Women who frequently brush cum off their teeth

I just listened to a video by Turd Flinging Monkey with the title 15 Tricks Only Cucks Fall For. If you have some Tetris to play or need an excuse to clean your apartment, this is your opportunity. The video is pretty amusing. I was even more amused when I noticed a comment on that video on YouTube, which stated the following, pointing out the dangers of common law marriage:

Not to mention that a girl leaving her toothbrush (usually with flecks of cum) In your house can get you two declared married.

This cracked me up already. Obviously, the point is that a chick who brushes your cum off her teeth after a BJ and leaves the toothbrush has taken the first step towards common law marriage already. This is a severe danger in many jurisdictions. I had to laugh even harder when I noticed the following response by a woman:

Omg that’s so sexist. Yes we leave our stuff to slowly move in but we don’t sleep around that much to have cum in our mouths? Lol wtf how much of a whore do you think all girls are? Stop generalizing. It’s like saying all men are rapists just cuz 25% of them sexually harass women on a regular basis smh

Since it’s such a beautiful comment, I’m posting a screenshot as well:

Both quotes are unedited, apart from me highlighting part of a sentence of that chick’s response. I think it is quite telling that she did not come to the obvious conclusion that the original comment was about a chick brushing her teeth after sucking off a dude she wants to slowly move in with. (Yes, the 25% figure is complete bs.) Instead, she reads something entirely different into those words. I find this very interesting as it provides great insights into the female mind, or at least into that woman’s mind. At the very least, she is aware that there are women around who suck so much cock that they end up with toothbrushes that are covered with a mixture of dried cum and toothpaste.

This reminded me of some of my encounters with sluts. If you’re actively “dating”, try this: you notice that she’s ready to fuck you, but instead of taking her back to her place or yours, you lead her to the restroom of the restaurant or cafe you’re meeting her, or some alley. More or less any restroom will do. Particularly in the case of online dating, it is not at all implausible that you can shove your cock into her mouth after an hour or less of talking to her. From that, it follows that there are plenty of women who have absolutely no qualms about sucking random dick. Some suck so much cock that it’s only slightly more intimate for her that giving someone a hug.

A woman who sucks cock routinely and with great fervor — the more, the merrier — normally projects onto the world that all women are like that, in order to justify her slutty behavior. Of course, if a man calls her out on that, then she’s suddenly “not that kind of girl” and “never does those kinds of things”, until she very eagerly does them seconds later. If a slut of such a caliber ends up reading a comment like the one posted above, she may jump to the conclusion that it is now time to protest that women aren’t sluts, and if she can’t make such a claim about all women, then certainly about all women she knows and about her in particular.

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One thought on “Women who frequently brush cum off their teeth

  1. Great article. Yes, women get easily mad if you point out the discrepancies in their behavior.
    Then you only see projections and contradictions as they try to refute.
    She posted a screencap rejecting a guy with the excuse “you are nice but I just use tinder to pass the time.”. I told her why don’t she just unmatches or tell him she is not attracted instead to making inane excuses.
    Then she insisted that she indeed not looking for anything on Tinder. Give me a break!
    You did not register to eBay or reddit to pass the time, you did with Tinder.
    Who are you kidding?

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