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Open Thread 2018 (#13)

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60 thoughts on “Open Thread 2018 (#13)

  1. Aaron, you’ve mentioned briefly before that London has changed since during the time of your experiences meeting women. If you were to have a year to do nothing but pick up women again, what 2-3 cities in Europe would you choose to do it in?

    1. I think the general consensus here is that Europe is doomed.

      So for what you want, you are better off in the top three South East Asian cities.

      My choices are, Phuket (for the best sex life imaginable although it is expensive), Singapore (for the best work opportunities) and finally for a lack of options, Hong Kong (for the best typhoon force winds).

    2. Singapore’s economy has been stagnating. Recent graduates from their local top universities are having a hard time finding employment. Also, if you do find a job, you may well end up putting in double the hours as in the West.

    3. Don,

      I know what you’re saying but I’m not looking for a wife per se, and I don’t find Asian women attractive, hence why I’m asking about Europe.

    4. @Anthony: If you just want easy pick up.
      Canary Islands is Spanish territory close to Africa.
      Lloret de Mar is a Mediterranean coastal town in Catalonia, Spain.
      Malia or Heraklion, Greece.
      All great for club game.
      Springbreak locations at the Mediterranean coas or Mediterranean islands in general. Thats where young women from Western Europe go to get laid during springbreak. They get shitfaced drunk and take one guy after the other. Easy pick up.

    5. @Anthony: You could also go to Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia. Women there are not easy pick up. But more feminine in general. Most will look for a guy with money that’s willing to settle down however. Better forget Western Europe. It’s not worth the trouble. Scandinavia has many beautiful women who are easy to pick up. But scandinavia is risky because of false rape accusations. Unless u have a dark skin colour. So Mediterranean coast would probably the best place for pick up in Europe.

    6. @ben; I am asking this because I don’t know too much about Greece. Isn’t it unsafe because of the economic crisis? Even if it is not, where else do you mean by the Mediterranean coast? I am interested in your take. Because I would’ve believed otherwise about Europe in general.

      Further, what do you mean by Sweden being a good country for dark skinned men?

    7. @Don,

      As a non-european resident who has family ties in southern europe and have traveled their often, what Ben is saying is that the southern mediterranean countries attract Northern/Western/Eastern European during warmer vacations months. As for Greece, the northern/western coast of Crete, Mykonos, Kos(a lot scandinavians for some reason) and Ios are really popular. I’ve also heard Agia Napa in Cyprus is really crazy in a spring break way. Can’t speak for other countries, but I’m sure Barcelona, Ibiza, and southern parts of Italy attract a lot as well.

      @Don, what I was getting at with my question is that I may have time to chil out for an extended amount of time from work during this fall/winter/early spring so wanted to go to 2/3 different cities anywhere in Europe to hang out in for a bit.

    8. @Anthony; Thanks.

      May I also ask why you are using different email addresses every time you post a comment?

    9. @Don: Anthony basically already answered your first question. It’s just Western European sluts going on holiday at the Mediterranean coast. Easy pick up.

      (what do you mean by Sweden being a good country for dark skinned men?)
      Swedish girls are easily impressed by assertive guys. The swedish men are to tame for them. So they go for more assertive foreign guys (race doesn’t matter) But if a white swedish girl accuses a white dude, he’s fucked. Because the woman has more oppression olympics victim points. But when she accuses a black or arab guy. His oppression olympics points will beat hers if he’s crying racial discrimination. So arabs and black dude’s can rape as many Swedish women they want. But for a white dude looking or saying anything sexual can get you in trouble. Because his oppression olympics score is negative. As he’s seen as the root of all evil by feminist. And blacks and arabs are seen as oppressed.

    10. Yeah, Thanks for both you guys.

      Is there a location like that in the US? that you think is similar.

      I am going to the US soon for travel.

    11. @Don

      The easiest places to get laid in the US are NYC, Miami, and Vegas. All 3 cities, especially NYC and Miami, are there own little worlds, they have a ton of people, and there is constant churn of new people. Might also want to try Nashville(fastest growing area in the US), Austin, and Boston. The women in Chicago are horrible.

  2. @Ben,

    Thanks for response. I know that of the vacation spots in the Mediterranean(both parents are from that area ;)) What I’m basically asking is if you got to live in 1 or 2 cities in the off-season(Sept through April) for an extended period of time to basically just have fun, which would you pick – one of the bigger cities in the country you mentioned?

    1. @Anthony: I wouldn’t go there in the off season with women in mind. All the college age girl’s are gone in the off season. So mostly only older women and locals in off season. Not more or less interesting than any other random European city. I wouldn’t go there anymore anyway. I’m not into Western women anymore. Been there, done that. I only do Eastern European, Russian or Asian women. And i’m bored with the pick up thing for the most part. It’s not really worth the trouble for me. The only pick up i do these days comes more natural. Hot approach, mostly at international business conferences. Picked up some good looking promo girls there. So maybe a city that hosts some of these conferences would be an option. I’m mostly attending in Amsterdam and Bangkok. But there are multiple options possible. Maybe Barcelona? Also close to the Costa’s. Maybe you could get some action in Sept and maybe April there. And there is always something going on in Barcelona.

    2. @ben and @Don,

      I’m in a similar situation as Anthony. Would like to pick up girls for a year or so. Being that I’ve had my fill of Asian women, and would like to bang a variety of European types, is it safe to say that there’s no city that meets that criteria of being both cheap and easy pick up year round?

      I’m considering Ukraine, which meets the cheap category, but from what I understand, the women are geared towards serious relationships. Eastern Europe seems like a decent place to find a wife, but I’m not looking for that just yet.

      Don, did Phuket have a steady supply of non-Asian tourists year-round?

      Barcelona is a tad too expensive, although I’m still investigating it.

      I’m just thinking out loud at this point, but maybe a good plan would be to get set up in Eastern Europe, then scope out different cities from there. Then I could either relocate again, or take frequent trips there?

    3. @Herkerderker:
      (is it safe to say that there’s no city that meets that criteria of being both cheap and easy pick up year round?)
      That’s the problem with attractive women. They go wherever the money go’s.
      (did Phuket have a steady supply of non-Asian tourists year-round?)
      Yes, but mostly men.
      Chang mai has more Western women in Thailand. American, Canadian and Australian girls prostitute themselves there to extend their vacations. But i wouldn’t go to Thailand for Western women.
      Ukraine has beautiful feminine women. But mostly looking for marriage. They’re not easy pick up in general.

  3. @ben The Canary Islands is the same situation as the Mediterranean regarding western European vacationers frequenting there, right?

    1. @Herkerderker: Yep Western European sluts. Canary Islands some in their 20s but mostly bit older. Malia or Heraklion mostly early 20s. Lloret de Mar mostly teens some early 20s.
      Haven’t been there for a while. But did some crazy pick up in these places in the past. Mostly in august.

  4. Can someone recommend a book on extreme saving for early retirement?

    Early Retirement Extreme by Jacob Lund Fisker seems good.

    1. Yep. Women are not having children because of feminism. So clearly you need more feminism to solve the problem? But that’s the problem with feminist and women in general. They never take responsibility for the mess they create. The long-term solution would be to get women out of education and the workforce. Only then will they start having baby’s again. You would have a larger workforce within a generation. By pushing women into the workforce now they’ll get only a few more workers for a limited short time. But you are creating even larger problems for the future. It’s so clearly visible but it’s almost impossible to do anything about it. Women are the majority voters. They will vote for more and more feminism because it promises they’ll have it all. And more and more socialism because of free stuff. It only stops when the system crashes completely. Or when men find their pimphand again.

    2. This level of stupidity is unbelievable.

      Solution for low birth rates is to give women even more work responsibilities? These femmies have horribly skewed perception of a manager’s work life, apparently they think it mostly consists of resting your feet on a table and drinking whiskey.

    3. @Skepdick: For men management means long workdays and lots of bullshit. But women it’s often different. At the corp i worked at they created an extra management group between middle management and higher office. They basically were filling it up with women who had no practical function. But they were paying them six figures. Simply so the corp could say they had women in top positions. They could just as well pay these women to stay at home. I always had to work around them when i was working there in middle management. And it was very demotivating knowing the person above you gets twice the salary you get. While having the IQ of a peanut. And only making your work more difficult. She should have been there to solve problems for me in theory. But she would take 2 weeks to solve a problem that i could solve in 5 min myself. So she wasn’t just useless. She was only getting in the way. No wonder women want these management functions. They basically get six figures for drinking coffee.

  5. Is there a way to archive at least just less than a quarter of what Hugh Hefner had in girls in his life in your life without drastically changing who you are or what you look like with out spending too much money? In other words, without parting ways with resources the women never deserved but you owned by your hard work?

    For that, would you have to setup a shindig like that of Dan Bilzerian where girls come to appear on photoshoots paid or otherwise?

    My answer is simple. If all that is keeping you from fucking escorts is the legality or the fact that she like you just only for your money. Think about tit this way, you can travel to where it is legal. Moreover, about the part where she doesn’t like you, would your wife of a decade or so stay with you if you became bankrupt and embroiled in a civil lawsuit? Probably not. What happened to the part that she liked you? Well, not anymore. If you are scared to invite escorts to your house or If you have other issues well, fuck you.

    1. There are two cases:
      1) Guys who are attractive but who women are intimidated by. This means that she’ll be looking when you are not.
      2) Guys who are not attractive.
      Depending on the category you belong to, the approach differs.

    2. 1) Guys who are attractive but who women are intimidated by. This means that she’ll be looking when you are not.

      I was in this category for many years. Because I had a permanent “look at me, and i will kill you” scowl on my face.

      That’s why everyone should get good at having approachable body-language. If you go into a social venue with a super-big grin and you’re super-positive and have open body-language… and no women look at you… only THEN can you say you’re not attractive enough to get looked at.

      Guys who have this issue, that I had… don’t even know they have it. They believe they have just a “neutral face”. But you might actually have the male version of RBS (resting bitchface syndrome).

    1. She made a reaction video to MGTOW not to long ago. Her comment section is still filled with guys who are in the red pill rage stage. Thats also how she came aware of hypergamy. She’s one of those women who supports the men’s rights movement so she can extend her dating pool. Thats also why she has a youtube channel. She’s advertising herself. She’s just like those trad thots in the eyes of most MGTOW. She had her fun as a feminist when she was younger. But now she wants baby’s and need a man to pay her bills. And she has a huge list of requirements. So just your average Western woman. And basically exactly why men are dropping out of the dating pool. But also why men are leaving the MRM for MGTOW. As she’s not the only woman joining the MRM to extend her dating pool. And guys are not happy about that. Most guys within MGTOW started in pick up or MRM. Some of them left the MRM because it’s being flooded with women like her at the moment. These guys just don’t like to have women there who pretend to care.

    2. The reactions are not just about her. There has been some hostilities between some women within the MRM and guys from MGTOW. Most MGTOW use to see the MRM as an allied group. But there is not that much love between the two lately. As MGTOW just sees this as another female intrusion of male space. And blame these women for the deteriorating relationship between the MRM and MGTOW. As the men in the MRM are white knighting for these women. The MGTOW and MRM guys are now getting more hostile towards eachother. So brother turns against brother for the sake of women once again according to some MGTOW. More gynocentric bs in a movement that should be for men.

    1. I was not aware of her fate. Thanks for sharing. In terms of wall hitters, Jessica Simpson is a truly shocking case. She’s almost as bad as Taylor Swift who turned into a landwhale at an age at which the wall was still a few years off.

    2. Maybe Jessica Simpson can now play Jabba The Hutt in a new starwars movie? One thing is for sure. No one will jerk off at her shaking her ass and tits while washing a car anymore. Jesus fucking christ i pity her husband. Guys should have some legal protection in a prenup against their wife transforming like this. This dude could never have suspected it would turn out like this. He’s screwed.

    1. This is crazy. I am surprised nobody hit her back in retaliation, particularly since this happened in Russia.

    2. Thx i was looking for that article. It made the evening news here.

      They should give her the gender equality she’s asking for. What punishment would they give to a guy throwing possibly harmful chemicals on random women’s pussy’s in public transport? And with a political motive. A guy would probably go down for terrorism. I seriously hope she’ll be doing some jail time.

    3. @Aaron: (I am surprised nobody hit her back in retaliation)
      They were probably panicked about the fact that a unknown corrosive substance was thrown on their dick. Specially with the acid attacks lately. They were probably afraid of losing their junk. But yes, you would expect someone to bash her head and make her drink that shit. And now her name is made public, who knows. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a sob story about her being a victim of violence against women soon. I would make a example out of her and post it on the internet. I would definitely retaliate against that bitch if she did that to me. Fuck suing her. I would put her feet in concrete and shave her head or something like that. Maybe tattoo a dick on her forehead.

    4. It’s staged. You can see those guys having bleach on their groin but they just nonchalantly keep playing with their phone. 1/10 acting.

  6. I visited a international entertainment/tourism exposé today. Basically just a market were businesses from around the world show off their new tech and try to sell it to other businesses. Or try to attract new investors for their projects. Anyway the funniest stuff happened. I normally suit up for these things. But i’m having some back problems (nothing serious). And since i’m buying and not selling, who gives a fuck what i look like. So i dress casual today. I’m there discussing a possible business deal with a semi hot russian sales woman. When only 2 minutes into the talk this American dude who’s there as a employee for another business, is trying to interrupt the talk. Clearly trying to mateguard her. She reacts annoyed and informs him that i’m a client. Later he interrupted us again. Seriously pissing her off, screwing up a possible 60k business deal, while her boss is watching her. He walks off with his buddy signalling to his friend he’s about to score. LOL ehh no! Some guys are just hopeless.

  7. Hey Aaron, for some reason I’ve been browsing your old blog on blogpost and skimming through your minimal game book. Jsut curious but if you were to write the book today would you keep it the way it is or make many changes?


    Excerpt: Cern scientist Alessandro Strumia suspended after comments

    I hope you can click this link, but am sure you can read about it elsewhere.

    Shocking, how a professor showing some research that man are being discriminated in the field of physics, check the slide in the link ( .

    He gets castigated and thrown out of the CERN research.

    Yet female scientists are only concern with their anecdotal evidence of personal discrimination.

    Surprisingly, the BBC (very leftists media organisation) puts a link to the slides of the presentation.


    1. That’s completely crazy. From that article, I also learned that CERN is currently run by a woman. Well, the good thing about feminism is that it is a self-correcting problem. The issue, though, is that feminism may burn society completely to the ground and eventually usher in a new dark age that throws us back thousands of years.

    2. I recently saw this article in Nature magazine about gender differences for STEM-related educated here:

      From what I gather, the author argues that there aren’t really any innate inferiority of girls to excel in STEM studies (but there is of course, something nefarious preventing them from pursuing STEM later on…)

      What I wonder about the statistics showing that girls tend to, on average, excel in STEM in school…is how much of the evaluation is based on “group work” and “participation” and “good behavior”? Are the grades used to prove womyn are great in STEM based on real evaluations (e.g. a 100% sit-down exam)?

    3. There is a big difference between doing well in school and excelling at university. To make it in a highly quantitative field like physics, you better be in the 130+ IQ range. To get good grades in school, probably an IQ of around 100 is enough. Also, as you rightly hinted at, it is the case that girls get better grades. There is the phenomenon that female teachers give girls better grades than boys for the same performance in order to “encourage” them. Also, girls seem to find great joy in handing in neat homework, and for this they get a bonus, too. There are studies on those issues.

    4. @Aaron: (the good thing about feminism is that it is a self-correcting problem. The issue, though, is that feminism may burn society completely to the ground and eventually usher in a new dark age that throws us back thousands of years.)

      Yes. That’s exactly how this will end. Men simply won’t have much reasons to participate in and protect a feminist society. It makes men weak and women undesireable. It destroys both productivity and the birthrate. Dark age here we come. After the breakdown, all these so called civilised people will eat eachother.


      The next stage in destroying his career.

      A signed statement condemning him, his position under review, his sources being dismissed.

      A quote from the statement:

      “Strumia’s arguments are morally reprehensible,” it reads. “Belittling the ability and legitimacy of scientists of colour and white women scientists using such flimsy pretexts is disgraceful, and it reveals a deep contempt for more than half of humanity that clearly comes from some source other than scientific logic.”

      His thoughts:

      He told the BBC: “The data about citations and hirings show that women are not discriminated (against) in fundamental physics. We reward merit, irrespective of gender.”

      You would think women/feminists would be happy that this is happening and their work is done. Yet they want to hold the narrative as a neverending battle and continuing struggle.

  9. Mission to infiltrate Asia! Not exactly a fresh news piece, but this year 500+ Yemenis have sought asylum in Jeju Island, South Korea (after conveniently taking a direct flight from Malaysia). At the moment the South Korean government is trying to determine if they’re real or fake, so they’re not allowed to move to the mainland in the meantime.

    More info:

    1. That’s what we should have done in Europe 50 years ago. Shut it down immediately. I’m happy someone has learned from Europe’s mistakes. But sadly European women were holding up welkom signs. Screaming in anger at anyone who said anything about it. Opening their legs for these primitive invades. And complain later about their own white men not protecting them when things go south. Acting all surprised when her new alibaba boyfriend doesn’t share her believes about her being equal. And pimps her out to his mosque buddies after beating the shit out of her. Happy to see these Korean women still have some sense.

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