When it comes to Women, it’s better for a Man to be Jaded or Cynical than a Simp

After posting my article on how I would raise my son in order to keep him from turning into a spineless little simp who puts women on a pedestal, my girlfriend made the following objection:

But, but, but what if he would turn jaded or cynical. Wouldn’t that be worse?

This objection is easy to deal with. In fact, her objection baffled me quite a bit. Let me rephrase it to make it clearer what the issue with it is,

Wouldn’t you want people to lie to you all the time instead of facing the harsh realities of life?

Quite frankly, no, I would not. There is a big difference in wanting to protect your ego or the supposed honor of thots, and growing a pair. You better face reality instead of living in a fantasy world. Plenty of men are as guilty of this as your stereotypical entitled woman who will surely stop taking Chad’s dick the moment her buff billionaire comes along. Similarly, there are guys with utterly absurd conceptions about life, such as that your “personality” or “confidence” is the most important aspect of having success with women, that their excess weight or lack of income plays no role whatsoever, or that their big break in their career is just around the corner, even though there is absolutely no indication that this is the case.

Considering how detrimental women can be for your psychological as well as physical well-being, you better be aware of the kind of shitshow you are waddling into when you enter the dating scene. You better have your head screwed on very firmly. Otherwise, women will only try to take advantage of you. They can screw you over in ways you would not believe if you did not open your eyes to the realities of the family court system or the fact that false rape accusations as well as false sexual harassment claims are part and parcel of living in an egalitarian society.

I wish more men would have standards. I vomit a little bit in my mouth whenever I see an attractive man with a woman who looks like a wildebeest. In all seriousness, what kind of argument is it that banging attractive hookers would make you jaded? If it means that you won’t make an utter fool of yourself by chasing after some fattie, then every penny spent on whoring will have been worth it. If you can only get unattractive women, then it’s better if you did not bother with having a girlfriend or one-night stands at all. How does this even work? Do those guys get up after banging some fattie and stare in shock and disbelief, needing a few days or more to overcome their self-loathing?

Women tend to be incredibly picky when it comes to dating. Our contemporary pump-and-dump culture has led to the effect that your typical woman constructs the ideal guy in her head, which is a composite of every guy who ever used her for a night, thinking that that is what she can get. The delusion is palpable. Thanks to “big data”, this has now also been established beyond doubt. Just think of that OKCupid study, if I’m not mistaken, that showed that the women on their site consider 80 % of men to be of below average attractiveness. Yet, how many attractive women do you see? Their numbers are rather modest. I’d say that you will see more attractive men than women, which is simply due to the fact that men are attractive for a much longer duration of time, while the looks of women fall off a cliff in their 30s.

I think every man should have the self-respect to not get involved with a woman he does not find attractive. Yes, this means turning down that desperate fattie who tells you she loves sucking dick. Don’t bother with “convenience lays” but instead, hold the women you fuck to a high standard. If this does not work because you have never seen a really attractive woman in the flesh, then fork out some cash and get some first-hand experience. Really, even if hookers aren’t in the cards for you, for whatever reason, if your option is to bang a 6/10 or rub one out to high-quality porn, go for the latter. It’s not even close.

The objection stated at the start of this article is one that is somewhat reminiscent of the feminist complaint that men who watch porn may not find “real women” attractive anymore. (Where are the people pointing out that using oversized dildos may make “real men” look inadequate for women, huh?) To that I can only say that if you can’t bang the kind of woman you see in porn, then don’t bother. Of course, I’m not talking about the most plastic women you can see on screen, but your average porn chick. Plenty of those are just kind of cute. Some have fake tits, plenty have not. If anything, the biggest difference to the women in real life is that your average porn chicks are slimmer, younger, and tend to have slightly more attractive facial features. There are very few genuinely unattractive women in porn. Yet, plenty of those populate the world we live in.

Become jaded, and don’t bother with women who are old, unattractive and too heavy. Being slim should be non-negotiable. Seriously, how hard can it be to put the fucking fork down? Check out some amateur porn, escorts who go for the “girl next door” stereotype, or explore places like Thailand. You’ll see plenty of women who look attractive, but hardly superhumanly so. If anything, the takeaway is that your typical woman would look significantly better if she was slim and in shape. This being your standard does not mean that you are jaded. It means that you have self-respect. One aspect of having self-respect is to not get involved with women you do not find attractive.

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