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Young and Old Women in Mixed-Group Discussions

I recently had to endure a discussion at work about women “feeling excluded” in informal meetings. Apparently, it has been observed that when guys sit together over a meal, they talk about “stuff”, while women prefer talking about “feelz”. What is also interesting is that once guys do not care about getting into the pants of a random chick, like in a typical business setting with a bunch of middle-aged guys, they do not care so much about dumbing down the conversation. Instead, you state your case and the sooner you get things over and done with, the better.

Now look back to your time at high school or college. Say you had lunch with a bunch of guys and one of your bros had some random girl with him. Surely, almost invariably the conversation took a turn for the worse. Instead of sharpening your reasoning and argumentation skills, the presence of a woman caused the level of the conversation to nosedive. You can observe the same in study groups. I don’t think they are generally a good idea, but they are most certainly a bad idea if there are a few women in it because some chump will invariably stoop to their level.

I have never experienced that any woman was able to keep up with the men in discussion. This does not mean that all women are stupid. Most likely, part of the reason is also the female tendency to try to not openly antagonize anybody (bitching behind other people’s back is totally fine, though). Normally, they can’t take the pressure of an intellectual confrontation. Thus, they tend to keep quiet. People who have nothing to contribute remaining silent would be a fine state of affairs. Yet, that does not work out if the discussion has to be “inclusive” and everybody needs to have some airtime. As a consequence, you end up with a lot of wasted time.

Younger women may not be aware of this at all because they are used to guys fawning over them. From primary school all the way to the start of their professional life, even an only moderately attractive woman will have little difficulty finding a bunch of cucks to do their work. They will also try hard to make her feel “welcome”. However, watch that same woman turn old and unattractive. Suddenly, she’s only another person at the table. If she can’t contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way, it will go on without her.

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