt acquire enough skills to understand who are you going to marry

    5. Allright I’m sorry, it was a bit arrogant that I didn’t read the complete article. But I read it now and it really hasn’t changed my opinion. I can’t find anything on the methods used or anything about the study really. So I can’t draw conclusions based on this article.

    6. If you dont believe the study, just take a look at real life or you could try first hand by using one of those dating sites

    7. It’s not just OkCupid. There’s never been a study to find a mythical “a fair distrubution” of sexual success for men.

      Study is called: Why Do Men Report More Opposite-Sex Sexual Partners Than Women? Analysis of the Gender Discrepancy in a British National Probability Survey

      This study breaks down number of partners by percentages… and yes, it confirms 20% of guys are getting 80% of the sexual partners…

      Hint… the reason a “men have more partners than women” is because a small minority of men are having a ton of partners and bringing up the average. Whereas the typical guy ONLY gets to have 1-2 partners in his LIFE.

    8. I get your point, but the fact that women want the most attractive guy they can get does not mean they think 80% of men below attractive. Men have very low standards because they chase women for sex.

      You must be a chick, coz the impasse here is in terms of how men and women define attractive/success.

      Do women find 80% of men unworthy when they’re choosing a slave (provider beta)? Of course not. Far more than 20% of men will qualify to be a woman’s beta provider.

      It’s that bullshit where women say “oh, it’s not true beta guys finish last, because women choose the beta guy after riding the cock carousel” “they end up with him in the end!!!”.

      When men talk about being attractive to someone, they mean in a sexual way. To where they want to bang your brains out.

      And in THAT definition – yes, women do find 80% of men unattractive. If you’re one of the 80%, she will not give you the porn-like experience she gave the chad. And sex with you will be more like a passionless chore she gets out of the way in exchange for whatever provisions you’re providing.

    9. Allright, I’ll be a chick then, a chick with a huge cock. Be prepared for some more chick logic…

      Some men have way more sex partners than average, that’s true. Those men typically spend way too much time chasing women. You can’t say that all the attractive men have sex with a lot of women. Some men are very attractive but choose to be in a commited relationship. But that’s not the point, my point is that there is a difference between finding 80% of men below average looking or choosing to have sex with the most attractive guys you can have.

      If every woman on the planet likes you, you’re not gonna pick someone in the top 30% percent. You will choose women in the top 5% or top 3%. That does not mean that you think all the other women are below average attractive.

    10. Usually men chase women, so women have more choice. Men who are attractive but passive tend to have less sexpartners. So having a lot of sexpartners is not just about being attractive, it’s also about chasing a lot of women. and that may in my opinion not be worth it.

      I honestly don’t understand why you have this black and white view concerning relationships. You act as if every guy who’s in every relationship is unattractive and is being used by his girlfriend. Not every girl is/was a slut . Some women never have casual sex in their lifes. BTW you know who’s in a commited relationship? Aaron Sleazy.

    11. You’re completely missing the point and getting hung up on semantics.

      The point isn’t whether women really do look at the average guy and verbalize it as “bah, he’s subaverage”. It doesn’t matter. It’s only given as one of hundreds of examples towards the main point.

      – The main point is that as an average guy, you can’t get sexual attraction from average women

      It doesn’t matter why it happens.

      That’s another reason we know you’re a chick. Any guy who’s left the house knows this shit. They don’t need an OkCupid post to tell them that. We know that we never see women getting wet/hot for/flirty with average guys… we see how they respond to the average guy with disgust if he shows sexual interest.

      It’s not like a 5 guy hits on her and she’s attracted, but only says no “coz she has options”. SHE SHOWS NO signs of being attracted to the 5 guy IN THE FIRST PLACE. In fact quite the contrary.

      So we’re focusing on the fact women don’t show signs/actions/behaviours of being sexually attracted to average guy. It doesn’t matter why.

      Numbers of sexual partners and that okcupid study are just a few out of hundreds of data points towards it.

    12. What you’re saying makes sense, but my experience is different. I am an average guy(not a chick) and I get a reasonable amount of interest from women in real life. I meet women in many different places who flirt with me etc. I’ve never tried online dating, so maybe it’s different in online dating. I don’t think you have to look really good. Being average is enough. The important part in my opinion is selecting the right woman. As long as you are not fat or really ugly you get plenty of attention from women.

    13. Maybe not plenty but some. You can find a girl of around the same attractiveness, especially if you have the same interests etc.

    14. Stop drinking the koolaid Zwijntje. You are probably a journalist, feminist woman or some other kind of parasite. Unless you can’t possibly think that the level of attention given to footballers by WAGS is not less towards average guys. You mentioned selecting the right girl. That gives away that you are a woman or just maybe, a cuck who think like his ugly ass girlfriend told him to. But I am err on the side of you being a woman.

    15. Zwijntje wrote “You can find a girl of around the same attractiveness”;

      Now, which man (as opposed to woman) want a bitch. (a.k.a. woman of the same attractiveness) What the fuck do you mean by “same”? Most women want men who are buff billionaires. A much overlooked part of the OKC study was that women massage average guys just as much as they do to buff billionaires. It’s a matter of them women not sleeping with average guys even though they massage (show attraction) like you mentioned.

      Comprande? OR is a woman’s brain too small to understand herself?

    16. Obviously attractive guys get more attention, but it’s not black and white. It simply isn’t true that average guys get no attention. I’m proof of it.

      It’s funny that you are trying to insult me because you can’t make a point. And about selecting a girl. Yes everybody who’s not severly mentally retarded wants to find the right girl to have a relationship with. If you only care about sex it matters less. But I’m not a player, so yes, I care about finding the right girl.

      By “You can find a girl of around the same attractiveness” I mean if the guy is a 5 then he can find a girl of around a 5, usually.

    17. Honestly on that one i have to agree with Zwijntje,
      its not true that the average guy get no attention at all, but it is even true that the amount of attention he get, year after year is less and less due to girls being sluttier and so prefering fucking only chads to settle later with some beta bucks.

      Also Zwijntje, if you get a LOT of attention, flitrts… you are probably above average.

      About dating sites & apps the average guy have near 0 % of hope to get something out of them

    18. and I get a reasonable amount of interest from women in real life.


      I NEVER SAID “average guys don’t get signs of interest”


      The discussion is about “sexual attraction”. Do you know the difference? Watch how a chick acts with a chad and “the overt displays of being wet and horny”, then compare that to the “interest” you get.

      A girl can be interested in being your friend, using you as an atm, using you as an emotional pillow… etc etc… None of that translates to “interest in fucking your brains out”.

    19. its not true that the average guy get no attention at all,

      But we’re not talking about “attention” in a general sense. We are talking about primal sexual attraction.

      And yes, sometimes girls get flirty with average guys. For many reasons. Chicks looking for a beta atm also can get with flirty with their targetted beta once they decide they gonna settle (for example). But that flirtation is very different from the one they give in the context of “I would like to squeeze every drop of cum from your dick” flirtation that they have with chads.

    20. No Alek, I know the difference. I have also had ONS were the girls took the initiative. I’m talking about girls flirting etc. And most of these are in situations where I don’t know the girl, in the supermarket, train or whatever.

    21. In general I agree that looks matter a great deal. But I don’t believe that the datingworld is one hierarchy. You can be very attractive to some women. Other women may not like you at all. This is why I disagree with this the top 20% get’s all the women thing. You seem to have a deterministic model in mind where only LMS matters. This is obviously not true. People often have a type they like.

    22. @Zwijntje If it would be like you say, there would never been any PUA trying to sell to average and below average men schemes on “how to attract women …” because there would be no need for such things

    23. @Alek arent you too negative this time?
      I recall even aaron saying in his book that average guys can have a sex life if they put effort

    24. @Zwijntje
      Anyway zwijntje you are either:

      – A woman trolling us
      – An above average guy believing to be average and which is trying to apply his own experience with women with the one that true average guys have to try to prove your points

    25. @Alek
      Uhm… yep, thats what i meant for effort. I guess in the end we meant to say the same thing afterall then

    26. You can be very attractive to some women. Other women may not like you at all.

      Not only is this true. I myself have written this and explained it to hundreds of defeatist guys over years.

      While you’re as low as a 5 to some chick, to another chick you might be as high as a 7 (due to genetic matching, compatibility, etc etc)

      This is why I disagree with this the top 20% get’s all the women thing.

      Nobody here has ever said “they get all the women”. We say they get 80% of the sex (and almost all of the porn-like passionate sex). Which is different to the claim “get women at all”. So why feel the need to lie?

    27. You seem to have a deterministic model in mind where only LMS matters. This is obviously not true. People often have a type they like.

      Except that’s you making shit up, coz we’ve spent years arguing against people with such black and views right here. We’re promoting nuance between the two extremes (it also happens to be a scientific fact).

      SCIENTIFIC FACT: when it comes to long-term mating, lms is a much smaller factor

      SCIENTIFIC FACT: when it comes to short-term mating, LMS is the ENTIRE picture

      That’s actual science. Back half a decade ago we analyzed and presented hundreds of studies on this when we were bashing the PUA bullshit.

      The whole problem why both blackpillers and PUAs are wrong… is because they’re both right. They just don’t get it’s about context.

      In casual mating “short-term attraction” (science bitch, look it up) LMS is in fact everything. Where blackpillers go wrong is that they think it applies to all dating.

      In long-term attraction, lms is a much smaller factor… where PUAs go wrong is that they claim it applies to short-term.

    28. See, my experience matches up mostly with what Alek is saying. And I’m sure by now he must be tired of repeating basically the same thing when every now and then someone pops up on here and passionately protests what has been proven again and again.

      When I say my experience, I don’t even necessarily mean my own direct experience. I have the luxary (it’s awful actually) of working with 90% women, many of them are married women. What’s funny is that there is an actual employee there named Chad. And when he and his homie Nick roll around it’s like an entirely different atmosphere. I mean, if you wore glasses you would have to wipe the moisture away from them from all the steaming pussies that surround you.

    29. I mean, it doesn’t take a genius to figure this stuff out. When I, a pretty average dude, get treated a certain way and other guys are treated another way.

      For example, there is one particular group of all chicks that I work with (that if I were to record I could really fuck them over) that are super raunchy and open about personal shit. I get treated like absolute low tier garbage by them. Literally harassed and demoralized, like I’m just some kind of object for their amusement with no feelings or anything.

      Yet, when Chad and Nick roll up, they transform into the sweetest, cutest and most giggly little angels you ever did see. And some of them are married. Then when Chad rolls out they start talking really raunchy, revealing their sexual interest and literally flicking their tongues in the air.

      Side note: Not all women I’ve worked with are this overt, yet this group of women are consideredthe elite ones i.e. the hottest and sluttiest. And I have plans to bail out of there very soon.

    30. I’ve had all kinds of opportunities to observe and study female behaviour up close. It’s like I’m not even really noticed or viewed as a tgreat after a while, they get used to you being around and start being themselves. I could go on.

      Also, you will see cute chicks married to blatantly beta guys too. Not losers. Just average to below average lookings lads that have good careers. You know that there is above a 50% chance that these guys are being fucked around on. But these women were at least smart enough to nab a provider while they could. So yea, if you don’t have the greatest looks, you can raise your wealth and status and get chicks interested in you. But that’s just raw deal if you ask me.

    31. Lastly, I know everything I’m saying is anecdotal. But those are the only counter arguments Zwijntje has seemed to put forth, so I thought I would lay some of my own subjective experiences out. As Alek pointed out, there is also science backing up what we are arguing for. So just sit down and be quiet now, Zwijntje.

    32. Exactly Alek, and what’s really causing men to rethink their previous allure to long-term relationships is that women are doing both the short-term and long-term mating games now. If you seek out a long-term mate as a guy, chances are the girl has at least a couple notches of casual sex under her belt. This is in part due to the sluts/feminists in every friend group pressuring their friends to follow in their footsteps. Even “good girls” have a high likelihood of caving one time and letting loose. And then it’s all downhill from there.

    33. Further, once girls step foot onto college campuses, it’s as if they’re in a liberal bubble in which they have no restrictions. No parents, no social pressure, no obligations, and plenty of borrowed money. That and a plethora of men, alcohol, and drugs all within a 5-mile radius. Oh and even if a girl commutes from home, she could be even more likely to mess around to rebel against her parents’ curtailing of her freedom. I speak from personal experience.

      Seriously, who the fuck came up with the idea of allowing women to dorm at university?

      Btw Alek, can you talk more about “genetic matching”? Do you know anything technical about it, or are you just mentioning it in passing?

    34. “So why feel the need to lie?”

      I was exaggerating, it was not an intentional lie.

      “SCIENTIFIC FACT: when it comes to long-term mating, lms is a much smaller factor
      SCIENTIFIC FACT: when it comes to short-term mating, LMS is the ENTIRE picture”

      I think social science is total bs but this makes sense. I agree with you on this one. But I do not believe that in longterm mating women don’t feel attracted or use the man or whatever. It happens, but I don’t think it’s the norm. So as a normal guy you don’t get a lot of sexual interest from women in general, but you can still find a good girlfriend.

    35. And pickernanny, Cool story bro.

      Just kidding. I know those women exist. In my experience is that it is really easy to distinguish between a fake cute girl and a really cute girl. But I’ve seen many men make the mistake of believing a girl who acts cute is cute, especially with asian women. You are right I only gave anecdotal “evidence”, that’s because I was trying to disprove an absolute statement.

      I know that most of you have very little respect for me, but I would like to ask one more question: If you are somewhat attractive to women, and you are very selective, you make sure she’s not a slut and she is nice, is it a good choice to go for a longterm relationship? I don’t want to spend my time chasing women, it’s not worth it. I would much rather spend my time building a career.

    36. ALEK
      in longterm LMS is 99 percent,you want to tell that in long term money is small factor? please.
      in short term looks is 99 percent.
      also money doesnt really make her get wet.

    37. Zwijntje is a woman, it is not a guy.
      she sees some woman chats with what she assumes an average guy and assumes average guy gets attention.

    38. @CENA

      You are correct, but I was simplifying for the sake of a point. I love how the moment I miss out one of 789 disclaimers and clarification, someone comes in to correct me. I think you got the overall point. But if I include every disclaimer and clarification and subclarification, each of my comments would be a 987 page treatise, so fuck off xD

    39. I spend a lot of time on red pill and MGTOW youtube-channels and blogs. In general I think there is great value to some red pill concepts. It’s important to understand that humans are somewhat selfish in dating. Unfortunately the red pill usually too extreme and there are too many generalizations. Aaron Sleazy is the only person I know who actually thinks instead of repeating all the nonsense. This is the reason why I only read this blog. Unfortunately the typical red pill problems are here on this blog too. I probably agree with Aaron and Alek about 80% of the time. Still I’m called a woman, bitch, cuck and faggot. It reminds me of conspiracytheorists. If you don’t completely agree with them you must be the enemy.

    40. I don’t like social science, but if you read research on the number of sexual partners people have had you will find out that a large number of women have less than three sexual partners. So the whole thing about it being really difficult to find a girl who’s not a slut is not true. Many women only have sex with their boyfriends. I remember a long time ago I read a dutch study about one night stands. One thing they found out was that more than half of the women who had a one night stand regretted it. Most women who had a one night stand only did it once. Still most of you act as if every woman is a slut. My actual question was about having a relationship. I’ve come to my own conclusions by now.

    41. Anyway, I’m not going to comment anymore. I think I’ve learned what I had to learn from the red pill. To spend countless more hours on this is useless. I’ve outgrown the red pill phase.

    42. The only thing I shouldn’t have written is: “being average is enough”. I should have written:” being average can be enough”. What I meant was you can be average and tap into a certain niche.

      No disagreements there.

      Still I’m called a woman, bitch, cuck and faggot.

      I’ve only seen the female part, not sure the ones are true. If they were, it’s not from any reasonable regular. And it doesn’t have to do with “not agreeing a 100% in a cult-like fashion”… it has to do with using female-like definitions of things. That’s the only time you’ll see guys here accuse someone of being a chick… when someone uses chick-logic/definitions.

    43. Many women only have sex with their boyfriends.

      Are these women hot?

      One thing they found out was that more than half of the women who had a one night stand regretted it.

      1) You do realize that half of women FULLY admitting they didn’t regret it at all is itself a worrying number? It doesn’t say what you think it does.

      2) Did the study breakdown the women by attractivness level? Because if a four gets used like kleenex by a chad and he never talks to her again, then yeah, she gonna regret it. It’s that moment in her life when she learns she’s really a four and has no chance of ever being treated like a human being by a hot guy, so she settles for monogamy with average guys.

      You might be right in one thing… When we talk about “chicks” and “women”… we’re not talking about all females on the planet. Just the attractive ones.

    44. About the study,
      Both of you are not considering that women lie about the number of partners they had (even in these studies)

      Men too lie, they often say numbers way higher than reality

      Social science have many flaws in these regards

    45. Both of you are not considering that women lie about the number of partners they had (even in these studies)

      That’s why I emphasized the word “ADMIT”. It’s a short way of making that point.

      I love how everytime I don’t spell out everything at length, someone comes in “but alek, you left x out”… Yeah, coz it would be 89 page long comment. That’s why I shortened it to “consider that half of women ADMIT not regretting it/liking it” = meaning, that’s just the percentage that READILY ADMIT. The real percentage should be way different.

    46. Alek triggered ahahahah
      Allright you are being time efficient, but i am used to you being fully comprhensive and so i am suprised when you seem to miss these points

    47. “Are these women hot?”
      Usually not, but some of them are cute.

      1) Yes, I agree. The reason I made this point is because I want to have a stable relationship and start a family. On the one hand I know that this is a serious risk, but on the other hand I think some men are capable of being loyal despite their natural desires, so some women must be capable of it too, right? I want to debunk the “all women are sluts” thing because then I can start a family without being paranoid.

      2) That’s a good point but a lot of women have never had a onenightstand. Some women are just not into casual sex.

      But Alek, I think you have higher standards than I do concerning female beauty. I personally think that a woman should meet certain criteria(not be fat, have a nice face), but my standards aren’t that high.

      Yes, you are right. This is why I don’t like social science.

    48. You’re arguing like a (frustrated) chick. It is a lot easier for women to cheat than men because they have men come on to them. A guy has to work a lot harder, even top-shelf guys. Furthermore, guys can very easily have sex without catching emotions. With women that is a lot less likely.

    49. Aaron wrote:
      “It is a lot easier for women to cheat than men because they have men come on to them.”

      That’s true. This is why it is important that the woman you date doesn’t go out, doesn’t drink and isn’t the kind of woman who constantly asks for attention from men.

      You know Aaron, you and Alek are way smarter than I am, but smart people can be wrong. If you go out looking for sluts, you will find sluts. I think you just overlook the good girls.

      Anyway, this is really my last comment. I appreciate all of you taking the time to respond to me. I’ve made up my mind by now.

    50. Hey Aaron,

      What’s this about women catching emotions easier than men? Maybe if you’re a high quality guy and getting pussy regularly, otherwise I find the average guy to invest significantly more on an emotional level than the women they are involved with. It’s also my belief that women love men like they would a toaster oven. Also worth noting is the female habit of trading up with seemingly no emotional turmoil on her part.

    51. That is correct. My view was that of a stud railing some chick. Those guys walk away easily. On the other hand, fuck a woman really well, and she will want to have more. I’ve covered this in the following article:
      Ladies, this is why you fall in love with assholes. However, I agree with you that if you look at average men, then they easily end up making much bigger emotional investments. This starts quite early, when guys fall over themselves to please a chick who barely gives them the time of day. This is likely due to the average woman having more sexual experience than the average man. But note how this points back to my original statement: if a top-shelf guy bangs such a woman, the roles are suddenly reversed and she will want him to stick around.

    52. I see, thanks for clearing that up for me. Do you accept donations? If so, where to? Paypal?

    53. I do accept donations.
      My PayPal account is “”.

    54. Thanks a lot for your donation, Pickernanny, and the accompanying note. I appreciate it.

    55. You’re welcome, Aaron. Thank you for taking the time to create and maintain this space.

  3. Another thing, I remember you wrote that the cockcarousel was a myth. The amount of women that are real sluts is pretty low. Sure, most women aren’t fit for marriage(or to be your girlfriend), I get that. But the thing is that if you look in the right places you can find a good girlfriend who is not a slut or a selfish person. If you go to clubs you obviously wont find many good women. A huge part of your pick up strategy is looking for women that are easy and are already interested in you, right? I believe, maybe I’m completely wrong, that this is a serious risk for a guy. This way he will learn to only go after the wrong kind of women and miss out on potentially good women. My experience is that the kind of guys that have the best long term relationships are usually not ex-players.

    My question is don’t you think it’s a better choice for a man to focus on finding a good girlfriend than to chase women that will give you nothing except for some validation?

    1. Define “best long-term relationship” please, because what I see is that plenty of women who partied it up in their 20s eventually “settle”, as they call it. They get some meek guy who can be easily controlled. As a Chad myself, I can tell you that there is a big difference between banging a slut and looking for a girlfriend. You don’t wife up some whore who wiped your jizz off her face less than 15 minutes after meeting you. Also, the partner count of the guy is largely irrelevant for divorce statistics. The opposite is true for women. The more cock she’s had, the more likely she is to divorce you.

    2. What I mean by “best long term relationship” is a stable relationship, with little or no fights where both are not cheating and both are happy with each other and honest to each other.

      I know a lot of women who are sweet and decent looking who have only had one boyfriend and seem to have a good relationship their boyfriend. I know that some women are promiscuous and then later start looking for a serious relationship. Ofcourse I would not date those women.

    3. The reason I’m asking this question is because in my experience most men deep in their hearts want to have a relationship. Unfortunately because of their high sexdrive many men spend too much time chasing bad women. Many of them with very little positive results. But I think that a substantial part of women are not sluts, where never sluts and are looking for a good guy in their early 20’s, those women tend to be more intelligent and pleseant too.

      My fear is that I’m going to waste time and that I wont be able to get a good woman if I don’t commit soon. If you don’t want to have sex with many women and you want a serious relationship. What would you do? Do you think that having sex is always a good choice for a man?

    4. I meant: Do you think that having sex with many women is always a good choice for a man?
      And I think where should were.

      I’m sorry about my English.

    5. stop lying about your gender you are a woman who is projecting.
      also stop defending your gender, it wont change anything.
      women are sluts , you talk about your experience with men, talk about your experience with women not men, are you a faggot?
      so i wont go for a women who is interested in me
      then what? i end up being atm?

    6. @CENA

      omg you’re right, now that i read the comments again they seem to be made by a woman, what a troll

    7. Nope, I’m really a man. And BTW those are not arguments CENA.

      And I never said you should be an atm. What are you talking about?

  4. I was thinking the other day about the statment “women consider only 20% men attractive”.

    Aaron, do you think that smart women may recognize that chads (9-10s) may never settle with them and so instead ignoring them to opt for a 7-8 (guys above average but not chad) ?

    Also, how top 20% of men look like?
    I always thought that meant men with lms 8+, but then i thought that if we draw a statistical distribution, we probably may end with a larger gap rappresenting the 20%, probably in my opinion 7+.

    1. That brings up this weird thing that blackpillers introduced…

      They have this weird thing where they talk about the top 0.001% in one breath and then the next breathe its top 20%.

      For example they discuss attractive male faces and show examples of male supermodels (the top 0.01% of guys).

      But in order to be in the top 10% of guys sometimes even a 7 face is enough (if combined with status etc).

    2. That’s why I sometimes dislike that we use the chat term. For some people it means “male supermodel”.

      When we talk about how as a non-chad you’ll never experience chad-sex… some might read that as “unless you’re a 10 supermodel”… but we mean top 20%… heck, we might even extend it to 30%

    3. Thank you alek, that make sense.

      There is good value in your answers, you should consider having your own blog, i would read for sure

    4. I did have a blog many years ago, and it got tons of traffic, and that’s why I closed it down, it became like a dayjob. I was constantly being responded to, linked to, etc. Spent most of my day responding to things etc.

      So all my “blogging” since then has been in the form of commenting here on Aaron Sleazy’s blog.

    5. @alek
      I was thinkinh about your answer and the comments you made elsewhere:

      You said that the 20% men have the 80 of sex with it being of better quality in comparison to what the average guy get (less quantity and quality). You also said that averages can better themself to increase their success.
      Does this mean that it would be possible for them to enter the 20%? Or would they just became better than average guys but still being short with the 20%?

      Also, i wander if when we talk here about “chads, tyrones etc..” are we referring to guys in the 20% or the very best? (1-2%)

      I know this may seem just mental masturbation but i have been always curios about the thresholds of men and their respective “expected sexual life”

    6. Yeah, it’s a good question actually, coz again, different people mean different things, and definitions are important.

      When blackpillers talk about chads, they talk about the 0.0001% of facial aesthetics. Now I haven’t met Aaron and i’m just making a guess… but when Aaron says he’s a chad, I don’t think he’s saying that he’s “in the top 0.00001% of male supermodels”…

      But that’s what blackpillers mean when they say chad.

      – To me anyone in the top 20% of LMS is a chad.

      Different variations might exist to place you there… like (to come up with random mix) tall guy with an average face and 9 body, 9 status = overall you are well in top 20% of LMS

      There is the factor of “taste” sure… This is where borderline cases appear and how you can have “chad-like experiences” sometimes in your life, without being a chad.

      Like if your face is a 6 to the average woman, but to a specific woman it’s an 8… you may get chad-like experiences with her even though most girls treat you as the average guy that you are.

      But that’s what “being a chad” means… your average score is in the top 20% – which means you’re above the cut-off for most girls.

    7. On that same note… A lot of things start to “make sense” if you substitute “average” with 7. Let me unconfuse that for you.

      It is true that you will see guys get amazing lays and sex lifes by merely being a 7 or an 8 looks-wise. So when someone says “you don’t need looks to get a ton of casual sex”… maybe he means “you don’t need to be a male supermode”, because in that case it would be true.

      Heck, at the “7” range something that “approximates” game can be somewhat true, or resemble truth. An average statused 7 guy who:

      – plays the numbers (A LOT)

      – and learns every trick in the book to make women at ease with the act of banging

      – and gets (through experience) all the social skills that make it go smoother

      Can get laid a lot.

      But even then the numbers are crazy bad. Like spend 10 hours going out and talking to a ton of chicks to bang one. But I guess you can call it “getting laid a lot”.

    8. I agree with you with the first comment but on the second one i think defining a 7-8 average is exagerated because you should consider that at that point anyone 6,5 and below would be below average and and 9-10 above? Its too shifted.

      I think the kind of guy you talking about would be 6, 6,5 and 7

    9. I agree with you with the first comment but on the second one i think defining a 7-8 average is exagerated because you should consider that at that point anyone 6,5 and below would be below average and and 9-10 above? Its too shifted.

      I think the kind of guy you talking about would be 6, 6,5 and 7

      I honestly neither understood, nor was able to even take a guess at either what you’re saying or asking. Can you rephrase?

    10. I think I have a guess now. You didn’t understand what I was saying lol XD

      I’m saying a lot of theories out there – when they talk about “supposed average guy”, they’re really talking about 7s, but calling them average. I’m saying they’re doing that. Make sense?

      Like when a guy will come on here and claim to be “average”, but in reality, he’s not average, he’s actually a 7, he’s just downplaying it or doesn’t realize he’s actually a seven. Make sense?

      Like… a PUA will say:

      – you can be an average guy (a five) and bang xyz hotties with this much effort and no status

      But that statement isn’t true. I’m saying to MAKE that statement true, substitute “five” with “seven” and statement becomes feasible. Make sense?

    11. Put differently… Someone will say

      – “I know average guys, like my friend Joe who can do xyz, so you can be average and do that”… “he runs circles around the really attractive guys”.

      But his friend isn’t average… his friend is actually a seven.

      And those “really attractive guys” might be eights or even, doesn’t matter… Point is the “so-called average guy” isn’t average.

    12. Now i got it, thank you that make sense.

      At this point i think that these thresholds would apply, let me know if in your opinion is correct

      Based on looks only:

      1-4 virtually no girls, if not by being an atm for her

      5-6. No casual sex, high struggle to have a relationship

      6,5 7. Very limited casual sex, modest possibility to have a relationship

      7,5 limited casual sex, high chance to have a relationship

      8. Modest casual sex, can have a relationship if he want

      8 8,5 high casual sex, can have a relationship if he want
      9-10 can have casual sex and relationship whenever he want

      I would like to do one for status too, but in my opinion the status is something more difficult to measure.
      Also, your status varies al lot based in your context

    13. At this point i think that these thresholds would apply, let me know if in your opinion is correct

      Based on looks only:

      1-4 virtually no girls, if not by being an atm for her

      5-6. No casual sex, high struggle to have a relationship

      6,5 7. Very limited casual sex, modest possibility to have a relationship

      7,5 limited casual sex, high chance to have a relationship

      8. Modest casual sex, can have a relationship if he want

      8 8,5 high casual sex, can have a relationship if he want
      9-10 can have casual sex and relationship whenever he want

      Looks right to me if we assume it’s just looks, and the guy is dead-average on every other attribute. But yah, that scale looks right.

    14. Disclaimer for any drive-by that hasn’t read related stuff. There are exceptions.

      Like, even though you’re a 5 with most women placing you in a line up of all guys right in the middle… there are girls out there who would would place you toward the hotter end.

      These are the exceptions TM and why sometimes a 5 guy can have an experience that’s usually reserved for 7 guys.

  5. Well, one theory is that due to high speed internet and HD p-rn, you’ve got 20 year old dudes with ED (hence “No fap”) and women are competing with that and other women.

  6. When I read EDM, I was like “does aaron listen to that kinda crap”, coz people tend to use the term “electronic dance music” for something else where I live. Ironically it’s something you can’t actually dance to, and it’s stuff that’s only bearable under hard drugs.

    But then I played this song. I love it. Definetely makes me wanna dance.

    1. EDM has a ton of different sub-genres. I feel like the EDM that is played in Europe is waaay better than what’s played in the United States. I’ve spent a lot of time in the Mediterranean during the summer and the DJ at some small club on some random island will play better music than some dj at some big club in nyc or boston.

    2. Well 70% of my playlists are technically electronic music. In the general sense.

      But in my country to say you listen to electronic music means something different. It’s these “dj sets” of I guess it would be called hard house or something.

      What Aaron posted above would be called a pop song where I live.

      The stuff that people call edm here has no lyrics/singing and is just hours of a mind-numbing repetitive beat. It’s not upbeat or appropriate for dancing. It’s the shit some drugged up people at best just wave their fists at.

      But 95% of the people who listen to it just stand around with a blank expressionless look. And zero body movements.

  7. “implying that a small number of men has sex with almost all women.” – it’s rather “implying that a small number of men has sex with almost all of the 10% of promiscuous women”.

    That’s something I observed in my (smaller) town: every slut fucked every chad in town and every chad fucked every slut in town.

    And do you really want to draw conclusions for all women from experience with women from berlin? I mean everybody in germany knows that berlin is like a magnet to retards. Heck I know people who went to berlin just because of the known debauchery in those niche clubs.

    1. So, in small towns all the Chads fuck all the women, but it’s only a problem when it happens at the scale of a city like Berlin? Indeed, plenty of “good girls” from small towns travel to Berlin to party, i.e. getting fucked by the local men, while they let their local guys wait for weeks for a kiss.

  8. Lol, you have become pretty much an incel at this point. Beta cucks, Stacies, Chads… And this is coming from a guy, who admitted not having sex before 27 , then again had lots and lots of sex(supposedly) and now he is spewing incel garbage. Nothing suspicious at all.

    And referring yourself as “Chad” – nobody other than incel would refer to himself as “Chad”, this is a 100% money-back guarantee.
    This would be funny, if it was not so sad. And people who are not incels and yet are still listening to you, they should be pretty miserable specimens as well.

    1. Everyone, I mean, literally everyone knows that “guys” who call other guys on the internet incels are actually themselves involuntarily celibate exactly 100% of the time. Like, this is a well known statistical fact that I shouldn’t even have to repeat it. The fact that you seemingly don’t know this and yet everyone else already does must actually mean that you indeed already know it and are therefore a troll.

  9. Something interesting is you are a self-aware Chad, whose Chadness allows him to see a certain side of female sexuality, but having seen that, makes it more challenging perhaps contented and successful long term unions. I think most non-Chads would be willing to pay that price and consider it a good problem to have.

    1. In my opinion, chads are the biggest losers in the game. It is undeniable that he gets sluts left and right and has sex with those sluts. But the cost to him to archive that is immense. Spending millions on club bills (some footballers paid over 100,000 on a table once right in front of me), time spent working out and etc. ONLY TO GET WHAT CHANCE PUTS IN HIS WAY. What a joke. An escort is much much cheaper. And, who says you have to exclusively fuck escorts. If a slut comes across easily, why not and if not easily continue with your life.

  10. The reason why the top 20% of men fuck top 80% of girls is that women pick sex partners based on factors that are not innate to the person they are fucking. Like if you are a footballer, you are fucking since you are of fame and money.

    As for dating and marrying, why would you bother. Children? Pu-fff.

  11. You guys are fools for feeding trolls with anything but insults and not going radio silent on them. Shame on you lot. This is not the first time it happened.

    1. It’s kind of like arguing with feminists. You’re not doing it to change her mind. You’re doing it for any new readers who might not be aware of the contra-arguments to certain arguments yet… So you’re doing it for the people reading the exchange, not her.

      Same is true with trolls. There’s a cutoff line after which engaging would in fact be counter-productive. But Zwijntje is nowhere near that line.

  12. Okay, “Don.” Lmao. I don’t think they are so much trolls as they are deluded idiots that may or may not have vaginas.

  13. When this discussion started I thought I was going to get completely owned but that didn’t happen, at least not in my opnion . The only thing I shouldn’t have written is: “being average is enough”. I should have written:” being average can be enough”. What I meant was you can be average and tap into a certain niche. If all women rated you on attractiveness you would be rated as average, but within this niche you can get a lot of women. I just don’t like this 20% of the men blahblahblah. Anyway that wasn’t my real point. My actual point was that women not wanting to fuck men outside of the 20% is not the same as women believing 80% men to be below average attractive. I still think I’m right on this one.

  14. Recite the mantras along with everybody in this echo chamber and you’ll be one of the “cool guys”.
    Speak the truth and you’ll be labeled a “chick”, “cuck”, “troll” or whatever.
    Sadly most people these days cannot bear to come into contact with reality.

    The irony here is that these same whatever-color-pill aficionados are being deplatformed for trolling and are screaming injustice, while applying the exact same approach in whatever space the have admin rights over.

    Free speech truly is never free.

    1. Lol you tard. This is a PRIVATE BLOG.

      Nobody has ever screamed censorship over moderation on a private one-man’s thoughts blog. It’s like walking into Aaron’s backyard.

      People who complain about censorship and free speech only do so in terms of monopolies. Like being silenced on the few platforms that control 99% of internet speech.

      If someone shuts us down/deletes our comments on a private feminist blog, nobody will ever complain about “free speech” you tard.

    2. Sure, the blue pill views that never got anyone laid are now the truth again. Good luck with that.

      Thanks for contributing to my blog. Now let me show you the door.

  15. Zwijntje – these statements you made can both be true.

    Women are selective because they are the one being pursued. Hence they can select the top 20%. Feminism has made many 6s who are single mums and fat believe they deserve 8+ and no less than 6ft.

    The question: do women view 80% of men as below average doesn’t serve a point. Here are the 2 cases:

    1) she doesn’t view 80% as below average. She may find half of that as average and not below average. It doesn’t matter as she won’t consider even the average but only the above average.

    2) she does view that. So she’ll consider only the top 20%.

    You said many women have different tastes and that view has been agreed by everyone on that topic. That is the reason why it doesn’t matter if she views 80% as below attractive as you as a 5/10 could be her 7/10 switching places with a guy who is a 7/10 but her 5/10.

    The point of the 80% is a girl readily disqualifies most men. She doesn’t see most men as being enough. Whereas men can see most women as enough.

    Being in the right niche makes you her top 20%. This is how average guys can get girls.

    The strategy of average guys shouldn’t be to fuck as many girls as possible because it’s not cost efficient. But it’s cost efficient for a Chad.

    An average guy’s smart move would be to be in an LTR with a hot girl. LMS matters less in LTR.

    The average guy can bang many 5s/6s but he can offer long term with a 8+ where the Chad going for her won’t offer. That’s the average guy’s bargaining chip. Assanova talked about this – chad loses to non Chad because non-chad offers relationship.

    Average guys reading this: do you want to fuck 100 6s or fuck a 8 100 times?

  16. Expanding on that question: banging many average girls having meaningless sex where nothing is built and you start again and again, putting too much effort on each bang OR invest in a quality girl long term and have a great relationship.

    Now obviously having a great relationship is not easy given today’s climate of feminism and difficulty in finding quality girls. The question assumes you do find a quality girl.

  17. And to expand on the point about 80%, Zwijntje, you answered your own question. If you’re in her niche she’ll consider you as above average, otherwise you’re in that 80 and she won’t consider you.

    You’re above average to these girls you mentioned if you get those signals you said. Don’t confuse that with a true average guy as he won’t get that same treatment.

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