Carefree Young Girls and Bitter Old Hags

I recently played through a visual novel that featured a bunch of cute waifus. I never got into fapping to drawings, but I get the appeal. Anyway, one part of the story consisted of three girls competing over some guy. Yes, that guy is represented by the horny men playing through the game. These girls pretend to really like each other, but they relentlessly bitch about their competition behind their back. In that regard, it seemed quite realistic. One of the characters describes her “bestie” as a “really carefree young girl.” This isn’t a remarkable statement in context, but then I thought about this some more, and made an interesting realization: There are no carefree older women. If that is too strong a statement for you, then you probably agree that the number of carefree old hags is negligible compared to the number of carefree young women.

I am not saying that all young women live carefree lives, but chances are that they do. This also applies to those who may not have overly doting parents. Instead, they extrapolate their present situation to the future and think that they will always have Chad and Tyrone coming over to fuck them, and Billy Beta sending her fifty bucks so that she replies to his messages on Tinder once. To them, life is great and always will be great because they perceive their life in the present to be great. Of course, that is based on a misconception because they have planted the seeds of their future unhappiness by living recklessly in the present. This is aptly, and stupidly, summarized in the term “yolo”, you only live once.

Indeed, the carefree attitude of many young girls is not because they have nothing to worry about but because they choose to not worry about serious issues such as their choice of sexual partners or their career. Instead, they rush headlong into things, not expecting any negative repercussions at all. I have always enjoyed hooking up with bubbly teenage girls. I think it’s similar to the experience you have when playing with a well-domesticated cat as you are interacting with a creature that just lives in the moment. This can be quite infectious.

Eventually, young carefree women grow older. However, they do not grow into carefree old hags. Instead, they turn bitter when they realize that Chad no longer wants her for a booty call, that the working world isn’t just all fun and games — a fate of many diversity hires is that they struggle with feeling useless –, and that her life is not getting any better. Instead, it is gradually getting worse. Thus, you know that whenever an older woman pretends to be all easy-going and carefree, you know it’s nothing but an act she puts on. After all, at her age she has to face the consequences of her “yolo” attitude.

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5 thoughts on “Carefree Young Girls and Bitter Old Hags

  1. Talking about useless diversity hires:
    The only problem is to convince yourself that the job you’re doing isn’t pointless. If you realize that your life is leading nowhere, your educamation is just a load of bullshit and your “career” isn’t a career at all but just a job creation scheme, you might become bitter, hateful and depressed. But don’t you worry, I’ll be there and with a smile on my face I’ll tell you that I told you so.

    1. That’s one of the pro’s of being a single man with savings. I would simply tell them to go fuck themselves. Job be damned. Being nagged by some black bitch wasn’t in the contract. So go fuck yourself. If they fire me, i’ll take them to court for violating my contract. After i talked on fox news. Bet they like a story like that. Only a guy with no financial choice or without balls excepts shit like that.

  2. I had no idea you play visual novels too,Aaron. Out of curiosity,was it a story-heavy novel(i.e Steins;Gate,Fate/Stay Night,G-senjou no maou,etc.)or just a generic dating sim? (You did say that what you described is just one part of the story and not the focus)

    1. It was Doki Doki Literature Club, which you are probably familiar with. My experience with visual novels is quite limited, though.

  3. I don’t know, my boys have a lot of stories where we fucked 40 something women with husbands and so on… Some women can still be care free in their forties and get 20 year old chad dick and have a secure husband at the same time. But past 50 it’s over in 99% of all cases…

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