You win by not playing

As I’ve talked about earlier, I deliberately abstained from women in my adolescence, chasing a dream instead. Only after that didn’t quite come to fruition did I start bothering with women. Partly, I did this out of curiosity. Things turned out quite well on that front, and I probably got hooked a bit too much for too long. Plenty of guys I know took a different route. Of course, there was the occasional guy who just couldn’t get laid to save his life. The others ended up having girlfriends. Those were not always the most fortunate pairings, though. Yet, they just couldn’t stand the thought of being single, so they took whatever girl they could get, in true beta cuck fashion.

The issue with young guys is that they can’t assess their market value properly. True, if you’re young and broke, your sexual market value may not be great at present. Yet, if you’re broke for a good reason, for instance by taking out a modest amount of student loans to help you finance a degree that will lead to a decent career, you’re in pretty good shape. Literally the moment you sign your first contract, your sexual market value will skyrocket. Some women chase after those guys. After getting fucked in every hole by every Chad, Matt, and Brad of every athletic team at their college, they panic because all they are getting with their B.S. in Communications are unpaid internships. Suddenly, some awkward geek who will soon have money flowing out of his pockets looks very attractive to them. (She’ll continue fucking other guys behind his back for as long as she can.)

Less extreme are examples of guys who pair up with fairly okay-looking girls. Those girls are insecure and don’t think they’ll do any better. Besides, Matt and Chad never tried putting their rock-hard cocks in her butt. She’s your regular plain Jane. Both may be of pretty average caliber. Still, the guy may end up doing a lot better in life than his girlfriend. I don’t have a lot of data on that, but I have a few of anecdotes of such women pushing very hard for an early marriage. Those women may even be conservative if not prude, but those are women who only ended up not being sluts because they didn’t have the opportunity to take lots of dicks. There is probably not much virtue in a woman like that keeping her legs together.

Common in all kinds of early pairings is that the age gap between the man and the woman will be quite small. She may even be a bit older than he is. The problem with this is that she will end up hitting the wall really hard, really soon. Your typical 20-something couple, which might look evenly matched for a few years won’t give you that impression in ten years. The average 30-something man looks infinitely better than the average 30-something woman. It’s downright bizarre.

When I was in my late 20s and realized how screwed some of my friends or acquaintances were, I thought I had dodged a bullet. Had I continued my life of voluntary celibacy, I would have come out ahead of most guys. Man, there were couples you wouldn’t believe: one guy had a girlfriend of the same age, with a somewhat cute face but a few pounds too much. She looked borderline acceptable in her 20s, if you were in a really generous mood, but in her 30s you would throw up in your mouth if you saw her.

I never questioned any of my male friends about some of the choices they made, but some of them felt very uncomfortable once I started bringing the occasional girl along. I once dropped that I was dating a girl 10 years younger than me, which was the nail in the coffin of one of my friendships. My first wife was 8 years younger than me, which some of my supposed friends didn’t like either. Imagine showing up at a get-together and seeing the pissed-off faces of both guys and girls! With my Asian cutie, who is 16 years younger than me, I’m getting similar reactions. My male friends are all cool with her, but the chick of one of them, just a girl he was fucking at that time, did not seem happy at all when she met my girl. Not one bit. She probably got, once again, alerted to the fact that her time is running out.

As a guy, it is very easy to get out ahead of the competition. Keep in mind that the average guy will end up with a really crappy girlfriend. I think you are way better off staying single, and fucking hookers, if you really need to, than settling for an average woman. If you have been dating seriously throughout your 20s, you may realize that your women have been aging a lot faster than you. In that case, hit the eject button and start over. Pick someone much younger! You deserve it. No matter how you view it, if you pair up with a woman your age, you’ll invariably lose. Things may be fine in your 20s. In your 30s, the guy who chose to stay single will be better off, and that is without taking the problem of divorce into account. Even if the relationship is great, Joe Average at 35 will be together with Jill Average at 35, and that it really not an attractive prospect. Joe never realized his potential. I’m not saying that you need to abstain from women in order to ‘win’. You can as well date throughout your 20s, but make sure you eject before things start getting too serious.

If you don’t intend to marry and have children, you can live out a life as a happy bachelor. Otherwise, you would be well advised to not settle down while you are still acquiring resources. I see this among friends of mine who have had stellar success in their careers. If they would enter the dating market now in their 30s, they could date the most fantastic women. These guys only got more desirable year after year. By waiting to settle down, they would have ended up in a much better position, objectively speaking.

As a guy, you have a lot of time. Women don’t, which is why they pressure you into marriage. I’d say that even Joe Average in his 20s should just hold out. Scratch that. Especially he should hold out. He may not be able to smash pussy like Brad and Chad, but the shit-tier quality he can get in his 20s he could do without. In the worst case, he gets nothing, which is better than an old and used-up Jill Average. Of course, all you guys are of top-shelf caliber. You should go after younger women. Leave women your age for guys ten to twenty years older than you are. You win by not playing their game.

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14 thoughts on “You win by not playing

  1. What makes you so sure they are pissed off by the age difference? Just because you are obsessed with age doesnt mean others are. Keep in mind its Germany, maybe you were accidentally “friends” with anti-racemixing fascists, without you realizing. In that case saying goodbye is best. Did they have shaved heads by any chance?

    Racemixing is the future and ppl better get used to it! We need to beat racism, after all, and racemixing is the best cure.

    1. You’re confusing two points. One is the overall age difference, another is dating someone from a different race. I may remind you that I do not have a history of dating Asians.

    2. People don’t like it when you date younger women because it doesn’t fit the feminist agenda. I had negative reactions with both dating younger white and Asian women. Western women are told they can have it all. And that they can easily settle down with a high value man in their 30s. When the high value men in their 30s date younger women. They are confronted with the painful truth. Plus they see it as a bad thing. Because the older man is likely to have the leading position within the relationship. They want to see all men cucked and dominated by women. A 20yo girl is not likely to dominate a 35yo guy. I have even been called a pedophile right in the face for dating a 20yo girl. It’s not that these people try to hide the fact they are angry because you date younger women. They try to shame you publicly for it.

    3. But i also get hatefull remarks for dating foreign women. Specially Asian women. And mostly it’s western women who make those remarks. They cant stand the idea that men are attracted to more feminine women. And they assume that it’s because Asian women are more submissive. And that’s a big no no with feminist. Guys that prefer younger, beautiful, feminine, submissive, traditional women. That’s the feminist nighttmare.

      And personally i have no problem with rubbing it in that i indeed consider Western women my age undesirable. I throw it right back in their face. I have no problem telling them in their face that i find them repulsive. And that i’m doing them a favour by pissing them off. it’s the best way to make them burn some calories.

    4. I didn’t clue in that people in Aaron’s circle were stewing at him for dating an Asian girl. I figured it was because she’s 16 years factor in that she’s got the Asian, ahem, “youthfulness”…she may even look younger (and the age gap that much wider)!

      Oh, and according to the New York Times, Aaron dating an Asian girl means he’s some Aryan alt-right faaaaaashisssst!

    1. There are many valid approaches. However, as I wrote in the article, if you get married to a woman of roughly your age in your 20s, she’ll age a lot faster than you.

  2. Is a woman who wants and loves a man only, or primarily, for his success a “good catch” though? If the stock market crashes and the well runs dry, where will she go?

    Isn’t the ultimate prize a girl who loves you, for you, no matter how poor you are?

  3. Hey Aaron I’ve got a question for you, I was wondering the dating a younger age bracket advice is mainly for guys aged late 20’s onwards? being in my early 20’s I find that girls younger than me are immature to the point that its a bit off putting (like I don’t wanna extended periods of time with some dropkick 18 yr old), obviously this statement is entirely anecdotal but seems to be the norm in my experience.

    1. I don’t think women (people) mature much in general. Your immature 18-year old girl was an immature 14-year-old and will be an immature 28-year-old. In your case, it’s less of an issue as you’re hopefully not going to settle down, so it doesn’t matter that much whether you fuck a 22-year-old or an 18-yeard-old for a few months before moving on.

  4. True, most likely due to the social circles I involved with. Thats right not intending to bunker down, just the only thing was the few months can be tiring with the wrong person, but I guess the onus is on me to find better people.

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