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A Note on Early Onset of Female Puberty

After I had moved to England, I was quite amazed how (physically) mature many of the women I met seemed to be. You could talk to a woman who appeared to be an adult, and later you’d learn that she’s only sixteen and used her sister’s ID to get into a club. In contrast, back in Germany I bumped into plenty of women in their late teens and early twenties in clubs, and those seemed a lot more innocent than some of those hard-boiled sluts I met in England.

When I asked friends about this, they told me that they think this is due to those girls “growing up very quickly.” Supposedly, it’s not at all uncommon that girls as young as twelve or thirteen to go out and party, drink, smoke cigarettes, or even do drugs. Presumably, a sizable number of them lose their virginity long before they take their GCSE examinations. I once heard a primary school teacher say that he is very certain that some of the eleven and twelve year olds he is teaching have sex. To me, this sounded completely crazy, but, hey, those are the times nowadays it seems.

I later learned that girls who grow up without a father enter puberty a lot earlier. Evolutionary explanations are quickly at hand. A favored hypothesis is that those women mature much quicker because of their genetic programming that makes them look for a provider. Thus, they shed their childlike features and turn into young women before they enter their teenage years.

Research in that field is also hamstrung by political correctness. Recently, a note made the rounds that early puberty in girls is linked with increased risk of obesity. My immediate reaction to such claims is that there is likely an underlying common factor, namely low socio-economic status. Gutter-trash women pump out kids to maximize welfare payments. They are also much more likely to be single mothers and fat. Since obesity is almost completely due to eating habits, which kids pick up from their parents, fat parents have fat kids. Furthermore, single mothers are, by definition, single, which means that a female child does not have a father in her life, which is known to lead to early puberty. Thus, a plausible hypothesis is that a girl whose mother is a single mother is more likely to both be fat and enter puberty at a very early age.

If you want to know what the female offspring of a woman of low socio-economic status looks like, check out Danielle “Cash Me Outside” Bregoli. Here’s a clip taken from the Dr. Phil show:

(In case you have not lost faith in humanity yet, look up her music videos, which have many millions of views.)

Does this girl look like she’s 13 to you? I see a fully fledged woman. True, she’s a little piece of shit, but in terms of her ability to sexually reproduce and getting Jamal and Tyrone horny, she’s as much a woman as she’ll ever be. At that rate, she’ll probably hit the wall before she’s legally able to drink.

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3 thoughts on “A Note on Early Onset of Female Puberty

  1. Looks like a trailer trash whore to me. I can only feel sorry for her, because she’s the one who has to withstand false decision her parents made. Her dumb mom sits there and still accuses her of „not talking“

    What that girl needs are parents who love her, are there for her and set limits. Her hard shell is everything she got.

  2. Her mother is trash herself. She’s the real problem (And the fact that daddy is not around). The Dr Phil show only made it worse. All the degenerate watchers are cheering her on. And those programmes are horrible unregulated shitholes. Kids have even died from abuse in some of those programmes that Dr Phil is promoting in his show. At best these programmes traumatise kids into stockholm syndrome. But long-term kids always get worse. There is no quick fix that can repair children from broken homes. They need a traditional family with both biological parents.

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