The Female Illusion of Hypergamy

In the context of the recent marriage between Prince Harry and some washed up actress, Megan Something, I was pointed towards a “tweet” by your typical entitled Western woman. I don’t want to show the original source as it exhibited abhorrent spelling and grammar. Translated into proper English, she wrote:

“If Megan had not divorced her husband, she could not have married Prince Harry. See, ladies, there is always someone better out there!”

Her original “tweet” used the phrase “there’s always better”. Yup, she is technically right. There is always someone better, due to the fact that there is always a young generation growing up, and there are too many metrics you could use to size up someone. So, if you’re married to a multi-millionaire, for instance Donald Trump Jr., you may think that there are now younger millionaires out there, and file for divorce, just like it recently happened.

While there may always be a better option out there, it is not at all clear that those options are available. What women who spout such hypergamous nonsense don’t seem to realize is that their market value drops precipitously. For instance, my sexual market value, purely in terms of biology, has barely budged between my mid-twenties and my mid-thirties. In economic terms, my sexual market value has increased. Also, I look very young for my age, which works in my favor, but it also doesn’t matter so much. For a woman, though, the difference in sexual market value between the ages of 25 and 35 is extreme. At 25, she’s already on the decline. At 35, she’ll only find limited use as training wheels for the next generation of Chads and Tyrones, if at all, and nobody gives a shit about her high-flying tax-payer supported career.

Just getting laid is tough for older women. I once bumped into a woman who claimed that she was 42. She was in excellent shape, and in the environment young club-hopping Aaron met her, she looked quite appealing. Yet, I could sense her desperation. I was quite turned off by how push she was, and in the end, I didn’t care much that she was, as she felt she needed to point out, in better shape than almost all other women in the venue. As an attractive guy, you quickly get to the point where you just won’t bother with women who are twice as old as your typical hookups. Once all the Chads and Tyrones move on, whom is a horny older woman, even one who has only grazed the wall, going to fuck? It’s not “someone better”. Instead, it’ll be her vibrator.

In particular women in their late twenties and above who leave or divorce their partner are colossally stupid. They used their best years to find and secure a partner and, now already on the decline, they think they can get someone better. Monkey-branching, i.e. a woman ending her current relationship only after finding a new boyfriend, is bad enough. It also easily goes bad when the new guy just pumps and dumps her. Yet, being so deluded as to leave your boyfriend in the vague hope that there is someone, somewhere, out there who will be better is just ridiculous. My girlfriend recently mentioned that an older acquaintance of hers, I think she’s 29, ended her multi-year relationship for no good reason. Her ex-boyfriend is a decent guy and has a solid career. I can only shake my head when I hear this. Yes, there are guys out there who are, on some metric, better than her ex-boyfriend, but now she first has to find them, and afterwards, she has to lock them down, which will be really tough. I guess some women only learn that harsh lesson once they are in their late 30s, out in the club and offering their pussy to young studs who rather turn her down.

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2 thoughts on “The Female Illusion of Hypergamy

  1. Female hypergamy has no finishline. And no woman is ever really off the market. Marriage has no real value for a man. Women will file for divorce when they find something better. Or when they feel they can do better. Just the way it is.

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