The sex doll conundrum: How little do some women offer?

The other day a story about a guy from Botswana made the rounds who divorced his wife so that she would no longer interfere with his loving relationship with a sex doll. That guy fucked a sex doll, realized that it’s better than having a nagging wife, and decided to get rid of her. He probably isn’t the only one because the Botwanan lawmaker, the esteemed Tyrone Mzwaga Ndlovu Thabang, decided to ban sex dolls outright.

I think that the implications are quite staggering. While there are countless women who are really quite amazing: they are fat, yet beautiful, they are highly educated, with their degrees in Sociology or Critical Whiteness, and they are so incredibly open, having one kid each from Jamal, Jose, and Mustafa. If that doesn’t prove that they aren’t racist, then what does? On top, those exceedingly rare women are also independent as they are making their own (welfare) money. Those women are genuine catches! If you ever get one of them, hold on to them. If push ever comes to shove, you’re better off chopping off your hands than letting go of such a ‘woke’ woman.

While men who end up with trashy welfare queens will be envied by us lowlives, there are also men who aren’t so lucky. They have to deal with women who aren’t so desirable. Heck, they may not be able to offer anything at all. In all seriousness, how little does a woman have to offer so that a man would say, “Fuck this shit, I’ma plow a plastic doll instead.” I’d love to say that this is an absurd conclusion to draw, but if you look around, you really can’t blame men for not wanting to have anything to do with your typical woman-with-an-attitude, which only gets worse with age. Imagine you come home from work, only to get nagged on. Wait, that happened to me — and then I divorced her. Funny how that works.

Unlike my Botswanan brother, though, I didn’t have to resort to buying a sex doll. Yet, the underlying principle was arguably the same. At one point you just have enough, and if you get to a point where you are just fed up with women, it is certainly a valid decision to explore whether a modern sex doll is able to replace your nagging wife or girlfriend. There are increasing numbers of men who don’t want to have anything to do with (Western) women. Some may not want to have anything to do with women at all. If your baseline for a woman is that she should neither bitch nor be fat, but have, for whatever unfathomable reason, a hard time finding a woman in real life who would fit that bill, then a sex doll may be just right for you. It may even be a huge step up to the caliber of woman you can attract.

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15 thoughts on “The sex doll conundrum: How little do some women offer?

  1. From the article: “So after sleeping with it, he divorced his wife of 4 children claiming she was no match to the doll when it comes to bedrooms matters.”

    Dayum… imagine what a boring sack of potatoes his ex wife has been in bed. LOL

    “Imagine you come home from work, only to get nagged on. Wait, that happened to me — and then I divorced her. ”

    Why didn’t you man up, Aaron? If you can’t handle her at her worst you don’t deserve her at her best, you know?
    #yolo, #plentyoffishintheseabutonlyonemermaid and shit….

  2. The thing in the west is that many women think they are worth a relationship just for existing. The truth is that a shit tier woman is a negative value to your life. In theory a woman will have her own job and you will be better off together because two income households have more money. With a bad woman you will have to support her or she will push you in a more expansive lifestyle or spend your money (I even know a guy who filed for divorce after his wife put 25 000$ on the credit card in a single month). A woman can enrich your social circle, but she can also try to isolate you from your friends and hobby. She can provide you with regular sex, but can also stop putting out or become fat and then you can no longer hook up or watch porn or see a sex worker or get a sex doll because that would be cheating.

    1. *The truth is that a shit tier woman is a negative value to your life*
      – Precisely. I have a distant uncle who is a poor/broke loser with an ugly wife(and an even uglier personality)that treats him like shit. I could maybe understand men who settle down with an unattractive that treats him well or even financially provides for him(albeit still not a desirable position to be in)but to settle down with a whale that brings nothing but constant stress to your life? I can’t even fathom it,especially now when we have access to the alternatives you mentioned. Are people that afraid to be “alone?”

      Allow me to mention one more alternative; Lucid dreaming.
      We may not have the technology for high-quality virtual reality simulations yet(and probably won’t for another 20 years or so),but this is as close you can get to that today. The downside is that it does take some effort to develop the initial skill and it will always have a time limit(I’m not sure if its possible to go past 3 hours)but personally,I find it far more appealing than today’s sex dolls. I’ve certainly fulfilled quite a few sexual fantasies of mine this way,hehe. 😉

  3. Feminist are trying to make boys play with dolls for ages. And now the boy’s finally do. They want to ban them.
    Please make up your mind already.

    1. I propose it for “Comment of the Month”

      Aaron should use it as a title for his next post on dolls 🙂

  4. Aaron, since you plan on writing a book about relationships in the future, this subject might be touched on quite a bit there. I remember some years ago, when some reader asked you how you ended up married despite your concerns about Western women, that you had found a “remarkable” woman.

    Without sharing too much, have you reflected on what prevented you from seeing your ex-wife’s red flags?

    1. I saw the red flags. I underestimated them, however. All in all, the divorce wasn’t such a tragedy as some of you may think as a big reason for marrying her in the first place was that I was fairly certain that if things would go south, I’d get out relatively unharmed. As soon as she started pushing for a kid, I knew that I had to get out asap, though, because I had no intention of raising kids with her, and the thought of her raising my kid on her own sent shivers down my spine.

    2. Aaron, sorry if this is too intimate – may I ask if her parents were still together and if her relation to mother and father was a good one?
      Totally understand if you do not want to comment.

    3. No worries. When I filed for divorce, her parents were still married. My ex-wife seemed quite close to her mother, a bit too close, in my opinion, calling each other several times a day. On the other hand, she rarely spoke to her father. Then again, her father was working full-time, her mother was a homemaker with too much time on her hands.

  5. One thing that I’ve noticed with some mothers is that they have the tendancy to always agree with their daughters. Even giving out plain shitty advice.

    This is much different when it comes to fathers, at least id they arn’t afraid of playing their role as a father.

    When I look at my current girlfriend and her relationship with her father, he seems to have been quite involved in her life. Informing her about men, not afraid to speak his mind. I sometimes wonder how this affects her view on men, since she doesn’t mind me making deciscions and seems to prefer relationships to be more on the traditional side.

  6. The article says: “So after sleeping with it, he divorced his wife of 4 children claiming she was no match to the doll when it comes to bedrooms matters.”

    Unsaid: She was fat and Black, and he got a slim and White doll imported from the U.S. Of course he’ll give some other reason like her “skill in bedroom matters” and the journalist plays along, even though it goes without saying that a doll has no skills whatsoever.

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