A Peculiarity about Female Sexual Arousal

This is a partly speculative post. I may be off the mark, but it’s nonetheless based on observation. In the worst case, I’m as scientific as a sociologist, i.e. not at all. So, think about this: you go out to a club, the atmosphere is okay, the music doesn’t bother you too much, and there aren’t too many ugly women around. Because you’re a horny red-blooded male, you want to get laid and you hit on a few chicks. However, you are not drunk, which means that you still have some minimum standards. Maybe, because the club is darker, and women use makeup as well as resort to many other deception methods, you are a bit more motivated that you otherwise might be. It’s just that the women look a bit hotter.

In contrast, there are women who seem to get generally horny. It’s not that they would bang every guy who hits on them, but it is not at all uncommon that they just fuck the first guy who is above their minimum threshold of attractiveness if they are in a sexually charged party environment. That minimum threshold may still be a relatively high bar to clear, though.

When I hung out in some edgier clubs with a sizeable gay population, it was not uncommon that those buff gay dudes would take off their shirts and dance half naked — and women would dance near them, getting horny due to the sight of it. Those dudes didn’t do that in order to get chicks. No, they wanted to plow another dude, or get plowed by one. Yet, the visual effect of seeing a lot of half-naked guys who were in good to excellent shape certainly made a lot of women really horny. With some, I suspect there is an effect of ‘diffuse arousal’ kicking in. If you hit on them and you end up banging them in a bathroom stall, it’s not so much that they necessarily find you so extremely hot, but that the environment turned them on so much and they were just waiting for an outled for their pent-up sexual energy. To a lesser degree, this certainly also happens in regular clubs. The effect of alcohol is different, though. It modifies your perception and lowers your inhibitions, causing women to be more receptive. That is not due to the environment, though.

I think there are very few occasions where you can see ‘diffuse arousal’ play out. Nightclub environments like the one I mentioned are an example. I also recall one night at a more typical club, i.e. one that did not cater towards a gay audience. That place was also used as some kind of art gallery. One night, though, the mood seemed markedly different, and that was when ‘art’ of a provocative photographer was shown. You walked in and faced walls full of oversized pictures of very attractive naked men and women, of varying levels of provocation. Some, however, were downright pornographic, showing, for instance, a close up of an erect penis and a female mouth sucking on it. Imagine that as a close up — a few square-inches in real-life — blown up to a print of dozens of square feet! While there were no half-naked men in that place, the women nonetheless seemed noticeably hornier due to the atmosphere those pictures created.

At the more extreme ends of human sexuality, I think something similar plays out, for instance when women engage in gangbangs. It’s not that they find every guy who fucks them so hot. Instead, they are just so aroused that they don’t care if two out of five guys whose dick she takes in this setting she’d never fuck on their own. Or maybe you’ve made out with some slut in a bar, and then her girlfriend got turned on by it and wanted to make out with you, too, even though she may have been a bit more lukewarm before. Before you know it, you’re making out with two chicks.

Those are some observations. I’m not sure whether I’m reading too much into it, but I have the impression that there is a distinct difference in more targeted arousal, focussing on one particular person, which you’ll of course find not just among men but women, too, and a more diffuse kind of arousal that makes some women receptive to maybe not get fucked by absolutely anyone, but most certainly by guys they wouldn’t drop their panties for in other circumstances.

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4 thoughts on “A Peculiarity about Female Sexual Arousal

    1. The female hive mind is surely a factor. If you put the average woman in a group with a bunch of male strippers. And the crowd is going wild. She’ll turn super slut in no time. Women adjust to the social climate. If the social climate tells her to be conservative, she will. If the social climate tells her to be a slut, she will. If you sent your conservative daughter to live on college campus. She’s likely to come back a communist/feminist lefty sex crazed freak. She’s adjusts herself to the social climate.

  1. I’ve noticed the same thing. Women commonly just get horny in a directionless manner. Once she’s into it, it barely matters who’s there.

    your horny levels distributed in a day every day are not the same.
    so will you jump on a less attractive woman if you are very horny and will be willing to do more to get it?
    i think so.
    BUT when horny level go down will some of those women will no longer get your attention? did happen to me both of those already.

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