“Men Need to Have Their Masculinity Acknowledged”

I’m always happy when we have women showing up on this blog as they often lead to entertaining discussions. A recent example is given by one woman who was quite upset when I pointed out that plenty of white guys rather bang petite Asian women with sex-doll physiques instead of Western wildebeests. This is what she had to say:

As a western female, I think for both sexes it is important to acknowledge that there are perceptions of what it means to be Western. Sure, life might be easier for you in Thailand in regards to not being questioned or having your masculinity acknowledged, however, you still need to be challenged intellectually and be responsible for your own behaviour.

Isn’t it funny when a woman talks about responsibility? The last time I checked, the exuberant welfare state exists to remove all responsibility from the life of women. It starts with primary and secondary education that focuses on group work and memorization, because that’s what women like, continues with a plethora of women-only scholarships in college, and then leads right to a cushy government job with zero demands put on them, all paid for by the taxpayer. For more independent-minded women, it is also an option to trick Chad into fatherhood and milk the welfare state for child support.

Being a woman is akin to living life on easy mode. Heck, even that is not adequate. There are some video games that have a difficulty setting where the game plays itself. Platinum Games has pioneered this in order to be more inclusive, meaning that people with disabilities can also enjoy their action games. This is what modern life is for women: you only have to be there, and the rest is taken care for by somebody else in some way. The challenges of life essentially all resolve itself. Only government provided Chads for post-wall women are missing.

Also, dear Mrs. Wildebeest, nobody likes being questioned. If you ever want to keep a man, not being an insufferable bitch is a good first step. Just forget about the “intellectual challenge” you provide. You don’t. This is not what men want after an intellectually challenging 8 to 10 hours in the office. Any man who is not braindead gets plenty of mental stimulation. Having to deal with some half-wit at home who thinks she has anything to contribute to the challenges her man faces at work is deluded at best. This does not mean that a woman cannot be smart. I certainly prefer a woman with an IQ > 115 over one who is of only average intelligence. However, one aspect of having a higher IQ is that you know when you do not know enough to adequately contribute to something. On the other hand, some dumb chick with an IQ of barely 100 will happily vomit a few sound bites and think she has made a contribution to, say, the policy paper you’ve been working on, which you’ve just summarized to her.

What woman thinks a man is attracted to her intelligence anyway? As I said, you probably prefer someone smarter over some moron. In particular, moronic women who have been brainwashed with feminist doctrine are completely insufferable. Yet, dumb women know that their prime asset is their body. Smart attractive women are quite aware of this as well. In fact, they may even use their looks strategically to get ahead. However, it seems that unattractive women build an ego around their “intelligence” or their “personality”, which is oh-so-great and the reason that they deserve their 6″3′ Chad. However, ask any guy if he’d rather wake up next to an “intelligent” ugly woman who wants to debate the patriarchy with you or to a woman of almost arbitrary intelligence who happens to be young and attractive and strokes both your ego and your cock. The answer is obvious. It is not, however, if you are a woman who is unable to show any empathy for what men want.

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One thought on ““Men Need to Have Their Masculinity Acknowledged”

  1. I don’t think that men have a need to get their masculinity acknowledged. In fact, I think we just want hot sex and want the woman leave after that. That’s why a feminist will always ask whether your problem is having less sex. That’s true. They want to artificially inflate the price of pussy and control men into plantation workers (metaphorically) in the promise of any pussy. I guess any pussy is better than no pussy for many white knights.

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