A Prime Example of Female Projection: Wearing Expensive Clothes

Some time ago my girlfriend mentioned a woman she had to interact with through work: she’s your typical young professional who wants to get ahead and willingly sacrifices her youth and fertility for that goal. What is remarkable about that woman is that she is rumored to rent expensive accessories, and probably clothes, too. Researching this issue, I learned that you can easily spend a few hundred Singaporean dollars to rent a luxury handbag for a week. Prices are so high that I can only shake my head because you could certainly buy a very decent handbag for the amount of money it costs to rent a luxury one.

Then I thought about clothes some more. I don’t think anyone would dispute that women, on average, spend a lot more on clothes than men. I have met more than a few women who wore clothes they could not really afford. Some spent all their disposable income on a dress or a pair of shoes they would wear just a few times. Others even go into debt to parade around designer clothes. Guys do not do that. If you can’t afford a designer suit, you wouldn’t go into debt to get one. You likely would not rent it either, with the possible exception of a tuxedo for the rare occasion. That is the one item I would rather rent than buy. That, and the gown you wear during your graduation ceremony.

Women do like guys who dress well. In particular, they like guys in suits because if you wear a suit, you are likely to have a job. Thus, your clothes very clearly signal your status and thus they make you attractive in the eyes of a woman who is looking for “beta bucks” to settle down with. Yet, do you as a guy care much about the clothes of a woman? Of course, you don’t want them to wear shabby or dirty clothes. If you’re only looking for a slut to fuck, you most likely look past her clothes as it’s more important that she has a hot body. However, not even the best clothes for women can make her more sexually attractive. This is different when it comes to a suit for a man. A washed-up John Travolta in Pulp Fiction looked pretty swell in an Armani suit. Yet, what would a washed-up chick have to wear to look more attractive? She’s fucked no matter what she wears or does not wear.

It is only due to projection that some women think they have to wear clothes that are outside of their budget. They want a guy who looks like a big spender, so, due to female solipsism, they think that guys want the same, too. What is worse, such women achieve the opposite of the desired effect. Any man with his head screwed on firmly realizes that a woman in expensive clothes, no matter if they are rented or bought, screams “high maintenance”, and why would you want to get involved with a woman like that? Guys normally also know the difference between assets and liabilities and therefore don’t spend their money frivolously, with the exception of $30,000 millionaires, which you see in places where there no ballers around. (On that note, a freshman in my college dorm drove an Audi R8. When people who are really loaded are around, it is a lot less likely to have some schmo pretend to be rich because they could easily find themselves in a very uncomfortable situation.)

You may think that surely there can’t be so many women out there who show that little insight when it comes to consumer spending. Yet, there are. For giggles, look up a company called “Rent the Runway” (https://www.renttherunway.com/). That company deliberately targets that kind of woman. As it seems you can make money off women’s poor financial decisions in creative ways. I thought that renting designer products is only profitable in a hyper-materialistic place like Singapore, but that is not the case. Western women may not have achieved much in science, sports, technology, literature, art, music, or economics, but when it comes to spending money frivolously, they can compete with the best in the world.

There is also the issue that there is no compensation for age for women. As a guy, if you’re fortunate enough, your situation in life improves as you get older. If you’re an old dude with big bucks, you’ll have some women show interest in you who would not have given you the time of day back in your teens. Yet, for a guy the main point in a relationship is having children, and the main point in a hook-up is blowing a load. For the former you need a young woman because you need a fertile one and for the latter, you also need a young woman because they younger they are, the hotter they are and some wrinkly chick with saggy skin just won’t give you an erection. Sure, some women were never attractive in their life so they are screwed anyway, but that’s a different story.

If women were a bit more rational, they would ask themselves what men want and act accordingly. It would be a great start if, instead of blowing thousands on renting dresses and handbags they would save up that money because for any guy who is looking to settle down, dating a woman who has no or only minimal debt is attractive. That wouldn’t seal the deal if the woman was not attractive enough, though. On the other hand, student debt or consumer debt should make any rational male end a relationship, no matter how hot she is. Ask her for proof of her credit score and tell her to show her your bank accounts, and if it looks bad, kick her out, because there is no point in spending a few years to pay off the debt of some random chick when you could find a debt-free woman instead and put that money to better use.

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