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Open Thread 2018 (#11)

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48 thoughts on “Open Thread 2018 (#11)

  1. Which country should you live long-term in order to have the best legal access to European and or Asian escorts? Lets assume price is no option.

    1. Don: Technically prostitution is still illegal in Thailand. But those laws are not really enforced. Unless it’s with underage girls or forced prostitution nobody cares. And you’re never to old to go out in Thailand. My dad is 65 and still go’s out almost every night in Thailand. I don’t think there are much better places to live as a single man. Thailand is like disneyland for grown men. If you want women, go to Thailand. Just go there on holiday and see for yourself. You won’t regret it.

      What made you think you’re to old?

    2. Don: That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Just takes some adjustments in the way you present yourself. I’m 36 and i’m still having the girls in their early twenties. I personally like my thirties better than my twenties. It seems to be more easy to pull the girls. Just a bit different. Have to say that i’m only going for women from Eastern Europe and Asia. They have a higher tolerance for age difference. They will look for more established guys. If you dress well and behave a bit more mature without getting boring, it shouldn’t be a problem.

    3. Don: I really have no idea how old you are. But one example about change for me would be the way i party. In my early twenties i would just go to the club with the bro’s and see what the night would bring. I would dress more casual. Nowadays i mostly go with only one or max two good male friends and minimal the double amount of younger girls. And i make reservations with the club. I don’t have to wait in line. I walk straight to the doorman and the manager will greet me with a handshake and show us our tables. I dress much sharper. I have a staffmember standing close at all times to tend my needs. This entrance alone will drawn the attention of almost all the girls. I spend more money in one night. But i visit less often anyway. So i basically spend the same amount of money for one great experience. Rather than waste it on 6 bad ones. And now the girls will try to join our group. Instead of me chasing after them. I don’t act like a visitor. I act like i own the club. I order a bottle instead of a glass etc.

    4. But it seems like I prefer to pay directly than to pay indirectly. That is why I asked this question. I am not that old. But I am seen as older guy by girls. Even though more girls like me now than before (like you said) my standards have also increased. Thus I prefer less effort to get more effect.

    5. I’ve had a couple of FWB but they aren’t up to my standards now. I want better for less effort.

    6. Don: Escorts and sugarbaby’s it is. Just pay them. Either you pay directly or indirectly. It doesn’t really matter that much to me. In the Netherlands i mostly pay directly. In Eastern europe and Asia mostly indirectly. Whatever works best for you.

    7. Don: If you have money to burn. Maybe you can check out St. Moritz G-Club or The Pimp in Bangkok. Both are gentleman’s clubs in Thai fashion but a bit different from one and other. The Pimp is owned by a Western guy and a bit cheaper. Hot girls and great fun. Technically the girls are not for sale, but that’s just officially. If you ask the mamasan she can hook you up. St. Moritz is where the Thai single male superstars party. You’ll never see so many extremely beautiful Asian girls in on spot. It’s heavenly! Very luxurious. Again girls not officially for sale. (officially) If you are interested in a formula for a club this might be interesting concepts. A night at The Pimp will set you back between 125-500 Euro. St. Moritz between 300-1000 Euro. Great experience if you like Asian girls and have some money to burn. And interesting for research if you’re looking for a formula for a club. Both have interesting membership and pricing systems. It might be a winning model for the Western world in the future.

    8. Don: You can organise a much better and more affordable party in Thailand. But if you are looking for a experience, or are seriously interested in starting up your own g club. You should check them out. Again heavenly! Girls with superstars looks wearing almost nothing as far as the eye can see.

    1. Good thing they recognise the problem. This plan will never work however. Just costs lots of money and screws up the daycare. I don’t expect any positive long-term results. Don’t know what daycare cost in Denmark. In my country that would cost about 1000 euro a month per child, maybe more. I expect denmark to be somewhat the same. It’s probably going to end with waiting lists and high costs for their own people. One the flipside it might cause their own women to leave their jobs and stay home. So the end result might be somewhat positive.

  2. What are your opinions on the phrase “Like Father, like Son”? Is it true that sons will be like their fathers? For instance, if a father is a player of women or intellectual with a genius IQ what are the chances that his sons be the same?

    I ask this because I feel an urge to have a child or two. However, I have no urge to have a daughter. I feel as if I can teach a son a lot of things. Things like, how to be a millionaire in your twenties that nobody else can teach them. But in the midst of that urge I understand that it is a dilution to think my son (if ever) will also be able to do what I did.

    I think I will be better served by writing about what I am good at than having a child of my own. Any opinions?

    By the way, any opinions on having your own children are all welcome.

    1. But you challenged me in the topic “The Bar Women Have to Meet is so Pathetically Low, Yet so Impossibly High” when I talked about the reproductive urge in men…

      Cheeky, or trolling?

    2. Don: Do you really have a longing for children? Or do you want to give a deeper meaning to your life? Leave something behind. Because there are other ways to do that. Having a child alone is not optimal to say the least. Maybe a agreement with a woman outside the Western world would be a option. Negotiate the terms in detail upfront. And basically pay for the role you want her to have. So that the child can have better prospects. You could also have a relationship with a woman who accepts that you keep others on the side. Some parts of Asia this is a acceptable relationship model. You keep one wife and mother for the children. And some younger girlfriends for your other needs. In Thai culture it’s acceptable to have a mistress or two. As long as you take good care of the first wife and children. But that would depend on the individual woman. It’s all negotiable. I’ve had a Thai girlfriend who had no problem if i slept around. As long as i kept my financial obligations. And she was willing to have baby’s.

    3. Don: Maybe you can create something. Maybe a business or a private club like you mentioned earlier. Something unique that can be held to the highest standards of excellence. Instead of leaving a legacy with a child, a legacy of vision.

    4. Manuel S: The urge to reproduce is instinctive. Yet more and more Western men are resisting these urges. Shows how deep the problem go’s. When men are walking away from women in great numbers. I think it’s save to say we have a serious and unnatural problem in the West. And most of us are trying to figure it out as we go. There’s a huge difference between what works for the individual man and society right now. And when men lose the will to support society on a large scale. And are only interested in their own selfish needs. Society will crumble. The urge to reproduce is very strong. but so is the will to survive. Getting married and starting a family in the Western world has become almost suicidal. What instinct will be stronger, reproductive or survival? Depends on the man. I’m not willing to take any risks for the chance to reproduce with the average low quality woman. In today’s hostile climate, she must basically be a living goddess fallen down from heaven before i’m willing to risk it.

    5. Don. This might come as impact news to you, but men don’t get the female equivalent of baby rabies. When I speak about reproductive urge, it’s that’s desire to leave the world with a living, breathing legacy, and raise it until it’s self-sufficient. Duh.

    6. Ben, I still believe Latin America is kind of a mish-mash, for the good and the bad:

      We’re technically part of “the West”, but we’re poorer by Western standards.

      We have a tendency to absorb like a tampon whatever tendency comes out of the US so there’s some feminism, but our societies are still largely conservative.

      We’re infested by the plague of socialism (my country Nicaragua is in deep shit at the moment, I’d love it if you googled it up) … but by the time we finish the fight against it, richer Western countries might not have even started theirs…

      So, after weighing pros and cons, it’s worth a shot to reproduce… unless the current tyrant forces me to move to the US or Western Europe, I guess. 😅

    7. Manuel S. Nicaragua is poorer because it’s infested by the plague of socialism. There is no geographical reason for Nicaragua to be poor. And the solution is to remove socialism. Not mass migration and become socialist voters in the west. Thats just spreading the problem. Nicaragua has plenty geographical riches and fertile land. Just as most countries in the area. Almost everything grows there. So the problem is political and cultural. But most people still think socialism is a good thing. They often blame a few corrupt people for the failure of the so called socialist revolutions. But it’s socialism itself that makes those with power corrupt. Socialism is the problem. Instead of trying to migrate to the US and join the socialist there. The people should ask the Trump administration for military aid to remove the socialist from power. It’s weapons and supplies that the people need. And a strong will to resist. Not a new welfarecheque in America or Europe. Socialism always fails.

    8. I agree with everything you said, Ben. All we want for Xmas is a good old imperialist invasion from the US, it wouldn’t even take 1/10 of the resources that ousting Maduro in Venezuela would need with the same method. But their authorities are still adamant that a peaceful solution should be found, while Ortega kills his and jails his own people on a daily basis.

    9. Manuel S: I think the situation in South America is a complex issue. But it’s not totally hopeless. Personally i think the first step would be to get a strong capitalist hold on Costa Rica. And use Costa Rica as a bridgehead to spread capitalism. Sadly there is more interest from the Western liberals to spread things like gay rights. What you need is economic freedom in South America. South America has both positive and negative elements. First of all they should drop the mañana mañana culture. It’s not helping to attract Western investers. I had investments in Costa Rica in the past. But it’s just not profitable and save enough to invest in South America right now. If we could secure a free market in Costa Rica. And have a strong military presence there. Nicaragua could easily be liberated from Ortega and his bitch wife. Assassination of his wife would probably be a good start. I expect Ortega to break and loose his head when that happens. This would weaken his position.

    10. Manuel S: I think It would make sense to secure Central America from the US perspective. This would create a buffer zone between them and South America. This would be in US interest. It would secure save shipping in the area. Good for trade. So The US would have plenty reasons to want to help a anti socialist uprising in the area. This has to happen under trumps administration however. As the left only seems to want to promote socialist immigration from South America. So they benefit from unrest in Central America and South America. More voters for them. And the UN is also pushing for mass immigration in the area. So trump would be the best option. If he would secure Central America he would stop the migration wave for a large part. He could sell it to US conservative voters that way. He has to secure Costa Rica first however. Make sure refugees go there instead of the US. This way they can return after the conflict is over. It has to be a blitz however. Prolonged war will have the opposite effect for the US.

    11. Ben: I pray the US elites (including and paramountly Trump)will see it that way. We don’t have oil to lure the Arms Industry, but we sure as hell are a corridor of drug traffic. Make CA a buffer zone, and you’ve got the Mexican cartels with a new set of problems. Reduce CA immigration to the US, and Mexico will be left alone on this issue. These are terms the Republican/MAGA hardcore can appreciate.

  3. Anybody else seen this:

    Some woman “called out” a guy who catcalled her and was surprised when he attacked her. He threw an ashtray at her and she still stood there getting angry at him! He then walked over and punched her.

    Feminists are talking about how this shows that woman have to fear for their physical safety in public in way that men don’t.

    Of course, men are actually statistically more likely to be attacked in public than women. I have male friends who’ve been attacked in similar ways or even for no reason at all.

    Her behaviour clearly shows that she didn’t understand that she was in physical danger. If some moron says something offensive to me on the street I ignore them and keep on walking. But she had to show that she’s a “strong woman” and tell him to shut up. Then after he threw an ashtray she still thought she should stand up to him. Any man in that situation would either be trying to get away as quickly as possible or getting ready to fight the guy. Fight or flight. But because she’s a woman she assumed the guy wouldn’t actually hit her.

    1. Overdrive: Yha seen it. Looks like she froze after being hit. And i believe the guy was a arab. They don’t take shit from women. Anyway you’re right that the modern Western woman has no idea about the dangers of the world. White men are victims of their own success. We have build societies so save and prosperous that our women have lost all their rational fear and common sence. We then made the mistake to give them voting rights. They vote in the the danger without realising it. A puppy doesn’t understand the danger of a tiger. Men are instinctively more aware of danger. These women are made insane in our education system. And the feminist who are creating these problems are now trying to benefit from it. Making the problem worse. I don’t know what the woman said to him. Maybe she deserved a ass kicking. Maybe she didn’t. Who knows? I’m not into listen and believe with these bitches. Maybe he just gave a compliment. And she thought it was a good idea to publicly humiliate him with insults.

    2. Looked it up. She’s a hardcore feminist involved with multiple feminist organisations pushing for government funding in feminist education. He should have hit her much harder.

    3. Maou: I don’t think that’s a more intelligent response. This guy wasn’t fighting back. If he would have, it would be a different news story. Instead of this girlpower shit it would be about a waitress with a broken skull. The guy was probably hoping it would all blow over. But it didn’t. She should have called her manager. She wasn’t in any direct danger. So starting a fight with someone stronger wasn’t a smart move. She’s just very lucky he’s a cowardly creeper. And not the “i dont give a fuck” badboy type.

  4. Turd flinging monkey makes an other response video for his old frieds at Prager U. For those who dont know. TFM has a history with Prager U. He made a great response video to their “Be a man get married” video a long time ago. Now he’s at it again. With a response to their new PragerU: Make Men Masculine Again.

    1. These women have a hard time understanding that men don’t select women the same way they select men. First of all she’s probably wealthy because she too the ex-husband for everything she could. But even if she’s a career woman who makes lots of money. Most men wouldn’t care. A wealthy man doesn’t look around for a wealthy woman. He looks around for the hottest girl. But these women’s standards shoot up when they have money. Because her hypergamy compels her too date up. But her sexual market value doesn’t go up with her income. It only go’s down with age. So they make totally unrealistic demands. I have been trying to explain this to some women. But they just cant understand that men don’t care about their earning potential. They refuse to believe their sexual market value doesn’t go up because of their degrees or office job. They are absolutely sold on the idea that men value those things the same way. And that it’s only men who are intimidated by it because of their own insecurities who reject these women.

    2. One possible explanation is that its not entirely untrue. Quality men do care about what a woman can bring financially to building a family… But only up to a point and in addition to looks.

      Like if you don’t make enough to provide a comfortable life to 2 children (in addition to yourself), you’re gonna want your future wife to add to the total pool, enough to make it comfortable. You’re not gonna get a total bimbo who can’t contribute at all financially.

      If you’re looking to build a family, you’re not gonna doom your children to a horrible uncomfortable childhood just to tap a hotter ass. You want a chick who can pay her share and is financially independent of you.

    3. Women misunderstand this tho. They don’t understand this is just for men who don’t earn enough to pay everything.

      If a man makes enough to support all 4 then he doesn’t care about her earning potential at all.

      Women think if a little is good, more is better. And they project it where it doesn’t apply.

      If earning enough to pay her own bills is good, then making even more than that is even better right? Well no. Paying her own bills is good enough, she doesn’t get additional points for earning even more.

  5. I know that this may not fit in the whole context of the blog, but I just realized that this whole “clean” and “organic” food fad is just another form of classism.

    1. I even seen it being shared as a tip for women looking for a wealthy man. Look at men shopping at the healht food department. Because guys buying that expensive stuff are more likely to have lots of money.

    1. I warned this was for masochists hehe

      Caveat emptor

      On the other hand, next time I get an involuntary boner at an inconvenient moment, I now have a mental picture to kill it instantly.

    2. If men like it, it’s female oppression.
      If men get disgusted by it, it’s female empowerment.
      They will not rest until all women are orc like creatures that disgust men on first sight. The only thing feminist hate more than white men are beautiful women.

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