Women who have a “summer body” and a “winter body”

One of my readers recently remarked that a doctor in his family pointed out to him that women nowadays only do sports to lose weight, not to exercise. What is worse, it is common for women to aim for a “summer body” or “beach body”, while their “winter type” or “winter body” comes with a lot more fat. This struck me as a very plausible observation. There are nowadays even marketing campaigns built around the concept of the “beach body”, and women are being told that they can eat all the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream they want as long as they shed their extra pounds in spring.

What is not immediately obvious is that such female behavior points not just to sloth but also to a view on dating you may find highly unpalatable. First, I can anecdotally confirm that a significant number of women only do sport in summer. I think a lot of women don’t move much at all, and the very few that exercise only do so one half of the year. At my most recent gym, for instance, I ran into essentially the same bunch of guys over and over. Once those guys had made the decision to get into shape, they stuck to it. On the other hand, I noticed a temporary increase in female attendance that seemed to coincide with a rising temperature. If you’re located in a place like Florida, that observation may not hold, but if you live in a part of the world with pronounced seasons, it likely does.

Let’s say a single woman only wants to be slim in summer. This clearly indicates that she is aware that her looks are important for securing a mate, even just a one-night stand. Yet, if she can get away with hiding her fat rolls, she’d much rather walk around in an oversized sweater. On the other hand, a woman who is in a relationship and acts this way is even worse. She probably got her boyfriend during summer, and in winter she fattened up. She didn’t care about looking good for Mr. Beta Bucks, but come summer, she wants to make another attempt at getting the attention of Jamal and Tyrone. Those women don’t respect themselves, and they respect their boyfriend even less.

I hinted already at the importance of consistency. If you want to stay in shape, you can’t just lift a 5-kilo kettlebell off the floor ten times and expect to look like a fitness model afterwards. Sadly, that seems to be what some women think. In fact, I have rarely seen women who came to the gym to work towards their “beach body” and sticking to it. Instead, they showed up a few times, and then they just disappeared. Of course, that kind of observation would be more reliable if it came from someone working at a gym, but even if you work out a few times a week at the same time you will learn who the regulars are, due to the fact that a lot of people stick to a routine. Thus, if you stop running into some people, it is not implausible to assume that they moved away or stopped exercising. Once their routine disintegrates, they strop working out. Indeed, if you can’t make it a routine to work out, you are likely to not stick to it at all.

As bad as women who get fat during winter and who make a half-arsed attempt to get in shape in spring are, they are still marginally better than the many women who just stopped caring about how they look and expect to get a top-shelf guy. If their buff billionaire doesn’t show up, their only options are getting a bunch of cats or propositioning guys from a low socio-economic background. I hear that plenty of aged feminists are chasing after gimmegrant dick. I wonder how that is working out for them. In any case, that is a fate they could have avoided by eating healthily and doing light exercise three times a week for half an hour, but that was apparently way too much to ask for.

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11 thoughts on “Women who have a “summer body” and a “winter body”

  1. Routine is such a big deal, totally underrated. It’s hard to get your ass moving at all, no matter if it’s for a 5 min cycling session or a full 45 min workout. Once you get going it doesn’t matter.
    But, that’s people in general. Alek made a great comment that he is bigger than 99% of the guys in the gym. Not because he has a superior workout. No, 99% of people quit after three months.
    I think women and men are equally inconsistent in that regard.
    What we have to acknowledge though is that women’s lack of drive is absolutely ridiculous when considered that all they have to do is lift weights a 10 year old boy plays with and maybe spend 25 min on a bike and all that twice per week. That would put them way above average.
    I think the problem is lacking willpower to stay away from the sugar and other unhealthy stuff.
    Another thing that boggles my mind is the following: When chicks claim “but I don’t eat much” Like… this is so ignorant… man…

    1. When chicks claim “but I don’t eat much”

      It is actually true. If you’re physically inactive, you don’t have to eat a ton to get fat.

      An overweight person doesn’t eat a ton more than a healthy-weight person. It’s only 20% more calories.

      – If she eats exactly the same amount (AND TYPE) of food as her skinny friend
      – But also drinks 1-2 sodas a day (which she isn’t counting as “food”)
      – And the friend is really physically active with some regular hobby

      That’s actually enough to have one of them be fat, and the other one not. Despite the fact they eat the same amount of food.

    2. I credit my father for teaching me about eating well from a young age. I’ve decent eating habits today largely because of him. Only on rare occasions were we allowed to order canned drinks when we ate out as a family (extremely common to do both in Singapore). Even then we had to share one can between 2-3 people. I just generally remember him always pointing things out to us: sugar in the broths of hawker food, soy sauce dips being high in sodium (so don’t dip your fishball in for every bite), etc. With moderation forced upon me as a kid, it followed naturally that many things became too sweet to enjoy. On the other hand if you’ve been enjoying all of this in childhood, acclimatising your tastebuds will be so much harder.

    3. It’s not just ignorant, it is a lie.
      If you ever spend a day with a fat woman you will be amused how an awful lot they actually eat.

    4. Alek made a great comment that he is bigger than 99% of the guys in the gym. Not because he has a superior workout. No, 99% of people quit after three months.

      Not 99% of people going to the gym currently. Than 99.9% of people who have ever gone into a gym… Note of the ones currently in it.

      I’m probably in the top 2% of strength for those currently going, but not top 1%. I say strength because I can’t use size as a metric, it’s a mix of fat and muscle. I’m currently fat lol (the 22% bodyfat bouncer look).

      And I got here by fucking around for 10 years. No, not going to the gym for 14 years. There might have been a total of 4-5 years of actual gymgoing within that 14 year period. Just not quitting over the long-run… Even if it meant taking 6-9 month breaks here and there.

  2. Sadly most damage is done when people are still children. It’s extremely important for children to be in shape. If people are fat in childhood it’s much harder to get in shape later in life. I worked-out from a early age. If i don’t work-out for 6 months and eat junk food. I won’t turn into a blob. I will lose only a little muscle mass. And it won’t take more than 2 weeks to get it back. I never gain weight on vacation. My body developed this way in childhood and puberty. So it’s easy to maintain fitness for me. All because i did sports and had a healthy diet as a kid. If kids don’t move much because parents don’t have time or interest to take them to practice. And they feed them junkfood. Because mom doesn’t have the time to make a healthy meal. Because she’s a career woman. Kids will get fat. And they will probably struggle with weight problems for their entire life. Getting in shape isn’t impossible. But it will always be a struggle to stay fit. Only a real lifestyle change will do.

    1. Indeed you’re right Ben. Although I have no plans of having kids,I’ve entertained a few thought experiments. One of them is to keep video games out of your child’s life,at least for most of the early part of their life(along with minimizing the presence of TV,internet and other such media). This is so that your children will be able to develop a love for “physical play/fun.” Of course,in order to really pull this off,you have to be willing to play with them as well and be into sports yourself. You have to lead by example.

      This may be a bit off topic,but I think its worth mentioning. Sleazy’s Gal once mentioned in the past how typical schools/formal education can be a problem when you’re trying to raise your children as best as you can. There’s bad influences and bullies(My step-sister’s personality has taken a turn for the worse ever since she got enrolled into a private school.) and then there’s the fact that school trains you to be blindly obedient to authority rather than really developing practical and employable skills(once you’re past the basics like basic reading and math,etc.)

      A potential alternative to formal education is homeschooling/unschooling combined with social hobbies for their socialization needs(and to develop skills). I’ve heard some organizations out there do give out high school diplomas for the home-schooled/unschooled. Don’t take my word for it though,this isn’t something I’ve researched all that deeply(because I don’t really need to)but I felt it was worth mentioning,as it may be a way to avoid bad influences,bullies and all the other downsides of typical schools.

    2. I think many of us will agree with minimal exposure to media and gadgets. I remember a comparison done between a children’s show in the past and today. They counted the time it took for a change in scene. Needless to say, the difference was startling. I think the old show took a whole 8-10 seconds longer before a switch in scene. Sorry for my foggy memory. Besides inculcating in children a love of the outdoors and physical play, it’s also important to not drastically shorten their attention spans.

      I used to muse “but what if using a smartphone gets my precocious kindergartener curious about app development?” And then snapped out of it. If this is the sophisticated hardware and software that kids get from Day 1, I’m skeptical that it will cross their mind to question how the final product they’re holding in their hands came to be or be interested in “deconstructing” it.

      It’s funny that Westerners are lamenting how school trains you to be blindly obedient to authority. It’s supposed to be Asia’s “competitive advantage”! That being said, I’m vaguely aware of the Prussian education system being the model for schools today.

    3. If interacting with smartphones would make people interested in app development, we’d have armies of bimbos and ditzes working in tech, as opposed to diversity roles and the occasional position ‘on’ tech they get.

  3. I had game console’s. I played Mario, Sonic, Mortal combat, Zelda and almost all other big titles that made it back in the day. However i also played outside regularly. And i did sports. My dad would take me to practice twice every week for a 2 hour training. And he took me to tournaments if i had any. He always supported me. If i had a tournament coming up he would help me with training at home almost every day. He even build a gym for me at home. Complete with all training equipment. I would never have reached the level i did without that support. My grandfather did the same for him when he was a boy. He would take my dad to his soccer practice etc. And his dad before him. All men in my family have done sports. And all supported their sons. It’s what boy’s need. No amount off tech or material wealth can replace that.

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