18-Part Series on Singapore

I just posted the last part of my 18-part series on my three weeks in Singapore on AaronSElias.com. You can reach all parts via the overview article, in which I write that the total is 14,000 words. That number has grown. It’s closer to 16,000 words.

The titles of the individual posts of my series “Experiencing Singapore” are:

Part 1: Prelude
Part 2: Preconceived Notions vs Reality
Part 3: Singaporean Democracy
Part 4: The Third-World Core of a First-World Country
Part 5: Multiculturalism in Practice
Part 6: The Geographic Downside
Part 7: The Quality of the Women (Yes, it is high!)
Part 8: Personal Downsides
Part 9: Dealing with the Climate
Part 10: A Culture of Trust
Part 11: The Joys of Law and Order
Part 12: Meritocracy and the Pressure-Cooker Education System
Part 13: A Highly Intelligent Society
Part 14: The Chinese Master Race?
Part 15: Automation in Action
Part 16: Social Engineering
Part 17: Remarks on Singaporean Culture as well as Working Culture
Part 18: Concluding Remarks

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4 thoughts on “18-Part Series on Singapore

  1. I’ve been lurking around over there and have probably read about half of these posts. Had no idea about this place really. Looking forward to reading through all on them in sequence soon.

    1. I did read all of them. Its some of Aarons’ worst writing. Singapore is a turd bucket.

    2. Didn’t we discuss your objections on my other blog? Your perceived problems with Singapore I view as distinct strengths. It’s different strokes for different folks, it seems.

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