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Will Social Media Lead to Inevitable Red-Pilling of Teenage Boys?

I recently wrote about the fact that social media may unexpectedly red pill soy boys by providing proof that chicks bang Chads and Tyrones. There is more to this, though. Before social media, or even before the Internet, you were obviously aware that there are young women and old women, and that people get older, but even in your own family there may only have been rather incomplete records of female aging. In the 1990s, there may not have had multiple pictures taken for each month of a daughter’s life, let alone the mother’s. Now fast forward a few decades!

Today, you can connect with an adult woman on Facebook and just move back in her timeline, and you will see what she looked like before she smashed into the wall. On the other hand, as a relatively sheltered kid, you may not have been aware how quickly and how poorly Western women age. Granted, they may not have been aging as poorly as today’s “woke” women. I thus wonder what effects the kind of full disclosure social media gives will have. I think having easy access to a woman’s pre- and post-wall pictures already significantly reduces the willingness of men to settle, instead rather going their own way. However, those are often men who were burnt and who once actively pursued relationships. They may have had a few girlfriends even.

I don’t consider it implausible that a 16-year-old boy could add his teacher on social media, and discover that ten years ago she was pretty hot. He then looks at his female peers and realizes that they only have a few good years before their looks will decline precipitously. I think the best outcome would be if young boys looked at their female peers and made the obvious conclusion, i.e. if those women don’t want them right now, they just focus on their education and career, and once they are older, they’ll look for a young woman. If you want to settle down, that is the only plausible approach to dating anyway.

I also wonder if social media will lead to women getting even crazier. Again, before social media and ubiquitous smartphones, a woman would look in the mirror and think that she is a beautiful snowflake, day after day after day, despite the fact that she has been falling apart over the last few years. She may have had a few pictures of herself from events like her 18th birthday or her college commencement. Today’s woman in her mid-to-late 20s, on the other hand, will have access to thousands of pictures of herself. She can thus study in intricate detail how much she has aged, and how much more unattractive she has gotten over the years. That must make for a rather depressing activity. In comparison, guys can look back at their timeline and see that they are doing better and better.

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12 thoughts on “Will Social Media Lead to Inevitable Red-Pilling of Teenage Boys?

  1. I hope you would spend more time in explaining in these posts that you don’t hate women and that they can be great.

    Not in marriage of course. That’s very unlikely as if didn’t end in divorce, you’d either be unhappy with her, stay together for the kids or cheat and considering that and that there is a 50+ percent divorce rate in the western world and more so else where, I would say 99.999% of marriages are utter shitting failures. Think about your own family for bad inspiration. And, couples that stay together for 50+ years aren’t so good either. They just don’t know better. How could they. They simply don’t know. They only know their shit way of life.

    In most other cases though, women can be great.

    1. I don’t hate women. To me, they are all precious little flowers and wish, from the bottom of my heart, that every single one of them will get exactly what she deserves.

    2. That looks like a neg. (Remember PUA?) But I believe you. If they are bitches they deserve to be treated like dogs.

  2. i was in elevator with my mom
    she looked at the mirror and said:
    “i aged , i look like an old cow now.”
    and she isnt even a social media user.
    she has those moments where she expresses disappointment in her fading looks.
    but what about those modern social media whores?

    1. Your mom settled down early in her life, though. Today’s woman wakes up, realizes she looks like an old cow, and starts complaining that there are no good men left.

    2. Women indeed have to cope with the fact that most of them are not primarily motivated in life by achievement and challenges. Most men at some point in their lives can (pr are simply forced to) accept the way their personal (physical/sexual/whichever…) shortcomings have turned out so far and then can direct their focus on something else in life that they would actually wish to actively achieve, learn or otherwise get under their belt – be it in business, in health or even as hobbies.

      In past times for women this used to involve work at home, e.g. like knitting, sowing, cooking or generally taking care of the family. With feminism – having poisoned those time tested activities and the concept of family behind it – it appears to me that many “strong, independent, modern wommenz” actually don’t really know what to do with their boring, meaningless existence. It’s quite sad to observe. And no, getting pregnant at age 40 and then raising their child as a single mom (cuz they don’t need no men in their lives) aint cuttin’ it either…

  3. Online media like Instagram caters to a highly narcissistic audience.
    Who has the best car, cutest dog , etc etc.
    Women are more prone to this peer-pressure and competition.
    They already did it long before social media. Gossip!
    They will have a much harder time with getting exponentially more exposure.
    There are already numerous breakdowns of instagram models.

    1. Oh, and speaking of Instagram – don’t forget to mention “tag the sponsor”! Those trips to Dubai and other comparable Arab cities are not purely done for fun/shopping… Habibi wants to have $ome “tangible” fun as well…

  4. There are already teen MGTOW. They aren’t as much red pilled by fading looks. It’s more that they’ve seen the men close to them being destroyed in divorce. And they realise that girls get it on with chad’s on a regular basis. So some just don’t see much reasons to have a serious relationship. After finding MGTOW on youtube, it’s only a matter of time they’ll see a wall hitting women video. Men and boys will always way the costs and the benefits of everything. And Western women just make ridiculous high demands. And offer almost nothing in return. The risks of divorce and fals rape claims are also well known. Most men and boy’s go their own way without even knowing about the MGTOW movement. I was going my own way long before MGTOW was a thing. I just realised that relationships weren’t worth the investment.

  5. I do think there is a correlation nowadays why women hit the wall hard or earlier than 30/40yrs ago and their lifestyle. I was talking with my uncle (61), who is a family doctor and we talked about his impressions since he practices. He say’s it comes down to:
    – most girls nowadays can’t cook, consume processed food and if they cook, it’s a unilateral way like vegan or shakes with “superfoods” in it
    – sports are practiced now to get lean, not just to have physical activity: 40yrs ago most women walked a lot or took a bicycle. Women have put on weight and loosing it on and off, even label “beach body” and “winter type”. Variations in weight are not healthy at all
    – having not enough sleep finding enough rest because of social media / smartphones addiction. Depression did increase, too.
    – women did use make up in the past only for exceptionally events like going on a date, wedding or for photography. Even if they used make up, it was done in 5 minutes like lipstick, eyelashes and eyeliner. This day they start painting as kids (10 yrs or younger – „gotta trap your customers early“), sleep with make up on and need make up to cover their acne due to hormone fluctuations caused by the pill and other medications.

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