Married Men and Sterilized Dogs

Feminists, Tradcucks, and anybody else who has a vested interest in financially exploiting men harps on the supposed fact that married men make more money. That is of course a confusion of cause and consequence. It is not that marriage magically puts money in the pocket of men. Instead, you have to make money in order to become “marriage material” as only financially more successful men get to marry. This trend has been amplified in recent years. These days, it seems that only the financially well-off even think of marriage.

Similarly, it is easy to see why married men are healthier and live longer. It’s not the case that marriage somehow boosts their health. Instead, on average, men who get to marry tend to be healthier. Health correlates positively with aspects such as educational attainment, income, and intelligence, so it is easy to see why men in poor health would be less interesting marriage prospects.

The reason I am writing this post is that I have come across a phrase similar to, “married men live longer just as sterilized dogs who are kept indoors live longer.” Turd-Flinging Monkey has stated this repeatedly. I think Terrence Popp and Aaron Clarey have, too. The claim is that such a dog lives a safe and secure life, yet it doesn’t really “live” as it is kept from all danger. On the other hand, a stray dog would be able to live life to the fullest, with all its excitements and dangers. That kind of romanticism seems frequent in MGTOW circles. Yet, that allegory is off, for the reason I outlined above. Simply, among the unmarried men, those with serious health issues are more frequent. Also, it’s a bizarre analogy on another level: a stray dog has to fight for its survival. I don’t think they much appreciate their existence and would gladly trade it for a life as someone’s pet. If you’ve ever encountered a disheveled stray animal, you probably agree.

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13 thoughts on “Married Men and Sterilized Dogs

  1. For the life of me,I can no longer remember the exact wording but I once saw an image on someone’s facebook wall that said something to the effect of”The life of a struggling free man/warrior is better than that of even the most well-treated/pampered slave.”

    I don’t really have a conclusive opinion about that,though.

    Anyway yeah,people tend to mistake correlation for causation.

      “MEN ARE SHIT” “GIRLZ ROLZ ” and some other crap.

  2. Also, to add to this… How much you make is a completely weird non-measurement that means nothing in terms of happiness.

    It’s like Warren Farrel points out about the wage gap… There isn’t a wage gap… there’s an EARNINGS gap.

    In terms of how much a man makes, what matters is how much HE GETS FOR HIMSELF. How much you make is just how much money you have GENERATED… it doesn’t automatically mean you get to enjoy it.

    If a married man makes more money because his wife nags for shit and she gets to spend it, that’s worse than a single guy “making less” but getting to spend all of it on what he enjoys.

  3. Turd flinging monkey made a great video on this. It’s called “be a man sacrifice yourself”. It’s one of his best videos. It’s a response to a prager u video called “be a man get married” from Brad Wilcocks. He shoots these tradcon points down one by one. It cased a bit of a uproar back in the day. Brad Wilcocks even responded with an article on MGTOW. It was hilarious.

    1. Tradcons are big on telling men to take responsibility. To work hard and to be a valuable member of society. And to be the protector and provider for your wife and children. And they want men to get married. I can respect that. But the problem isn’t so much with men. It’s these women, the anti male family courts and feminism. And instead of calling these trad thots out on their bullshit. like living the feminist lifestyle until 32 and magically rediscover jesus when the clock starts to tic. Not only riding the carousel but hitting the hole themepark before looking for their white wedding dress. They simply ignore that bullshit. And instead focus almost exclusively on men. Trying to shame them. And now trying to tempt them with the promise of money. And TFM shot this one down perfectly. There is no benefit for men in marriage. Specially not a financial benefit. Most resources are going to the wife and kids. That’s why commercials don’t focus on married men. They have almost no disposable income.

    2. I think you are throwing the baby out with the bath water when you don’t support sexual freedom for men and women and support traditionalist ideals on marriage in the process of reducing feminism to shit. What you are advocating doesn’t make sense just like what Prager U says. A better solution is to advocate for out of wedlock childbearing tax breaks and new laws.

    3. Don: There is a huge difference between what i believe is best for society. And what is best for men in our current system. Out of wedlock childbearing tax breaks wouldn’t work. It’s just another form of welfare. Single mothers are doing a horrible job. By subsiding them you get more societal problems. And they still will not really help increase the birthrate. The problem is with female education, feminism and anti male laws. Even a country like Iran has trouble with it’s birthrate. The main problem is female education. If you educate women and push them into the workforce. Your society will die. The Western world is even worse because not only do we educate women. We have a system were men have little to gain by playing house. Nor by participation in society as a hole. Because their resources are redistributed to women through their taxes anyway without any reward. If men have no interest in maintaining and protecting a society. That society will die.

    4. What is the actual solution you are suggesting besides not educating women and making them marry too soon? As far as I can read, that’s what you are suggesting.

      Personally I have no problem with sluts. As long as I am into ONS and FWB. I personally don’t want children or maybe just one at max. Definitely not marriage.

    5. @Don: I don’t want marriage and children. But there’s a difference between what works for me personally. And what would work for society. If Western society wants to survive. It needs to go back to what made it successful in the first place. The moment you start female education. The birthrate will plummet and society slowly dies. Combine that with a welfare state and open borders. The feminisation of the native men. And the sexualisation of the native women. And your country will parish within a generation or two. This free for all gangbang won’t last forever. So either Western men take their power back and restore traditional values and fight out other cultures. Or more dominant men from other cultures will become the majority. They’ll take over society, kill all Western men and take the women by force. Either way feminism won’t last. Women will either submit to their own men. Or to foreign conquers. This feminist madness is not sustainable.

    6. @Don: War is inevitable at this point. So either you leave. Or one day you’ll have to fight. You can fuck around for the moment in the Western world. But sooner or later people are going to fight. And the party will be over anyway. I was planning to keep my home in the Netherlands and rent it out. But with the speed things are escalating now. I’m just going to sell now while i still can get a good price for it. I’m moving everything to Asia. Money, stockes, gold, everything go’s to Asia. I’m not going to wait any longer. It might fall apart tomorrow or in 10 years. But it will happen. And when it does, it’s going to be ugly.

  4. Most single men don’t need six figures to live the lifestyle they want. They are content with a small place of their own, The ability to support a hobby. And some money to pay for a vacation from time to time. And this failed Prager U attempt to sell marriage to men is just stupid. Like men would be tempted by the idea of being a disposable utility. A walking ATM for the wife. So that she can spend it all on shit you would never buy yourself. Not really tempted to work 400 extra hours so that she can spend it. Cheat on me because i’m never around. And then divorce me so she can cash in. And when she does that these tradcons wouldn’t say a word. At best they blame me for having chosen the rong woman.

  5. The pet dog surely isn’t a great comparison with married men. As pet dog’s are provided for. And married men have to provide for everyone else. If anything married men are more like workhorses. They do receive care, but only for as long they are useful to the owner. And he has to work every day. He isn’t treated like a substitute child like most pets are in the West. If a workhorse isn’t able to do his job. He go’s to the slaughter and will be replaced with the next workhorse. That sounds more like the reality of married men in the Western world. As women only seem to care about their usefulness. And will slaughter them in divorce when they are not living up to their expectations. Only to make room for the next fool. Maybe the horse dragging the cart with tourists around in central park New York. With the blinders on and who shits in a bucket. Dragging people around for their amusement. That’s how i felt most days when i was married. I was dragging other people’s weight around so that they could be amused.

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