Don’t bother settling down if you can only get sub-standard women

While my piece on Nelly Furtado hitting The Wall could be seen as a spiteful attack on the dignity of a woman, it is much closer to the truth that there is a very important message hidden in it, and one most of you should be well-aware of: modern Western women age brutally fast.

From this observation it follows that if you want to settle down, you should get a very young woman so that you can enjoy her youth and beauty. Should you not be able to attract someone young and attractive, what else would you do — pick some used-up 30 year-old who got discarded by twenty or thirty guys who is now looking for a meal ticket for the rest of her life? If you don’t manage to get a young wife, I’d say your prospects are rather dismal. The average marriage age in the West is generally in the early thirties. One would hope that the average guy at least got to enjoy his wife in her youth. More often than not, though, the average beta cuck gets to enjoy the leftovers on the dating market. After Chad, Brad and Matt banged Jane Average for fun, and only because she was so easily available, Joe Average has his turn.

Joe Average is in his early 30s and never got much action. He is doing so-so in life. Even though he is getting by with a modicum of comfort, he no longer dreams of buying a house or driving a luxury sports car. Life has crushed his dreams and ambitions. The women he used to be into either settled down with someone of a higher status than him, or they kept fucking bad boys. Those women age nonetheless. Joe Average most certainly is familiar with the phenomenon that women who used to give him the cold shoulder, because they’d much rather fuck other guys, all of a sudden reach out to him via social media, asking how he is doing. Now that all her prospects have dried up, she’d panicking and even considering settling for someone, anyone, whose only achievement is that he is drawing a steady paycheck. Given how dismal the economy is in parts of the Western world, that’s not such a bad outcome, all things considered.

Joe Average could steadily work towards retirement, getting some joy out of life if not at work, then during his spare time. Maybe he has a hobby he is genuinely passionate about. Living on his own, he doesn’t need that much money. But what if he doesn’t want that? What if he’d much rather have female company? Now that women are finally showing some interest in him he may want to cash in.

Okay, Joe, go do that!

The likely outcome is that he’ll be getting a woman in her early 30s. That woman has had a dating history of close to two decades. She has been discarding one guy after another, believing that she deserves someone better. Guys have discarded her, one after the other, realizing that she is not fit for a relationship and only good for a quick fuck or a fling. Her emotional baggage is immense. Now Joe Average has to not only live up to expectations he will be unable to ever fulfill. She didn’t get her buff billionaire, so Joe will eventually feel her wrath because he isn’t the top-shelf male she is so convinced of deserving. In her mind, it is Joe’s fault that her life turned out so much worse than she had hoped for.

Then there is the issue of the degrading looks of Jane Average. She wasn’t much of a looker in her youth, and now she’s old. Joe will get to enjoy an old, ugly hag. If he’s lucky, she’ll still look somewhat okay for a few years, but from then on it’s all downhill. What kind of a rotten deal is that, if I may ask? If he does not get divorced, he’ll get to enjoy her aging flabby body for the rest of his life. In healthy relationships, you fall in love, enjoy the youth of your wife, and eventually raise kids and grow old together. After menopause, women lose their sex drive (obviously), and as you get older, your sex drive will decrease as well. Taking biology into account, you’re probably well-advised to only seriously consider settling down in your 30s, but with a woman ten or more years younger than you. Then everything will match up nicely. Joe has it completely backwards, but he does not have much choice.

With an aged woman, the risk is that she’s having baby rabies. She’ll also have a much harder time conceiving as 90% of her eggs will have dried up by age 30. Joe Average now has the task of fucking a woman well past her prime who will be increasingly stressed out because she has a hard time conceiving. Remember, he’s getting at best a mid-tier Western woman; on top, Western women age very quickly. I don’t want to even imagine what a shitty deal that is. If things don’t work out the natural way, Joe Average may even have to pay for in-vitro fertilization, all so that a woman close to menopause can have her dream of having a kid fulfilled, no matter what.

If Joe Average was a bit smarter, the outcome would be infinitely better. All it takes is realizing that if you can’t get a young woman you find attractive and would like to partner up with, then the second-best option is not to settle down with an undesirable woman you feel repulsed by when looking at her, but to forego being in a relationship altogether. Learn to be happy on your own. On that note, I’m very happy to see the MGTOW community growing. In my opinion, the below-average to average man, who would have a very hard time finding a quality partner, should rather spend his time and money on himself. He’ll be much happier overall than someone who gets to live for decades with a used-up and aging woman he never even found attractive.

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8 thoughts on “Don’t bother settling down if you can only get sub-standard women

  1. That’s what bothers me so much with Peterson, since you talked about him. He can’t get beyond his very christian view that every man should find a lifetime partner. That is beyond stupidity. I’m no player, then what ? I’ll fuck only escorts. They will always be the same age. I see what you describe happening to me, at 31yo. Good job, good money, single, I can expect the temptation will increase slowly and steadily as the years come. Boy they are looking ! But no thanks.

    Funny how peer pressure is high too, friends in LTR or even getting married asking me when I’ll find the one. Get busy with your below average gf and her kids (they are probably not yours, at least not for long), but not for me, thanks.

    1. Based on your description of yourself, you could probably quite easily get a high-quality woman who is much younger than you are. If women your age come on to you, don’t even go near them. Most if not all of them view you as a mark. They want that steady meal ticket.

  2. Problems are :
    – I’m rather agreeable and easy to manipulate. So I’m sort of staying away of “the game” to avoid being too screwed up.
    – I have a pretty low sex drive / low energy and can’t bother too much with the time it takes to hunt around for such a low reward. Takes time to be efficient too… Some people like you can pull pretty quickly but you can’t deny it, it took quite a bit of practice which I’m not really ready to put in
    – I’m a bit scared of STDs, and definitely scared of pregnancy, betrayal, drama, and so on.

    Escorts are perfect for me because it’s a low investment to get one every 2-4 months. They don’t get my number or adress and can’t contact me if I don’t want to. Even the last escort gave me her personal number at the end of the meeting, not sure what she was thinking, took it out of politeness and left. She clearly was on the older side as well.

    1. You’re showing truly exceptional self-awareness. I fully agree that if you think that you’re easily manipulated, then stay away from situations in which people could exploit you. Alternatively, get into relationships with a manipulative, crazy women and learn to handle them. (I’m not sure I can recommend that, though.)

      About that older hooker who gave you her number: the biggest losers on the planet marry hookers. She knows that her days in the industry are coming to an end and is simply looking for a host to leech off.

    2. Thanks, well to be honest I felt shitty for a long time before understanding a thing or two. I can totally relate in some of your latest posts regarding the advantage of not dating too early and stuff. I realize that it did me more good then harm.

      On a totally unrelated note, will you open a section on your forum to discuss your latest book ? I ordered it and it’s pretty good, I like the zazen-like approach. I’m also fixing my sleep schedule at the moment and I realize slowly how much sleep deprived I was.

    3. Thanks for the suggestion! I just added a section on Meditation Without Bullshit. The forum has not been very active, but I intend to get a bit more involved again. Thanks for the feedback! Also, please consider leaving a review on Amazon. I’d appreciate it.

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