The Bar Women Have to Meet is so Pathetically Low, Yet so Impossibly High

The other day I stumbled upon a thread on Reddit, I think it was on their MGTOW board, where a bunch of dudes commented on an article in which a woman complained that men wanted three things from a woman: She should be a virgin, not have any tattoos, and be debt free. She was pretty upset about that. Presumably she couldn’t get any guy to commit and assumed that those of her own defects were the reason. If that is the case, then her capacity for personal insight is already way above average compared to your typical “woke” woman, and she should be complimented accordingly. I think the main criteria are that she is not a slut, slender, and cute, debt free, and has a pleasant personality. Cute means not having tattoos. Presumably that woman ignored the physique of women because to her being fat is simply the norm. I thought that the minimum standards I defined were quite low already, but apparently they are not.

Most guys who want to commit would be overly happy if their girlfriend had been with at most a handful of guys. Remember that there are women who compete against each other with regards to the number of dicks they can get inside them. Among women in their prime partying age, traveling and trying to get laid more than their best friend, who they secretly hate, is common. If you want to hear those stories in real life, go to a private party where people bring alcohol, find a slutty chick who is into you, make sure she gets buzzed, and then encourage her to tell you about her sex life. Of course, you are “sex positive” and admire women who spread their legs for female liberation. Later on, you are of course disgusted by it and leave with someone else. As a personal highlight, I once met a girl who was 24 and who told me that she has had sex with 227 guys. Not missing a beat, I asked her how she was able to know the precise number, to which she responded by showing me a list on her phone. Her entries showed name, time, location, and some notes. Quite a few names were missing. She did not let me scroll through the list, but I spotted some entries where the names were different but instead of time and location, she just had written “same”, i.e. she did threesomes, if not worse.

Given how rampant promiscuity is, you could consider yourself very lucky if your future sweetheart has had less than ten sexual partners. The older she is, the more unlikely it will be that the number of guys she spread her legs for is not big enough to make up two soccer teams, with a deep bench on top. Trying to marry a virgin is becoming about as realistic as women wanting to marry a billionaire. I would say it is even less realistic because the number of billionaires has been increasing, whereas virgins have become about as rare as unicorns.

Most guys would probably tolerate a modest amount of student debt as well, at least in the United States and other countries, where student debts are the norm. In Europe, where you can normally get a decent education for free, we tend to view debt, in general, as much more negative. In contrast, in the US debt is almost seen as an inevitable part of life. Yet, even if the system is such that you need to take out a loan to finance your degree, there are better and worse options. You could splurge on an education at a private school. On the other hand, the flagship campus of the public university in your state would offer a comparable experience for a lot less. Particularly in STEM fields, the “reputation” of your university is not all that important as long as you come from a decent school, and there are certainly plenty of schools that offer a good education, and which are not even that competitive to get in, but difficult to get through because they have high standards. You may have to take out loans, but they are probably manageable. If you are in an in-demand field, you will probably earn enough during internships to keep the institutions you lent from making too much money off you due to interest, and if you are in a field in which you can’t earn money during internships, you have probably picked the wrong field.

On the other hand, if you want to enter a field in which “reputation” is important, you are almost guaranteed to go broke. This is where we turn our attention to women: women shun quantitative fields, and if they go into STEM, they flock towards degrees like Biology which are about as useful as having no degree at all. There simply aren’t enough pussy passes and diversity roles available to hire every female with such a degree. The situation is worse in the social sciences — what an oxymoron that name is! —- the humanities, and the various pseudo-business degrees. If you think you have to date some young ditz with a degree in Human Resources or Social Media who works as a barista, then marriage, real or according to common law, will wipe you out financially. It’s a risk you take on with open eyes, and you would be stupid to do so. Spendthrift women are very keen on joining financial assets. If you think, a shitty blowjob is worth a hundred grand, then you probably deserve to get wiped out.

Tattoos are interesting from a symbolical perspective as they point towards a shared aspect of the elements that constitute the low bar of attributes women should have. No, it is not that tattoos are trashy, just like being fat and being a slut is. That is true, too, of course. However, the issue is that no baby girl is born with tattoos. Instead, you actively decide to permanently disfigure your body by getting tattooed. It is an active choice. Likewise, girls are born virgins. Losing your virginity means speaking your legs. They would only have to keep their legs together instead of opening them. If you lie down, you may notice that you do not lie down with your legs spread. Probably some women do so reflexively, after having taken 250 dicks, but for a normal human being that is not the case. Besides, it is not as if strangers enter our bedroom by chance. Being a slut with tattoos means that a woman has already made a string of poor choices, and every new pump-and-dump is another one.

Then there is the issue of debt. Are you born with debt? No, of course you are not. Instead, you go into debt actively. Jenny could take public transport, but she just has to have a car, and instead of a functional laptop with Microsoft Windows — yeah, I know it’s crap, but it’ll do until you can afford something better or have learnt how to use Linux — it has to be a decked out Apple MacBook Pro with all the upgrades she has no need for. Of course, she has to have the latest iPhone because it would be below her to send emojis and messages in shitty grammar to Chad and Tyrone on an Android phone for $180. Even those expenses, as significant as they are, are trivial compared to the cost of a bullshit degree. Indeed, the narrative feminists and leftists want to spin these days is that the student debt crisis is a crisis of female students. Occasionally, I hear the term “female student debt crisis” mentioned. It seems those sweethearts want a bailout, financed by the taxes of men —- as an aggregate, women consume more in tax spending than they pay in taxes. Yet, the aggregate is made up of poor decisions by Stacy, Katy, Mary, and all the other stupid chicks who thought they would earn six figures easily with their degree in Social Media Communications from Moron U.

For a woman to be attractive, she just has to not make any shocking dumb mistake. Keep your legs together, don’t overeat, don’t get tattoos, and don’t take out a loan you can never pay back. It is really simple. Now the fat positive dimwits will claim that people who are slim need to starve themselves. That is of course complete bullshit. Besides, a woman does not necessarily have to be slender or slim. Most guys would be perfectly happy with a woman who has a healthy normal weight. In today’s age of obesity, that is the new slim, it seems. This does not mean that genuinely slim women aren’t more attractive. They are. Instead, it shows that the bar for women is really stupidly low. Yet, for many women it is impossibly high due to all the poor life choices they have made.

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44 thoughts on “The Bar Women Have to Meet is so Pathetically Low, Yet so Impossibly High

  1. I know right? In general, the bar for women (in dating) is pretty low. Just have a decent personality, be somewhat in decent shape, have a couple things going for you. I mean, thats really all that a lot of guys want.

    It’s not like getting laid for ur average women is all too difficult either. Just do the bare minimum and you will have guys lined up (i know, this doesnt apply to every single women). My point is, its way easier for ur average women than for ur average dude.

    In some circumstances, the bar for women is pretty low. As a women, you can be weak OR strong (You go girl!” says a feminist). As a man, sure you can weak, but people (and many women ) wont respect you for it.

    For certain things (with regards to women), the standards are simply lower.

  2. Two of of three isn’t bad, and that’s not even trying.
    However, remember that a woman wrote that article.
    Most men’s standards aren’t even that high whatsoever. They can’t afford to be.

    No matter, if a man has those requirements for a woman but doesn’t hold them to himself as well, she should walk away.

    1. When it comes to women, there are just too many variables.

      — “Most men aren’t what most women are after.”

      Go on.

    2. Ash,

      Yes men can afford to have high standards. If that means living a decent, non-hectic life without women, then nothing like it. Of course the implication from this is that first men should at least achieve what they hope to look for in a mate. But there is no way a man would hold a woman to higher standards than himself in searching for a partner. Women by and large are not as good as men anyway. They only delude themselves into thinking they are. The problem is that women have unrealistic standards, and not that men expect more out of women than themselves.

      Do you think before you post things?


      Women only want the best men (~top 20%).

  3. Most modern women are just not wife or mother material. They want to get married. But don’t want to be wife’s. They want to have children. But don’t want to be mothers. So what’s there to negotiate for? Pussy? You can have that without marriage. These women simply don’t have the mindset for it. They are trained to be anything but wife’s and mothers. It’s like giving a engineering job to a hairdresser. It just doesn’t work.

    1. Instead of starting with a list of demands. Both men and women have to work on requiring the skills and/or resources the other sex values first. This is however a bigger problem for women. Because they need to learn these things from a early age. Men have and need a little more time. Their value is the highest between 35 and 45. While women go down in value fast after 24. This is why a good family and specially a good father is essential for turning his daughters into wife material. And if this is missing in the girls upbringing. It’s often to late for her to learn these skills. Today’s modern women are not prepared to be wife’s and mothers. Men can still work on those skills needed to become a good husband and father. They can work on getting the resources needed to support a family. His value to women will still go up. While a woman’s value to men will drop. She needs to be prepared before she turns into a adult. She will never be a good wife if she’s trained to be a independent woman.

  4. I’ll whole heartedly agree with this post if not for one thing. Why are we focused so much on marriage? It’s not important. Nor is children important. Why?

    1. Don: You can always start a topic in open. We can talk about any subject you like. But i think the failure of modern marriage and relationships is also important to discuss. It’s probably the most important reason we are here. If we know where we come from. We might have a better idea where we want to go next. This traditional stuff doesn’t work for either of us. But i still want to understand why that is. It might give me a better picture of the possibilities that might work for me. As i don’t have a complete picture for the future concerning women. But i love to hear some of your new ideas in open. Or maybe some more scientific stuff about natural breeding strategies. We had some good exchanges of ideas before. Surprise me.

    2. I don’t understand what you said ben. I simply don’t. It sure sounded like a religionist arguing for god with a non-believer so, I am weirded out now. Based on what I can gather in what you said, I’d say understanding why marriage and relationships are failing is not important.

      With modern medicine, women can have as much sex as men and still not conceive a baby. She can do so, when she wants. So, even though I agree with the criteria Aaron mentioned such as not having tattoos, being slim and debt free, I’d NOT say that being a purity freak is attractive. A woman being a slut is not unattractive either. Its a non issue for me at least. Now, single mothers are crap. No doubt about that. But if she’s 35 it might make sense to be a single mother. Leaving the father out of the child raring is a admirable thing. Women were not able to do it most of the history but it surely is advantageous.

      That by the way, is my main point. Leave the father out of the child raring. I would like to have that point addressed more than others.

    3. Err… “Survival of the species” rings a bell, Don? 😅

      I get that not all people have the reproductive urge, but most do. Biology and evolution and all that jazz.

    4. Don: It’s not good for the child. A child needs both parents. And it’s bad for society and the tax payer. Most of these single mothers are on welfare or some form of government assistance. Why should a guy like me who’s single and childless always have to pay the bill. It’s one of the many reasons i’m leaving Europe. I’m always the on that has to pay the bill for other people’s choices and screw-up’s. I use the least amount of government services, subsidised daycare, subsidised education, healthcare etc. But i pay the most. I’m productive and made responsible choices. And for that i’m rewarded with the bill. And single mothers are one of the biggest government expenses. And most of their children will stay a burden to society for their entire life. I could have fucked more than a thousand hoes for all the money that i payed to support the welfare state. And still these bitches believe they are independent. Independent my ass. Single mothers cost us many times more than our entire military.

  5. A wife should support her husband and take away all the little worries from the home. This way he can focus on bringing home the bacon. And relax at home. In this way he’s more capable to do the job the next day. These modern women only ad at your stress levels. They only make it more difficult for men. So they fail miserably in being wife’s. And i wouldn’t call dumping a child at daycare being a good mother. If you don’t want to care for children, you shouldn’t have them.

  6. Don: (A woman being a slut is not unattractive either.) Maybe not to you. But you just want to pump and dump. If you wanted marriage and children or any serious relationship, you might feel differently. I view them like public toilets. I wouldn’t use one unless i have no other option. I even prefer an escort over a slut. With a escort you know what to expect. You pay, you fuck, she gets the fuck out. A slut can suddenly decide she wants something more. And she can give you all types of trouble. Damm i had one making false rape claims against me because i didn’t fuck her. After finding out she had a 5 year boyfriend, i rejected her. Got me blue balls. And still i got in trouble. I learned the hard way not to mess with sluts. They are more trouble than they are worth. Most are messed up in the head. I rather just pay and be done with it. It’s simpler that way.

  7. My point still stands. Being a religious purity freak is just as bad as being a slut. As for survival of the species, why do I give a heck?

    1. I’m not worried for the human species. Western culture and white people are facing extinction however. The replacement of the native people is going so fast in this area. That unless something drastic is done. The native population will be completely gone within a generation. There are no sluts in areas where islam rules. I’m lucky i have the resources and connections to make the move to Thailand. Not everyone is that lucky. I already moved twice because of diversification. I now live in a more expensive white area just to have some peace. But more and more criminal migrant men are already coming over from other areas. Because they know that we have stuff they like to steal. And pretty little white girls to rape. So even areas like this are becoming increasingly unsafe. And that’s the reality here. This feminist bullshit is slowly killing off Western culture. While these other cultures replace us. In about 20-30 years, sluts will be stoned to death here. Maybe sooner. Sex outside marriage will be outlawed.

    2. You are talking about two things as if they are one. Immigration is utterly bad for cultures where they immigrate to but being sluts isn’t.

      There are no sluts. People fuck. Just get over it.

    3. Who says you should give a fuck about survival of the species, Don? An who says I do, at least consciously? I don’t, but I’ve got the urge to spread my genes, as most of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens still do, thanks to biology.

      Sometimes you can be dense. How is it that you became a millionaire?

    4. Don: These two problems are linked. It’s the combination of feminism and mass immigration that makes that we are being replaced as a culture. Even if we stop immigration today. They will simply outbreed us. And it’s overwhelmingly the women who voted for this huge welfare state. And these political parties that push immigration. Mass immigration is a symptom of feminism. But because we are importing a extreme male dominant culture. It’s also killing itself. It’s a self correcting problem. Only trouble is that Western Culture will die with it. And so will all white European men. So the only way to save Western culture is by taking women’s rights away. Enforce monogamy and traditional values. Create a huge baby boom. And fight out all the migrants. If we fail to do that, Europe will become islamic. And they will kill all white men. And use our women to create their own islamic baby boom. Either way, women will lose their rights. Simply going on this way isn’t a option. Either we stop feminism. Or islamist will.

    5. Don: Our system is not sustainable. You just want to fuck around. I can understand that. But it’s not a sustainable model for society. And if we go on like this we will be replaced by a more dominant culture. In Europe this will be islamic culture. Islam is based on a warbride system. It’s islamic polygamy that’s driving the spread of islam. Men can have multiple wife’s in islam. But the only way for all men to have multiple wife’s is by conquering others. It’s the promise of multiple women in this life or the next that pushes for young men to conquer others in name of islam. If they wouldn’t do that. There wouldn’t be enough women to go around. Islam can only sustain itself by conquest of new lands and specially women. It’s the core of islamic believe. And why it’s so successful in spreading itself. The only way for young men to obtain women is by getting them elsewhere. Because the older more established men will take multiple wife’s.

    6. Don: There are only three possible solutions for Europeans if they want to survive. 1 Return to traditionalism and enforced monogamy. 2 We adopt the polygamy warbride system for ourselves. Fight islam back with it’s own tactics. 3 Get out. Immigrate ourselves, build new societies elsewhere and surrender Europe to Islam.

      But letting female sexuality run wild isn’t a sustainable system. Just going on like this isn’t a option. Specially not when threatened by a dominant warbride culture. They are not going to sit still and do nothing while we just fuck around. As soon as they have the numbers. They will bring the fight to us. So fucking around in europe will have a time limit. You’ll have to go fuck around elsewhere for the longer term.

    7. I don’t know what kind of cool-aid you are drinking. There are better ways to stop the invasion of Europe by Islam if you can call it that to begin with than to force women into marriages.

    8. One example will be to stop the welfare state. If you link the welfare state with feminism you are mistaking causation for correlation. The welfare state existed way before feminism.

    9. Don,

      The reason chastity is better than being a slut for a girl is because pair bonding is perniciously affected with each new short-term partner. This in turn will lead to a weaker family unit and an overall worse outcome for a stable society. So yes, a religious purity freak is preferable to a youth stoking the flames of her nascent and burgeoning career in slutistry.

    10. Don: Unless women return to the home and have babies it’s all for nothing anyway. Muslims are outbreeding us 6 times or something like that. It’s far to late to just close the border. And how will you stop the welfare state when the majority of women will vote to make it even bigger. You can not stop the welfare state while women have the vote. It will only get bigger. There is no democratic solution for these problems. It’s going to end in disaster and conflict. This is a fight for survival. And we are losing. Getting women back in line is absolutely a priority if we want any chance of winning this conflict. And you can never achieve that within the democratic system. Playing nice isn’t going to do the job. But considering most men don’t have the balls to do what needs to be done. I’ll be watching it burn from Asia.

  8. Don: I had a school reunion. About 60 people, all around 35 yo now. One guy is married (use to be the biggest fuck up, made a 180 turn after joining the navy) he has 2 children. And two single moms (never married) with both 1 child each. That’s only 3 people out of 60 who have 4 children in total at age 35. Most other people are pretty successful in life. They just don’t have children. And they don’t get married. So we are losing the demographic war by far. Our system is not sustainable.

  9. Having only a few children is a good thing among westerners. We don’t have to compete with Muslims to have more and more children.

    1. If we don’t want them to outnumber us in our own countries we have to compete. Because in the current situation they’ll outnumber us in about 20-30 years. If we would close the border. Not letting in even one migrant. They will still outnumber us in 30-40 years. Europe will become Islamic without drastic counter action. But even before that we will lose most of the land. The number of no go zones will keep increasing. I don’t know if you ever visited a no go zone. But it’s not a overstatement to call it conquered land. These zones don’t belong to us anymore. They are the ones making and enforcing their own laws there. It’s not just a invasion. It’s worse, It’s a colonisation.

    2. Don: The hole system has to be destroyed and rebuild. It’s already to late for reform. And it’s never going to work within the democratic process. Armed conflict is going to happen. Nothing we can do about that anymore. I don’t see any other possible outcome. Maybe if these problems were taken seriously 30 years ago this wouldn’t have been the case. But it’s only now when it’s already to late that people realise there’s a problem. And most people just want to negotiate their way out of it. That will never work. People should be preparing for the worse. Young men should be trained for combat as soon as possible. And young women should be prepared for motherhood. Because we are going to lose a large portion of our population in the conflict. They need to be replaced.

  10. What do you exactly mean when you said destroyed and rebuilt? Do you mean what Austria is doing or do you mean to go full hitler on it?

    My belief is that it is never too late to change. Remove the economic incentives for immigrants to stay and no go zones will vanish. What ever turds that are left can be easily deported.

    Mass immigration is a result of a failed economic theory. What we need is a new economy.

    1. Don: It might be a bit different for each European country. But most governments from Western European countries would have to be cleaned out almost completely. Almost every government employee, every judge, every official needs to be replaced. It’s law books burned. It’s institutions broken down. And basically start over from scratch. These institutions are so corrupted that reform just wouldn’t work anymore. We would have to rethink our hole system. Starting with a new constitution. Work up from there. But that’s not likely to happen anyway. This hole thing will likely end in total war. After that, who knows? I just see that the current situation isn’t working. We have a unsustainable system. And conflict is sure to happen sooner or later. I’m not going to wait for it. I’m just moving my stuff to Thailand. I’m just going to watch it burn from a distance. As i have little confidence men will relocate their balls anytime soon. It has to get a lot worse. I’ll probably be to old to fight when it kicks off.

  11. The most disturbing thing is that most crime is committed by second and third generation people with non Western migrant background. So instead of integrating. The second and third generation becomes more criminal and radical. This is how they manipulate the numbers. They put the second and third generation with migrant background with the natives. Because they are technically not migrants themselves. They were born here. So all their crimes are counted as native committed crimes. If you put them in a sub category, you’ll see a more relative picture.

    1. I don’t see how you got to saying it is a statical error. Assuming it is true even though it is the Cato institute, immigration should be stoped using sane means than what you are suggesting.

    2. Don: In 2011 we had 40 no go zones. Today in 2018 we have far more. I’ve lived inside two no go zones. I know a little about this from experience. Most crime isn’t even reported. Why would you report it? Police doesn’t go in there to arrest someone anyway. You would only make yourself a target. They will get you if they find out you talked to police. And not just the people you “rat” on. Rule nr1 You dont talk to police. It’s pretty much the only law everyone respects in a no go zone. Even the few white kids that might live there.

    3. ben europe will become more similar to israel.

      israel is not in civil war AND muztards
      who are like 20 percent people there.
      they have no go zones too. but the most important thing to realize is that muzzies tend to come in groups and concentrate in areas that are poor .(their location is predictable)

      and if there is no wellfare state muzzies will have to suddenly work. and kids become too damn expensive too.immigrants stop coming.
      europe seems to start to break , brexit in 2019.
      i think there is hope but, if you can get out do get out. that is good move.
      but drastic measures are not going to happen.

    4. dada: I think Vlad Tepes was pretty successful at this. Just put 20k on spikes for all to see. You may disagree with his methods. But his results are pretty obvious. They will be convinced the devil himself owns this land. Do the same with these lefty a-holes. No one will propose open borders for the next hundred years. I don’t think these migrants would come to shore when thousands of corpses on spikes are decorating the beaches. Not a pretty sight. But it will do the job. Good old days? One thing i know for sure. Turning the other cheek isn’t working. It might take a monster to defeat a monster. The last muslim invasion lasted 700 years. And it took a monster to put a stop to it. Who knows what’s going to happen now? It won’t be pretty, that’s for sure.

    5. dada: Dont forget to pray our new prayer. I posted it in open. I think it might help us in the dark days to come.

  12. You guys should check out the reaction videos on youtube that women made on the original article. (men prefer debt free virgins without tattoos) It’s hilarious how these so called christian women freak out over this. They basically just reject the parts of the bible they don’t like. They are just feminist. Nothing christian about them. The mental gymnastics these women display in a effort to justify their behaviour is absolutely hilarious to see. Some have a total mental break down over this article. You guys really should check it out. It’s pure comedy.

    1. This is one hilarious reaction of a fake christian woman having a mental breakdown over this article. Plus the counter reaction of a christian mgtow. Using the bible to show that being a feminist and a christian is impossible. Feminism and christianity don’t go together. More and more christian men go mgtow lately. It’s a interesting development. They are tired of fake christian women fucking around in college, wipe their ass, say 5 heil maries and think they make good christian wife’s and all is forgiven.

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