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The Wall Illustrated: Kesha / Ke$ha

In my post Seinfeld, #metoo, and avoiding women altogether I wrote about an incident in which Jerry Seinfeld refused a hug from Kesha and placed it in a wider context. However, Kesha herself is also worth spilling a few words over. I have to admit that I don’t listen to much pop music, but I am familiar with ‘Tik Tok’, arguably Kesha’s biggest hit. Back then she called herself Ke$ha. Anyway, here is the video, which glorifies the irresponsible Western whore lifestyle:

I couldn’t find a high-definition version of that video, so let’s just take this screengrab:

Kesha at 21 (Official YouTube channel, Fair Use assumed)

‘Tik Tok’ was released in 2009. Kesha was born in 1987, so she was 21 or 22 when the video was shot. So, let’s feast our eyes on Ke$ha at age 22. I think she’s pretty attractive in that picture and even if you don’t agree with my assessment, you probably consider her at least above-average looking. That’s essentially the caliber of chicks I used to bang in clubs, white trashy whores galore.

From that point onward, Ke$ha’s looks dropped like a rock. Already at age 27, to take inspiration from her mega hit ‘Tik Tok’, the party certainly didn’t start until she walked in anymore. Here’s what she looked like at that age:

Kesha at 27 (Wikipedia / Creative Commons)

It’s pretty scary, isn’t it?

Fast-forward a few years, Kesha at age 29 or 30, in the clip with Jerry Seinfeld, she looks totally busted:


When I saw that clip, my first thought was that there is probably a different artist called Kesha now. Admittedly, I missed the rebranding from Ke$ha to Kesha, so the connection from the partying slut portrayed in ‘Tik Tok’ to the washed up old lady who sexually harrassed Seinfeld was not one I was able to make immediately.

It looks like Kesha went for the usual tits-lips-nose hat-trick, and probably got plenty of other parts of her body fixed. It didn’t help much. Instead of retaining some youth and beauty, she instead managed to give a pretty good impersonation of Pamela Anderson at 40, when she started to look like total crap. The difference, though, is that Kesha smashed into The Wall in her mid-to-late twenties already. It’s quite sobering. Just let this sink in: imagine you had married 22-year-old Ke$ha and five years later you wake up next to 27-year-old Kesha without the dollar sign and without the looks. It really gives you the chills.

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6 thoughts on “The Wall Illustrated: Kesha / Ke$ha

  1. The finest bit of pop on the reality of The Wall is Gwen Stefani’s “What ‘cha waiting for?”.

    “Look at your watch now, you’re still a super-hot female.”

    But not for long. Tik Tok, as Kei$ha would say.

  2. This a great video on women hitting the wall made by huMAN.
    And how modern western women just don’t want to face reality.
    When women hit puberty they are given a winning lottery ticket.
    This ticket has a expiration date. (the wall)

    1. I am shocked! I had no idea that my TayTay is now also done for. Thanks for sharing.

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