Sex dolls are already superior to (some) women

While I am personally not interested in purchasing a sex doll, I can’t help but notice that there is growing interest. There are now several online shops, which seem to be doing well enough to stick around, and plenty of YouTubers have been discussing the topic from a purely pragmatic perspective. Of course, feminists are frothing at the mouth at the thought of a man just plowing a sex doll instead of being a woman’s beta bitch and walking ATM.

Sex dolls are inanimate objects. They don’t do anything besides providing a visually pleasing shell for three orifices. I have never touched a sex doll, but I have been reading that modern ones don’t feel too unrealistic. Supposedly, the haptics range from the silicone feel to ‘almost’ life-like, even though I have a hard time believing this. Of course, you have to take into account that a sex doll should be warmed up, with a heating blanket, not with foreplay, before using it as an outlet for all your sexual energy. Your sex doll is sexually available anytime.

Compared to your typical Western woman, the first benefit of a sex doll is that she doesn’t do anything. A sufficiently deranged woman will have you put out fires all the time and grate on your nerves. A sex doll you can just tuck away and she won’t disturb you or nag you or create work for you. Typical Western women don’t cook and clean, and neither do sex dolls. On top, they don’t dirty up your apartment, which you can’t say of your typical messy Western woman. The score is already not in the favor of real women.

The main purpose of a sex doll is, well, having sex with it. While an eager, passionate woman won’t be replaced anytime soon, there are women you could completely replace with a sex doll. I have had a few women who did absolutely nothing in bed, and I am not exaggerating. They would only lie on their back, spread their legs and let you pound them. They don’t moan, they may even hardly touch you. You plow them and they keep mum. Fuck enough women and you’ll probably come across some who are completely shitty in bed. Now compare what you get with a sex doll: a semi-realistic replica of a woman that does nothing. She won’t bitch either and you can pound her to your heart’s content.

Are there any men who campaign against dildos? By and large, we just don’t seem to care about it. There probably are very few, if any, women who are sexually desirable who would say that a dildo could replace the caliber of guys she can get. Of course, the reason is that guys are needed for much more than sex. They are supposed to provide validation, do chores around the household, and open their wallet. You couldn’t possibly design a male sex robot that could do all of that. Yet, if you are a guy, depending on where you are in life, chances are that the main purpose of a woman in your life is simply sex. You may have bad luck and she stops putting out, but still expect you to be her beta provider bitch, though. In that case, I’d say your well-being could significantly improve if you kicked your woman out and bought a sex doll. Heck, even if you just kicked your woman out, you’d be better off because this enables you to jerk off whenever you’d like. Your typical sex-starved man who is trapped in an unhappy relationship does not have that luxury.

The bottom line is that sex dolls are already threatening the status of women, which explains why feminists have been getting their panties in a twist. Let’s wait what happens once we get some proper robotics, too. We could start with a simple push-back mechanism for the pelvis. Seeing how passive some women are, this would be a further improvement of the status quo for many men. If you are dealing with a woman who is completely passive in bed, has a shitty attitude and does absolutely nothing positive for you, then I’d say that her days are already numbered. A sex doll for a few grand and paying a maid to clean your apartment once a week puts you in a better place than quite a few men who are stuck with leeches.

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7 thoughts on “Sex dolls are already superior to (some) women

  1. “We could start with a simple push-back mechanism for the pelvis. Seeing how passive some women are, this would be a further improvement of the status quo for many men”

    There are quite some advances in the field of soft robotics. I expect even physio therapists’ days to be numbered. Once they manage to make robots good enough to actually heal/relieve e.g. back pain, then a handjob/blowjob is not very far away.
    I give it 10 years maximum.

  2. If you look around and see the horrible state western women are in. Is it really unfair too say that some of these robots already look more attractive? Personally i think high class escorts are a better alternative. And considering these dolls are still very expensive. I think that would still be a better deal for most guys. But i can understand that some men wouldn’t mind trading their wife for a doll. These dolls have the right figure. You could close your eyes and pretend you’re with a attractive woman. That’s harder to do if you’re with a miss blob.

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