Men Dropping out of Dating: Contemporary Berlin

I recently caught up with a few old friends. Some of them still live in Berlin, others used to live there, but moved away. Yet, they still have contact with friends there. What I noticed upon reflection was that in terms of interest in women, many of those guys seem to have moved beyond Western women. The economically most successful ones date Asian women who have grown up in traditional Asian societies. Chinese women seem popular among them. A few of the guys I know or knew did not make it far in life, and their lack of financial resources consequently makes them less attractive to women. There are also a few guys who suffered through long-term relationships with toxic women and who no longer want to even bother with the fair sex.

What I found most interesting, among the few that are still actively dating, is that the modern Western woman seems to have gone completely crazy. For context, you should know that Germany now has a conservative centrist party called the Alternative for Germany (AfD), which state propaganda channels have been denouncing as “far-right extremists”. Yet, the positions the AfD holds are what you could have found in the program of German mainstream parties a decade ago or so, before their shift to the left. You may wonder what this has to do with dating: It is the fact that women tend to prefer the coddling welfare state and that they also tend to support open borders due to their “compassion” for those who are worse off. They are not net taxpayers, and they do not think far into the future, it seems, so spending billions of euros every year on people who, for the very most part, cannot ever contribute in a meaningful way to a modern first-world economy does not seem to bother them much, if at all. If you are a lefty and on the brink of throwing a hissy fit, you may want to look into the problem of third-generation immigrants who do far worse than the generation of their grandparents. For instance, the German-Turks pose an enormous problem in Germany.

In Berlin, it seems that a significant number of women has politicized dating. A friend of mine relayed to me that some woman he met asked him what his stance on the AfD was. Another wanted to know if he “supports the refugee cause”. In one case, the real-life woman looked significantly worse than her pictures online would have let him believe, so he quickly excused himself. With the other, he tried to discuss the issue rationally, which was not a good idea. He had likewise no interest in having sex with her, after seeing her in real life, so that was not much of a loss, except for the loss of time.

Of course, those are mere anecdotes. Modern dating is bad enough already, given what is out there: single mothers with tattoos, debt, and a bad attitude. Heck, one of my friends stated that finding a woman in Berlin who neither smokes nor consumes drugs is nigh impossible. When I hear this, I can only shudder. Yet, those women think they are in such high demand that they can raise the price even higher. Thus, the men they would consider dating not only have to have a decent job, they also have to have internalized “Western guilt” and have to enthusiastically contribute to the welfare state. This is the same welfare state that has been happily nurturing an underclass that has been devoid of ambition. Instead, they feel entitled to more and more of your money. Sometimes you are genuinely baffled how little all these “NPCs” know about the recent history of their own countries.

Thankfully, I no longer live in Berlin. I thought it was a great place to get laid back in the days (check out Sleazy Stories and its sequel!), but what does that ultimately buy you? I do not mind all the sexual experiences I have had in that city. In fact, I am glad I got it out of my system. Yet, there is a big difference between being the guy who rails some chick in a dingy bathroom stall after a few minutes without even knowing her name and the guy who hits on her online ten years later, when she is all used up. The former guy has had fun with little to no bullshit, in the best case. The other has to justify why Germany should not give asylum to everyone on the planet and invest significant resources in order to get laid. It’s absurd.

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5 thoughts on “Men Dropping out of Dating: Contemporary Berlin

  1. I wanted to ask about your opinion on the NPC meme. I think it’s hilariously funny and scary how accurate this meme is. And it made me realise how this is specially true for most Western women. The social media giants are already cracking down on it. It’s hilarious. Their predictable reactions only proof the point this meme is representing. It also made it even more clear to me why i have little enjoyment in picking up women these days. They are all just following the program. Making all interactions predictable and meaningless. You can play around with them a bit. But in the end it doesn’t bring much value. They are only limited in their responses. And you’ll get the same response over and over again. Making it simply boring to interact with them. Just like playing against a computer game NPC. They have a few trick’s they play to manipulate men. Giving more or less pussy play when they want something, crying, outrage, play cute, hard to get, shame. And they master these few reactions like they seem automated

    1. The NPC meme is fantastic. Interestingly enough, Schopenhauer made very similar comments about the average person 200 years ago, referring to them as “automata”.

  2. I am an American and used to be proud of my country. However, we have exported this feminism crap to other countries and I want to say sorry.

    Men in America have become soft, simps and betas. They devalue themselves and other men for a chance at a wet hole. Masculinity in Erica is dead and guys here are more feminine than females of the ’40’s and ’50s.

    I am fighting the good fight here but just know you are not alone. I feel like John Connor from Terminator, “if you can hear my voice, you are not alone. Stand up to the female hordes and the beta/simps! Do not be sorry for being a male and masculine, it is not illegal…yet.”

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