This is when women aggressively flirt with you

In the Open Thread 2018 (#7), blog reader Pickernanny mentioned a particular encounter at work:

I needed to step off the floor and have someone cover my bases while I was gone, so I looked towards the young, married, slim and relatively much more attractive female and motioned with my finger that I was heading out. Instead of nodding with approval or shaking her head with disapproval, she instead motioned in the other direction with her tongue in cheek to indicate a blow job. I kind of just stood there like, uhh. So she busted out laughing, joking about sexual harassment, and even went on to talk about how much of sexless marriage she and her big dumb chuck husband have. I just needed to go is all.

Pickernanny wrote that he works with 90% women. Oh, wait, in this climate of woke-ness, I better write that 90% of his colleagues are women, lest some weirdos start inquiring about those “90%-women” and wonder with what gender or genders the remaining 10% of them identify. Anyway, he’s in a female-dominated workplace, which comes with some negatives. This is just for setting the scene, though. Instead, I want to draw our attention to the bigger picture.

Some men fantasize about women doing all the work. They wonder why they just won’t come on to them. Well, that is due to deeply ingrained roles, and even the most progressive woman dreams of Chad just taking her. In her world, having to actively pursue a man just isn’t attractive. You’re the man, you go approach her! Of course, if you don’t, for whatever reason (maybe you think she’s unattractive), you’re a loser or gay, and if you do, and she doesn’t like you for whatever reason (maybe she thinks you’re unattractive), you’re of course a creep if not a rapist who should have his dick cut off. The job of a woman in that regard is quite nice: just lean back and let the hordes of men come. It’s only an issue if they don’t come. Then, all of a sudden, there are no “good men” left. That’s even more ironic if there never were any good men in the picture, only Chad and Tyrone wanting a quick lay.

As the example given by Pickernanny shows, however, there are situations were women aggressively hit on men. To add an anecdote myself, I’ve had my ass pinched quite a few times by women in clubs, and some particularly daring women just grabbed my crotch. I also had it happen a few times that some chick shoved her hand down my pants and started playing with my dick. Thankfully, no ugly chick ever did that. Otherwise, I’d now be traumatized for life.

There are very few instances when women flirt aggressively. In general, this only happens if there are no serious consequences, or if she believes there won’t be any. A chick who is tipsy and horny wants to get laid knows that if you don’t reciprocate her advances, you’re not going to sucker punch her. You’ll just shrug it off. Similarly, have you ever had a chick make provocative gestures or possibly flash her boobs while you were sitting in your car? Maybe the chick was sitting in a car and you just sauntered down the sidewalk? Flashing her boobs is easy because you won’t get to act upon it.

In Pickernanny’s example, the dynamics are quite similar. His female colleague seemingly offered him a blowjob. Yet, she also knew that there was no chance he would act on it. Thus, she could of course act in such a daring way. Aren’t women valorous?

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6 thoughts on “This is when women aggressively flirt with you

  1. Another context is where you have a lot of status/authority. I have this in a certain context, and constantly have situations where chicks hit on me as aggressively as if I were a Chad.

    If I never had this circumstance, I wouldn’t have even believed it’s possible for chicks to aggressively hit on guys. Like I would have believed it doesn’t exist out of movies.

  2. Awesome, Aaron. Thanks for giving my comment an article!

    I’d like to add to this that my whole take away from this scenario just reinforces my stance against marriage or any kind of serious LTR with the vast majority of western women. This also happens to be a predominately red state in the USA. Most of these chicks may be aggressively flirting with the premise that they know nothing will come of it, but put her in a bar or party with some booze and good ol’ Chadding Tatum and your wife or long-term sweetheart is getting a nice glaze finish.

    I’ve heard plenty of rumors of infidelity as well. A closeted bisexual colleague of mine who happens to be quite gregarious and charismatic (the ladies absolutely love him) has quite often revealed to me several pieces of gossip about cheating wives and shady girlfriends. And I believe him. Not only that but I’ve been given text message proof of a few male doctors playing some gay shit on the side while their wives and kids are at home. It’s like a high school or something.

    Anyways, I had recently been in an LTR myself and was just having a hard time letting it go and embracing MGTOW. But as your woman’s behavior becomes increasingly frustrating, the intimacy wanes and several people are coming up to you asking about this other guy she’s having secret hangouts with (monkey branching), all the while you’re being the most supportive blue-pill cuck boyfriend ever, something gives. You just can’t believe all the social conditioning anymore after some point.

    I fully believe I could easily bang out several girls at this point and never get attached, or even if I started to I could hit eject immediately.

    1. To add to that, what’s even worse is that women will even cheat on you with a lower quality guy. It doesn’t have to be with Chadding Tatum.

      A girl I met who has a boyfriend much more attractive than me cheated on him with me. She even swallowed….. Then after she tells him what happened, he replies that he still loves her and they’re still together. This level of cuckery I cannot even begin to fathom.

    2. One of the big excuses married women use to go out and be big ol’ sluts without their hubbies is at another one of their girlfriend’s bachelorette parties. The iphone video footage I’ve seen of one of these was abhorrent.

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