The 6 ft Thot Standard

Some time ago one of the readers of this blog posted a link to a video with the title “The 6 ft Thot Standard”, which is embedded further below. Feel free to watch it, but doing so is not necessary for this post if you’re pressed for time. That video is a cynical commentary on a dating experiment in which some “woke” media organization put a reasonably attractive single woman inside a circle of single guys. The twist of that video was that even though the people were physically in the same room, they used a group chat app. First that woman posed a question or a demand. Afterwards, the guys got to respond. It was a twenty-guys-versus-one-woman situation. One or two guys walked away in the beginning because they did not find that woman attractive, to the bewilderment of the female in the room. According to the men, this could have been an 18 or 19 guys vs 1 female bukkake situation. Yet, that is not how things turned out. Go watch the video, if this piqued your interest:

The outcome of that experiment was that the woman ended up alone. All the guys bowed out. As the viewer, you almost get the impression that she’s pulling more demands out of her hat just to narrow down the pool of guys, instead of picking one of the available ones. Sure, if you hunt for a unicorn, you are going to stay single. It was also noteworthy that she seemed to care little about what the guys wanted. It was all just about her. The deal-breaker was height. She insisted on a guy being at least 6 ft tall, which means that she excluded a good 90% of guys based on that criterion.

That was the video. Now let’s talk about reality. In my view, that video is a powerful allegory of real-world dating. Women are the center of attention and have plenty of guys vying for them. In their delusion, however, they pile on demands. No, just having a stable job isn’t enough. It has to be a six-figure income. She may be a bit on the chubby side, which she euphemistically describes as “curvy”, yet the billionaire of her dreams needs to be buff. She may not be particularly tall for a woman, but her Prince Charming of course needs to be very tall for a man. If you listen to women, you could be forgiven for believing that all men are at least 6 ft. tall and being 6 ft. 3 in. tall is kind of average, when the latter is comfortably in the top 2 % in terms of height. Speaking of height, it is almost absurd how skewed perceptions are. I’m 6 ft. 3 in. tall and I am used to being the tallest guy in the room, even if there are hundreds of people in the room. I sometimes meet guys who are about my height. I almost never meet anyone who is taller than me.

With money, it’s the same. A few percent make six figures in the US. However, women having absurd demands is not an US-exclusive phenomenon. For instance, only a few percent of employees in Germany make more than 5,000 Euros a month, and many of those tend to be quite a bit older and well-established in their careers. Yet, you have women who stock shelves part-time who think that any guy they’re seriously dating would have to bring in five or six grand a month. It’s ludicrous. Status is also an issue. There are some guys who make a fair amount of money, but they work in jobs that may not enjoy a particularly high status. A prime example are tradesmen making good money. Similarly, there is a fair number of jobs in the manufacturing industry that are extremely well-paid, yet the guys that hold them lack one thing your modern woman insists on as well: having an “edumacation”.

“Edumacation” is another issue that ensures that the number of available men your average woman could date is a lot lower than it otherwise would be. She was told that “any degree is a good degree”, so she wasted years of her life and wrecked her credit score by studying Social Media Communications at Moron U. I’m barely exaggerating. I once bumped into a chick in Berlin who told me she studied Public Relations at some private university with a shoddy reputation to the tune of 20,000 Euros a year. She had finished her degree and was working as an intern for 400 Euros a month and only got by because her parents financially supported her. If you point out the math to them, you’ll be branded a misogynist, I suppose. Of course, any guy she’s seriously date would have to “drive at least a nice Mercedes.”

You would think that once looks, money, and status are reasonably well taken care off, you’d have a shot at your typical Western women. Yet, they then pull out even more demands. She may not want to have kids, and you have to be fine with her wanting to have an “open relationship”. She may insist that you change your eating habits. Oh man, that one is quite something1 If you’re a soyboy, you can bet your nuts that your whale of a girlfriend will force her eating habits onto you. She’ll tell you, not ask, to become a vegetarian, because that’s “good for her health”. Meanwhile, she stuffs her face with sweets between salads.

If men were as picky as your stereotypical Western woman is, we would have even more men joining the “marriage strike”. Japan has been experimenting on that front. Their women just kept piling on demands and now something like a third to one half of their young men don’t want to have anything to do with women at all. Funny how that works. For context, you have to know that Japanese women have a reputation for being total ball-busters. They prefer sitting at home and spending their husbands money, who is working towards death at the workplace (karoshi). The reward for his hard labor is pocket money from his wife. Yes, you read that right. They bring home a fat paycheck. Their wives claim it, take the money, and give a small fraction to their husband to spend. There is an interesting parallel to the West because once those women realized that men are checking out, they started calling them “herbivores” and other expletives. All this shaming just made men say, “fuck this”, and then they went their own way. This has become a self-reinforcing dynamic.

In the West, we see a similar pattern being carried out. The standards of women are getting absurdly high. They also don’t realize that their “confidence” and “success” is commonly the result of affirmative action and diversity policies. Now that they are doing so well, the men of course need to step up their game. Men realize that dating “in the current year” is a shit show, so they go their own way. You would think that women would wise up and try to become more attractive so that the dwindling numbers of men who want to commit may pick them. Instead, we now have shaming campaigns in the mass media. That is one way to bring down a society. Your entitled “thot” rejecting 20 men in a social experiment does this on an individual level. On a societal level, a large number of her sisters do the same.

A sliver of hope for men is that they don’t just sit in a circle around one woman. They go after many women and they may even find some that aren’t quite as toxic as your stereotypical poster girl for feminism and female empowerment is. Yet, women may very well reject every single man that comes up to them, for decades. Sure, Chad and Tyrone may double-team her, but they won’t commit to her. Meanwhile, all the guys who would take her get told that they are not open-minded enough (she’s a closed-minded hypocrite who doesn’t recognize a logical argument even if you spell it out for her), not successful enough at their job (she got into Harvard, followed by a cushy job at Google thanks to diversity policies), not buff enough (she is a bit chubby), and their face isn’t chiseled enough (she’s rather homely-looking). The men leave the circle they were sitting in, and either go their own way, following their interests or look for a more pleasant woman. In the end, those women are left behind, wondering not only where all the good men have gone, but where all the men have gone. Surely, finding 20 guys who would want to consider dating your typical unattractive woman in her 30s will be quite a challenge. I would love seeing a video about that.

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26 thoughts on “The 6 ft Thot Standard

  1. Good post to lament how I’m still a virgin at 29 yo while being 6 ft tall in a country chock full of short guys.

    Well, baby steps and all that…

  2. When does this shit stop?

    I deleted my account on an online dating site, because it was such a waste of time! The formula for women goes like this: single -> go on a dating site -> objective there is a huge amount of guys -> rather than asking “who could fit?” they ask “Is there something, so I can separate him quickly?” -> at the end: they’re still single, but lost time.

    The reason why I created that account was, i work 40-50 hours per week, I’m most of the time mentally bound to my job and can’t switch to be “funny” or “entertainer who makes women Laughing”. Recent i turned 30, fucked enough the last 12 yrs or so and want now something more serious. The fact that I was born good looking (btw. for me as I’m getting older, life does not go by without tracks: i have to take care of myself as well) got me a lot of contacts, I got numbers, called them,…even had a few dates but realized these women are fucking single for a reason! They carry so much wheight (mentally, sometimes physically) and they have extremely high demands.

    I don’t know what I should do. Fun fact: making career is easier, because your path is based on logic and as you spent time at college/work, there are doors that open.
    My parents are now married for almost 40 yrs. The reason why, they had no demands at all. They just got together, spent their ideas and visions and stayed till today. I would like the same (fucking new girls is fun, but exhausting as you have to make them feel comfortable every time). Is it feminism that has fucked up women and their demands? I don’t know.

    1. It’s a combination of feminism and their natural hypergamy. Whenever there’s a Western pushed program in the third world to counter overpopulation. The nr1 priority is always to educate and empower women. This will make the birthrate plummet. You can see the same happening in Japan and South Korea. Feminism is a death sentence for any civilisation that adopts it. First you’ll see a economic boom. But after one generation the civilisation starts to die a slow death. Marriage and childbirth go down every generation after that.

    2. Where are you located? Maybe you can move to a country without feminism? You could import but that mostly end’s in disaster. Most non Western women adopt fast to the Western women’s ways. And they still have hypergamy. Plus they get the jackpot when they file for divorce. But statistically speaking you’ll have a better chance of a lifelong marriage when you marry a random bangkok streethooker, than a middle class Western woman. (would not recommend either)

    3. @Daniel
      I’m in the exact same situation as you. My parents keep telling me, in an accusatory voice, that things were easier when they were young and that people didn’t have as many expectations then. No shit!
      Somehow expecting a woman to be slim and kind is seen as having high expectations nowadays.

      About the 5000 euros/month salary in Europe: do you mean before or after tax?

      In general: I wonder if these super picky women are mostly found in big cities. I get the feeling that settling down is easier is small towns. Another good strategy would be to join a religion, although this might be too tall an order for a rational person.

    4. Receiving just 5k EUR/month seems too low for me. I know that salaries are low in Europe. But is it that low? Where did you got that number from?

    5. Yah, people over underestimate how little it takes to be in the top 10, because they confuse the top 10% with the top 0.1%. It’s the same in terms of building up your physique or anything else.

      Those discussions we had before about minmaxing were quite cool. Most guys try get into top 0.01% in a single thing… when it’s so much easier to achieve top 10% in sveral things.

    6. I actually found English sources for that later. I do believe that those numbers are correct. Of course, I have no personal experience working in the EU but that seems just about right. I do know some people that live in the EU countries that are very rich but they are not the common.

      Just goes to show how stupid the French economist Piketty is because there are no dynasties of wealth even among the .01%.

  3. these crazy standards especially in japan, is why birth rates are falling to crazy lows and in 75-100 yrs, unless there is a complete overhaul to where people are being financially rewarded for having more kids, japan is gonna see its population cut in half. The lowered bitrth rate in the us is gonna lead to more immigration to replace the workers who arent being replaced by reproduction

  4. She’s 26.
    She doesn’t want kids for 7 years.
    She will be 33 when she has her first kid.
    When that kid is 12, just hitting high school, she will be 45.
    Lets say she wants a second kid at 35.
    When that kid is 15, she will be a 50-year-old woman.
    A 50-year-old woman, trying to wrangle a teenage son or daughter.

    If she wants to be a mother, she should *already* have had her first kid.
    At 23, 24 or so.
    She should *already* be in a stable marriage, with a decent guy.
    It’s too late. She has left it too long. She doesn’t have time.

  5. Here is the real-life version of that in NYC:


    This lady matched with as many dudes as possible on Tinder, invited them to the same place, and had them compete for her as she nonchalantly dismissed those who did not meet her standards.

    Here is some text from the article:

    ” ‘If you’re Puerto Rican and support Trump leave!’ ‘If you have a long beard leave.’ Then she did a competition.”

    A video shows a group of men lined up for a race. “

    1. Shawn: WTF? What man would do that to himself? Ironically she’s unlikely to have any respect for the guys that stayed. Not that she has any respect for men to begin with. I would probably make security work for their money. Make it a new game. How many white knights will bite the dust before i do. No fucking way it would be a fun experience for her. There were plenty guys to overwhelm security. Make that bitch do a walk of shame like in game of thrones. Shave her head and parade her naked in the streets. Shame! shame! shame! That’s what bitches like this deserve. But i bet she didn’t invited any MMA fighters on that date. She would probably have selected the more beta guys to begin with. What a fucking bitch. And what a fucking losers who stayed to play her games. I wouldn’t fuck that bitch even if she payed me.

    2. Ben,

      Thing is, can you really blame a bitch for toying with guys that make it so easy? Can you blame bullies for picking on cowards or people for taking advantage of the gullible? I think the guys that had no spines and complied with her humiliating demands are equally if not more responsible. And what’s funny is if someone starts to pick apart the woman and finally put her in her place, only then do these men suddenly spur to action. Talk about lobotomized sacrificial lambs.

    3. @Shawn: You’re right. The beta cuck enablers are the real problem in Western society. This go’s for both male feminist and trad cucks. They are the real reason society is going to shit. Nevertheless these bitches need to learn some respect. Both male and female bitches. I don’t care much about these beta cucks letting themselves being humiliated. But other bitches are going to copy this shit. The most ironic part is that she would probably never fuck any of these guys. Doesn’t matter how many of these tests they pass. They are basically competing for the friendzone position. She gets wet by humiliating them. She gets wet by all the attention. But not wet for them. She probably fucked one of the security guards later that day.

    4. @Shawn: As i suspected she didn’t even hook up with the “winner”. She was just taking a piss on these guys for some marketing stunt or something. She probably created some new mgtow in the process. As the guy reporting on this. And maybe some others are not likely to go on a date anytime soon. What a fucking bitch. The beta cucks got what they deserved. Very fucked up for some of the guys who had the selfrespect to walk away. And people wonder why guys go mgtow. I wished this mentality was the exception. Sadly it isn’t. And it only seems to get worse.

    5. Yikes, I don’t think she’s a “thot”, at best a “butter face” (the article you linked had an updated instagram profile of her here: https://www.instagram.com/natashavaponte/

      The way there are thirsty betas and dudes, I wonder if the proverbial “Wall” has extended past 29 for women. Then again, I hear of blog posts where women lament being 29 and such:


      Some blogger woman has a site called “twentynineandterrified.com”. So what happens when she turns 30+, does she change the name of her site?

  6. I am surprised that there are no South African MGTOW guys around. It is sad as someone who is currently going back to South Africa after graduating with an honours degree in Mechatronics Engineering, that the market here is Australia is so bad and there is an over abundance of 3rd worlders coming in and getting paid below par(from India and China mainly) infiltrating our jobs. I want to point something out:

    Some men think country’s like S.A, as there is nothing significantly said about them in the MGTOW communities, is better in terms of dating; it is even worse off. I would take a woman in Australia and other “first world” countries to an S.A. woman any day. South African women would flirt with you even having no interest in you, and are spoiled by the dime and even MORE picky. They are daddy’s girls and extremely spoiled. And they also deny their sexual drives and have this “miss perfect” attitudes.

    1. I think South African whites have bigger problems at this point. Like waging war against the government. Or getting the fuck out. And blacks should stock up and hide food. Because there won’t be anything to eat after the white farmers are gone. And after the blacks are done with the whites. They’ll turn on eachother. They always do. So the hole spoiled princes thing will solve itself. When they are being raped on a daily basis and have nothing to eat. They’ll clamp on to the men who can feed and protect them. Or they marry foreigners if possible to get the fuck out. Why even think about dating in south Africa. They should be preparing for battle. Why would anyone willingly go back to South Africa? You should have studied military tactics or something medical. Because blood will flow like a river in South Africa. South Africa is doomed. Seriously why would you go back? I wouldn’t go there for any price.

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