Yup, A lot of Women Look Like Men

What most guys find unbelievable, when you tell them, is that women look a lot more like men that it might seem. In particular, this is true for the face. All you have to do is subtract makeup. If you took 100 women, shaved their head, and removed their make-up, I bet that at least one-third of them would be mistaken as men. Now you may wonder how I came up with such a thought experiment. There are three observations: First, little girls and boys are dressed like boys and girls because it’s not yet obvious what their sex is. Second, you can easily find Asian men with rather feminine features. Think of Thai ladyboys, as an extreme outlier. Third, there is LinkedIn.

While on Facebook and Instagram, women want to gather an army of followers to milk them for attention if not money, LinkedIn has a different purpose. It is certainly true that there are women who use LinkedIn like Facebook, such as ditzes working in recruiting who post memes and write like retarded teenagers. Yet, there are also plenty of professionals who are told they need to be on LinkedIn for networking. Thus, it seems that the average attractiveness of women on LinkedIn is quite low. It’s simply closer to the societal average.

What I have noticed, particularly among older women who wear their hair short, is that you sometimes have to do a double take. You wonder if you are looking at the face of a man or a woman. With small preview pictures this becomes even more obvious as the effect of makeup, which would be more pronounced on larger pictures, is greatly diminished. If you looked more critically at the women in your environment, you could likewise make the observation that femininity is largely an illusion, not even taking cosmetic surgery into account: long hair, lipstick, lip plumpers (with mandatory duck face!), makeup, eye drops to make their pupils look larger, and bizarre mannerisms like walking around with their eyes unnaturally wide open in order to appear more attractive. Yet, take all of that away, and you’d look at a face that’s a lot more masculine than you’d like.

On that note, there is a reason why I think many Asian women are more attractive than Western women. It’s simply that their default appearance is more feminine. Their men often look less masculine than their Western counterparts. Consequently, due to the similarity between the sexes, their women tend to look more feminine. So, they too look similar to their men, but because their men look more feminine, this is not immediately obvious to the Western eye.

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5 thoughts on “Yup, A lot of Women Look Like Men

  1. Note to forget, that a lot of men look and act like women. I talked with my uncle who’s a doctor (I mentioned him in a comment on your blog about obesity increases on women) and he told me about the decreasing of testosterone among young men – and no one cares. I just did a quick search and found an article from 2007 linked on a few health pages: https://www.healio.com/endocrinology/hormone-therapy/news/print/endocrine-today/%7Bac23497d-f1ed-4278-bbd2-92bb1e552e3a%7D/generational-decline-in-testosterone-levels-observed
    I don’t think anything has changed in the last 11 yrs, testosterone is still declining. That’s why most young men are obese, suck at sports, like their smartphone, are overly emotional and it’s a challenge to motivate them.

    1. Actually the arrow of causality most likely goes into the opposite direction: testosterone levels decline because of a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition habits. Obesity decreases performance in most athletic activities. Increasing use of smartphones leads to issues other than declining testosterone, most notably widespread myopia.

      Another contributing factor could be the shift from an agricultural society towards a service economy, which does not suit men as well as women.

      Ironically, male (and human) well-being seems to decline due to the accomplishments of our society.

    2. NOTE THAT PLASTIC can have estrogen mimic hormones . body react to it like estrogen and you get it from all kinds of chemicals that are present around you. it is not only plastic just example.
      it is a major cause for female body maturing too early(make up have this)
      and it can play a major role in this.

  2. Yah, this is why I’ve always only been attracted to super feminine-petite chicks.

    My entire life guys have looked at me weird when i’d comment I’m not into a chick because she has “a male jaw” or “male fingers” or “male shoulders” etc…

    Heck, fingers are probably one of the first things I look at in a chick. That’s one of the best markers of femininity.

    i wanted to say PETITE girls are the best
    i like east european petite girls the most.
    but i am biased in that direction by birth.

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