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Fun in Singapore: Older White Women Trying to Get My Attention

I spent close to three weeks in Singapore and had a great time overall. I intend to write a few posts on my experience on my Aaron S. Elias blog, but for this blog, there is one particular observation that is a lot more fitting. To set the scene, you should know that there is a sizeable minority of foreign go-getters in Singapore, mostly whites who work in banking or technology. These tend to be white men. However, there are also a few white women around, but those are the clear minority.

In my time in Singapore, I mostly hung out with my bae, but a few times I had things to do on my own, like going to a conference or meet-ups. What I noticed was that whenever I was alone, every single white woman who saw me tried to get my attention. I kid you not! We are not talking about huge numbers, maybe four or five. One walked in the opposite direction and when she saw me, she slowed down, smiled and tried making eye contact. All the others smiled, too, by the way. One of them smiled and looked pretty annoyed when I completely ignored her and just walked past.

I think the reason those white women tried to get my attention was of course that I’m a white man. They are a lot bigger than the average (native) man in Singapore, so they don’t find them attractive. What is worse, the white men in Singapore seem to clearly prefer petite and demure Asian women over the typical Western harpy. Thus, if your typical white woman in Singapore wants to get laid, she has to be proactive, and proactive they were. The most amusing one was a visitor at a conference I attended. She saw me, smiled, and stretched her hand out. I turned my head and just kept walking. It was beautiful.

Those were all “career women” who wanted it all, the fabled great job and a great relationship. I have my doubts that the jobs are necessarily all that great. Sure, you can work in business development in Asia and probably make a decent living, but you can be expected to work pretty long hours, too, and even if their jobs are great — men just don’t give a fuck. I’ve seen white guys who were well-dressed walk around with women who looked like low-class Philipinas. If I had to choose between a shitty Western woman in her 30s who has to tell me how successful she is at her job, yet is oblivious to all the affirmative action she’s been receiving, and a cute and demure Asian girl in her 20s, I know what my choice would be. However, unlike some of the white guys I’ve seen in Singapore, I’m not dating a Philipina maid, but a member of the Chinese Master Race from a good family with an excellent education.

If you think that Western women don’t bring much to the table in the West, go spend some time in Asia and wait until you see a Western woman there. The contrast is absolutely staggering.

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One thought on “Fun in Singapore: Older White Women Trying to Get My Attention

  1. I love seeing those desperate Western women in Asia. Funniest part is when they really dont understand why you are rejecting them. It’s like seeing a fish that’s trying to swim on dry land. Just hilarious. I’ve seen it many times now. Never gets old.

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