That Kind of Girl

One of the phrases more or less everybody who has any experience at all with women has heard is that she is not “one of that kind of girls.” Of course, subsequent behavior quickly reveals that she is precisely that kind of girl. Yet, when you think about it, there is an interesting insight hidden. To me it seems that it is only our interpretation that makes exchanges similar to the one I just summarized funny. Instead, there is a possibly more fitting explanation.

In fact, I would not at all be surprised if even the biggest slut genuinely believed that there is a whole category of women out there who make her look like a saint in comparison. Thus, she can distance themselves from “that kind of girls” while being a total slut with you. This means that there is no contradiction between her words and her actions. Only cynical guys like us think there is. This is, of course, conjecture, but the more I think about female solipsism, the more I am convinced that the interpretation I offer in this brief post makes more sense than what you could facetiously call the standard interpretation of slut behavior.

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