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  1. Did you ever have another stint of hitting the clubs after or during your divorce? Or did Aaron Sleazy completely retire?

    1. I did hit the clubs again. That marriage fell apart quite quickly, after all. After about two years, my now ex-wife suggested “opening it up”. At that point divorce was a foregone conclusion. I was quite busy at that time, though, but I did pull women every once in a while. In all fairness, though, I stopped having sex with her, also because she realized that I was on the way out and wanted to firmly tie me down with a kid.

      I did pull quite a few women from clubs during those years, but I also made better use of the other opportunities I got (it’s easily enough material for two books). I had about three periods of a few months where I was pretty active. I never went fully back into doing club game, partly because I just didn’t have that much time to waste anymore, and then there was the issue that the club scene has shrunk quite a bit since my early days in London and Berlin. Outside of those cities, it is a lot worse. Then there was the issue of mass immigration. One club I really enjoyed going to years ago suddenly was full of 90% middle-eastern men, and nary a woman in sight. In some other club there was a ton of security. I got kicked out of once or twice despite the woman protesting that she was fine with me hitting on her like that. Once a jealous chick lied to the bouncer that I had molested her, when the issue was that I ignored her when she came on to me and went after some other chick. I got kicked out. Well, technically I was told that they are not going to kick me out but if I didn’t leave, they would call the police and see if they can construct a rape accusation (that was in Sweden). All of this dampened my enthusiasm for that kind of environment.

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