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When Beta Providers Get Laid, It Is Not Real Sex

We have been having an interesting exchange on the post, “The futility of wanting to impress with money.” I’d like to start with a humorous question Shawn asked, with regards to the observation that throughout history, most men did not procreate. He wrote:

“Why didn’t Aaron just take one for the team and impregnate a shit ton of hoes to raise the health of the population?”

This brought back some memories, because the connection between being the Alpha Chad who gets laid a lot and having the chance to have a lot of kids is downright shocking. When I got really good at pickup, meaning that I routinely banged chicks in bathroom stalls within a few minutes or had effortless pulls from the club, my entire view on women changed. The difference between getting laid every once in a while and getting to the point where you look at a woman, know whether she is into you or now and, most importantly, if she’s into you, how receptive she will be to your sexual advances, is downright staggering.

In the latter case, I made the experience that women are completely floored by you. They end up making all kinds of bizarre backwards rationalizations why she ended up with your dick in her that quickly. The first time it happened that a chick begged me to cum inside of her, without a condom, I thought I had come across a complete freak. However, I ended up encountering quite a few such women. To quickly go through a few instances:

– One chick who blew me noticed I was about to cum, stopped, and said she would like to feel my cum in her pussy
– Several chicks insisted on not using a condom. Quite a few of them tried pulling the condom off. One even threw a tantrum over it.
– Chicks slipped my dick in in a surprise move, and acted offended when I pulled out right afterwards, insisting on using protection. One amused me by accompanying her sleight of hand with an “oops” and a mischievous smile. She got mildly offended when I did not play along.
– One woman I had pulled home from the club after less than an hour told me during sex that she would rather do it without and that she wouldn’t even mind if I got her pregnant. I would not have to worry about anything because she would not go after me for child support if it happened.
– I also got the, “I’m on the pill, we can do it without” line a few times.
– Some women claimed that they could not get pregnant, which, they claimed, meant that I had nothing to worry about.

As far as I know, I have not fathered any children yet. Also, I have to clearly point out that I gave no indication during my heydays as a seducer that I had the wherewithal to financially support a kid. I did not have a proper job back then and I dramatically downplayed my education and even cultivated a somewhat dumb facade, after realizing that a few of the chicks I banged thought I could be groomed to be a reliable meal ticket.

Most of the women I’ve banged must have assumed that I’m a broke loser. Yet, even that did not keep plenty of them from trying to reel me into a relationship. I found this utterly mind-boggling. Of course, this is all curtesy of the socialist welfare state. If you knock them up, either some simp will play Captain Save-a-Ho, or the taxpayer will pony up the cash.

If you have a hard time believing anything I wrote, I’d like you to think about single motherhood, which is primarily the result of a woman’s own poor choices. In hindsight, it is not at all surprising, but when I cleaned out my Facebook account some time ago, I came across the profiles of a few women I was acquainted with or have banged for a while. A few of those did turn into welfare queens. One girl who relentlessly hit on me for about a year — she hung out in the same clubs as I — ended up with two kids from two guys. I remember her bitching about some guy she was fucking that he didn’t really care about her. Had I been fucking her, she would have bitched about me to some random dude in the club she had the hots for. Funnily enough, one of my friends, “Byte” from Sleazy Stories, banged her for a few weeks after I essentially offered her to him. Once he was done with her, she tried telling me that he had a small dick and was really bad in bed. Sure, that must be the reason why she was happy to be his side chicks until he discarded her.

Who are the guys that knock up those women? Some blue-pilled cucks among you will proclaim that those are feckless men, or some bullshit like that. No, that’s not it. If a woman does not want to get pregnant she will not get pregnant. Instead, it’s irresponsible women with poor decision-making ability who think it’s a great idea to see if a guy who is able to make them dripping wet, unlike their provider beta at home, manages to knock them up. This now leads to another incident, in which a young woman explained to me that — wait for it — there is absolutely no problem with me cumming inside her because “if you get pregnant, it’s meant to be, and otherwise it is not.” The logic is earth-shattering. Women’s liberation has been bringing out the worst in women. Yet, if you have never been in situations like that, or if you do not reflect much about society, all of this may be completely foreign to you.

This now leads to a comment Alek Novy made when ripping some troll on this blog a new one. He pointed out that for most of human history, getting laid meant that you would have kids. Today, though, you can get laid and not leave kids, due to contraception. Let me add to that that in earlier times, a sane woman would not have fucked Tyrone from the ghetto because a pregnancy out of wedlock would invariably have led to her having a miserable life. Yet, today, due to the double whammy of feminism and the socialist welfare state, there is a shower of money waiting for that kind of woman. What is more, they may even get celebrated for “being heroic”.

Said troll claimed that any man with a job can get laid. Alek Novy jumped on that statement and rightly pointed out that this is not how men think because to us, “getting laid” does not mean being some woman’s beta provider and getting to enjoy sex once a month in exchange for our copious resources. Instead, a man who gets laid manages to get women to spread their legs for him quickly and easily. It costs him nothing, and she will happily do all the things she claims she does not like or has never done when her meek boyfriend or husband gets a bit frisky. For her beta provider chump, she’s “not really a sexual person. For Chad, though, she’s the biggest slut she can be, hoping that this will tie him down.

If women had their way, they would all bang Chad. Yet, Chad is a bit picky and just does not seem to want to bang most women. He may even decide to go his own way. Make no mistake, though, because that is the guy they want to fuck and have kids with, no matter how much of a loser he should be. As long as he makes them horny with his mere presence, he could have them, if he wanted to. What I find so incredibly off-putting is that blue-pilled cucks and dishonest women not only know about this. Their language also gives it away. Suddenly, Stacy is “settling for” a safe guy. Stacy, however, never settles for the kind of guy who really gets her horny. If she secures that kind of alpha guy, it would be described much differently.

As a consequence, if you, dear reader, happen to be the kind of guy women “settle for”, I would advise you to stay single instead. Rest assured that even though she may tell you she loves you, in order to manipulate you, of course, you are the one she needs fifteen minutes of foreplay with to get a bit wet, and that is on the one out of six times she does not pretend to have a migraine. On the other hand, Chad could shove his hard cock right into her pussy when he pulled her. As a “provider” you are not only taking Chad’s leftovers, you also don’t ever get to taste as much as a small fraction of what he got to enjoy. With a beta provider, sex is a duty for her. It’s a chore she will gradually try getting out of. With Chad, on the other hand, sex has been animalistic and primal. Had it led to a pregnancy, she may just have gone through with it.

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30 thoughts on “When Beta Providers Get Laid, It Is Not Real Sex

  1. And again this is what I was saying on the previous post when I was pretending to be an ex convict on the online dating sites. Gentleman all I can say is get buff and have a job that gives you money but don’t try and live above your means or kill yourselves for a woman it’s not worth it. And I know your pain I was raised to be a good guy in the United States but it doesn’t pay and you will finish last in the marriage and dating market. And until social and political revolution happens in the west we are fucked. Thank you playing the sleazy game. Lol

  2. You’re welcome hehe.

    Given that your girlfriend is short and Asian, your children are likely to turn out shorter and less masculine than the average caucasian. If they end up fitting into the provider category, is this the same advice you would give to them, i.e. to stay single?

    1. That is indeed the case. However, I’d like my sons to date Asian women, and my daughters to date white guys. I’d expect my daughters to be quite competitive on the dating market. While my sons would maybe not ticklet the fancy of some woke Western feminazi or your average thot down the street, they most likely would stand a good chance to be taller and more masculine than your typical Asian man. Thus, they should do quite okay in the competition for prime-caliber Asian women.

  3. and she will happily do all the things she claims she does not like or has never done when her meek boyfriend or husband gets a bit frisky. For her beta provider chump, she’s “not really a sexual person

    And they have the perfect excuse for this. I had a chick tell me her beta provider whines about the fact she never did anything kinky with him and never tried anal with him.

    She told him “that’s coz you never bother to do the work to turn me on properly”… But said in a tone like as if this was a task he failed at coz he’s a lazy buffoon unwilling to do the work.

    Not because he’s someone who can’t actually turn her on due to not being Chad.

    1. This was in a convo where she was discusssing trying anal with me coz she never tried it and wanted me to introduce her to anal… But she spent her entire life telling betas she doesn’t do that kinda stuff.

      Takes her 0,1 seconds to get dripping wet when she meets me. I don’t have to do the “turn her on” procedure. I just say hi.


      I don’t see myself as a Chad. But i do have plenty of these Chad experiences. So in that sense I do think we oversimplify sometimes by dividing the world in betas and Chad’s.

      Perhaps there is a third category called “notbeta”? That’s where I’d place myself.

    2. @Alek
      “Perhaps there is a third category called “notbeta”? That’s where I’d place myself.”

      I read somewhere,and I think it was on an Incel discussion forum,of people like this being referred to as “Chadlite/Chad-lite.”


      Could someone do me a favor and tell me how to blockquote on this blog? thanks

    3. @Maou: These terms are thrown around often without much thought. Often just describing if a guy is getting her pussy or is paying her bills.
      In nature it’s often simple.
      The Alpha is the leader and the one breeding.
      The Beta’s join in for the hunt but are not allowed to breed. But might be lucky some day when the alpha isn’t looking. Or they might one day rise in ranking.
      The Zeta is there so the beta’s can vent their frustrations by picking on him.
      That’s how i view this hole picking on incels thing. It’s mostly frustrated beta cucks who pick on these zeta incels. Just to feel better about themselves. It’s often fascinating to see how much of this behaviour is also displayed amongst animals. From frustrated beta’s picking on zeta’s. To young males leaving the pack/pride and forming brotherly hunting packs refining their hunting techniques searching for new females and territory to conquer. Reflected in the pickup scene.

    4. @Alek

      I think a good description would be “good-looking escalator”.
      Describes the two necessary traits: Looks good. Knows how to escalate.

    5. @Neutral
      That is actually a good description. I’m not a Chad, but

      1) The chicks I’ve been with did find me good looking

      2) I escalate and ask for a Chad treatment

      That’s kinda why I wanted to say I’m a notbeta… My approach to chicks is “I will not take the beta treatment, I only take chad-like treatment.”

      Most chicks go “ughh you’re not hot enough to get the Chad treatment”, but a percentage of them do find me hot enough to give me the Chad treatment.

      In a sense, all my experiences with women have been Chad like. I’ve never been in a beta arrangement, never waited for sex… Never been on a single date in my life… I only accept fast escalation scenarios.

      The difference between me and the Chad is the percentage, which much is lower in my case I guess.

  4. It is funny how 99% of red pill bloggers (PUA/MGTOW/whatever) still think that evo-psychology is correct in its central tenant that women are mostly sexually attracted to power. If that was the case someone playing a dumb broke guy would never get laid with attractive women.

    1. And they obviously have never experienced being banged due to physical attraction so that they’d compare it to being banged due to power/status… it’s not the same.

      A guy “getting laid” due to status/power is nothing but a glorified provider. Even if he’s not providing… he’s still getting banged by her trying to get access to his status and power… not because she’s lusting after him physically… the sex is just not the same passionate porn-like sex as when she’s attracted for your looks.

      If you have a lot of power and status (and just that)… the kind of sex you get is of the same quality as the beta provider, you might just get it more frequently… or however much of it she deems necessary to get access to some of your status and power… and yeah she might try to put on a better performance than she bothers with the beta… but it’s not the same lust-driven sex you get as a chad.

      – kind of like how pornstars put on a performance… all porn is basically the “performer” acting as if though she’s banging a chad, even if her costar isn’t a chad…

  5. I would imagine that lots of couples sex lives in an LTR devolve into the woman just supplicating the man enough to string him along. Even if the guy was Chad as fuck in her eyes at the beginning. Once she has him in the bag so to speak it just becomes a matter of doling out sex like doggy treats. Hence the article about married men banging hookers.

    1. I’m also confused by the alpha/beta sex thing. I get the concept. I’m definitely far from being alpha, but until recently I wouldn’t even be considered proper beta material. I’ve had to rely on attraction to get any lays and such and have had to do the things that maximize one’s attractiveness.

      What makes more sense to me is that so long as you meet baseline or above attractiveness levels for any particular woman, she’s going to be more enthusiasric about fucking you. You don’t necessarily have to be Chad. But sure, your girl may like your looks and enjoy fucking your above average cock, but she’d still rather be fucking Chad with his well-above average cock, height and looks. And she probably already has. So I guess I’ve actually been getting a lot of leftovers now that I type this. But at least they’ve always gave it up on the first date, swallowed my load and generally offered up their asses.

    2. That describes me as well. That’s kind of like why I describe myself as a nonbeta… I’m not an alpha, i’m not a chad… but I don’t accept the beta shit either.

      My whole approach is “I will only accept the chad treatment”, “I don’t do beta dating/providing in exchange for passionless sex shit”. So I’ve only ever gotten the chad treatment… no dating, porn-like sex etc.

      So most women go like “You’re not alpha/hot enough to get the chad treatment”, and I’m like that’s fine, coz I don’t do the beta shit… So my percentage of women accepting the deal is probably much lower than a chad’s… but I’ve never had to resort to the beta providing, dating, wining, waiting for sex shit…

    3. @Alek Novy

      What do you do when you’re banging a chick pretty regularly on your terms and she starts in with wanting random affection. Like for example, a common one is getting a text saying she needs some spooning. Sure, it may just be code for come over here and seduce me, but it could be her way of easing you in to being more and more compliant.

      I’m not necessarily talking about post-coitus cuddling, but when a women you’ve been banging like she’s your personal little slut starts in with the whole, “I need held and told I’m special and beautiful” bit. Do you start to think it’s time to drop her?

    4. I just say no. They start dropping off when they quit.

      I don’t actually have to tell them to dropoff. I just say “no, i’m just the pornosex guy”. They will keep trying until they finally accept i’m not the guy they can turn into something more.

    5. “no, I’m just the pornosex guy.”

      LOL. I love that line haha I’m pretty sure most chicks wouldn’t put up with that line for very long if at all with me, but I don’t doubt that it works for you.

      I was just thinking of another tactic that women like to use to reel a guy in. If I didn’t know any better I’d probably fall for it every time. It’s when they start to pretend that they’re developing unconditional feelings for you. They can be so convincing about it too. Most guys will eat this shit up, but I know it’s comeplete bullshit. Especially when they can’t name any specific virtues or personal characteristics as to why they are feeling this certain way about you. It’s usually something like, “I can’t explain why, there’s just something about you. You’re not like other guys.” Pft, okay. So if I was the exact same personality wise except homeless and busted-looking then you’d still be attracted to me all the same.

    6. I don’t actually say “i’m the pornosex guy” XD I mean that’s the “frame” of the communication.

    7. “I don’t actually say “i’m the pornosex guy” XD ”

      Actually, I’m pretty sure that after a solid fuck you could get away with literally saying it.

      Guy: “I’m the pornosex guy”
      Girl: *chuckles* “you’re such an asshole/a player”

      –> Win.

      To be honest, I actually thought you do really say that on a regular basis.
      I think it’s a fantastic line.

    8. ” It’s usually something like, “I can’t explain why, there’s just something about you. You’re not like other guys.” ”

      There’s a gazillion ways to deal with that, for example: “Yes, it’s not the first time I hear this. (pause). I must be special.”

      Just bullshit them. Get up from the bed, grab yourself a beer and give her a bit less attention, like, sit down in front of the computer and watch some guy-stuff, like a RDR2 walk-through video 😀

  6. An update about my friend, Clark Kent, whom I wrote about in a previous guest post (

    I recently found out that in the last 5 months or so, he’s only had sex with his gf once (they meet a few times a week). I’ve tried over and over to tell him that it’s a bad deal for him and I explain red pill concepts, female nature, highlight the double standards, etc. He listens, he’s cognitively aware, and he thanks me for telling him the hard truths. But at the end of the day he says he still wants to try to work out the problems because he really loves her a lot. There’s nothing more I can do but to wish him well.

    1. Just shows us again.
      Most INCELS are not teenage computer nerds who cant get laid.
      Most INCELS are guys who are already settled/married.

      Why do that to yourself?
      Either you can be the lonely guy who jerks off at internet porn.
      Or you can stay single.

  7. I still dont understand why so many guys try to fuck with damaged women like this? Why would you want to waste your time on club sluts and thots? Why not just go for high class escorts instead?

    1. It’s an inability to do math basically. It’s why people suck at making financial decisions in general.

      Like an escort “seems” a lot more expensive coz the price is upfront. Whereas you have to actually sit down and crunch the numbers to figure out that your cost per lay is higher with non-escorts.

  8. Aaron, have you ever thought about posting a picture of yourself, so your followers can have a visual representation of how you maximize your looks?

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