The true cost of a woman

While we have grown very skeptical of the idea of keeping a woman around for a long-term relationship, with the exception of the truly exceptional ones, the average Joe still wants to have a girlfriend or a wife at all costs. Thus, it is interesting to look at what those costs include. I find them to be quite significant.

The most obvious expense, the upkeep of a girlfriend or wife, may be seen as the largest cost, but there is a twist, which we’ll get to shortly. Some time ago, when men started to increasingly drop out of the dating market, feminists started to claim that having a live-in woman helps you save money. More than a few times have I read the absurd claim that “two can live as cheaply as one.” This most certainly is only true with the most frugal and agreeable of women. As a single guy, you can comfortably live in a small studio apartment. Heck, you may even decide to just rent a room. With a live-in girl, though, you won’t get away so cheaply. She will want to have more space. Even if she paid 50% of the rent, the fact remains that your 50% share of the rent is likely a lot higher than the rent of your dingy studio apartment was. A compounding factor is that your typical spoilt Western woman can’t just live anywhere. It has to be a nice apartment, in a convenient location, and preferably of luxury standard. On the other hand, as a guy you may be perfectly fine with a conveniently located place, as long as it is of acceptable standard.

Your typical girlfriend will also want to upgrade the interior of your place. If it’s not that, then she’ll nag you that your car isn’t the latest model or that your clothes need an overhaul. Her list of desires will know no bounds. This will particularly become obvious when it comes to traveling. As a single guy, you’re fine crashing on a friend’s couch. Travel with a girl, and suddenly you have to stay in a hotel, which you get to pay. Even if she pays 50%, which is not at all common, your costs absolutely skyrocket. The difference is orders of magnitude.

Those were the obvious costs of having a girlfriend or wife. You can probably see that once kids are in the picture, you won’t ever get to put your wallet back into your pockets. There are many other issues. Let’s have a look at those.

You may think that it’s nice to have a girl around. Even if that is the case, you are entering a clear trade-off. You spend time with her, which you can’t spend on yourself. If you only dick around in your spare time and have no particular interests, you probably don’t miss out on much. Most guys, though, end up dramatically changing their life once a girl enters the picture. Many of you are probably familiar with the phenomenon that some of your friends literally disappear once they get a girlfriend. Suddenly they have no time anymore, and if they do, they drag their overbearing girlfriend along as some kind of chaperone. Such evenings aren’t a lot of fun, so you may no longer feel particularly inclined to reach out to your friend in the future.

Her claiming a chunk of your spare time is only the beginning. In the end, she will also want you to make decisions regarding your career based on her whims. She wants safety and stability, yet you get a job offer from a competitor in a different city. Chances are that she won’t be too thrilled about that. This scenario is surprisingly common. I have heard from guys who had girlfriends who threw a fit because they didn’t want to move. In the most absurd case, he had an offer that came with a $50k salary increase, which was twice as much — the increase alone — than what his chick made. Admittedly, the offer was from an employer in a more expensive city. Yet, she could have found a job as a barista anywhere, but he had to do what she told him. I guess had she realized that by insisting on staying she would also lose out on money, she would probably also have been upset about him making so much more than her.

Sometimes, normies see the light and realize that their girlfriend or wife is nothing but a leech: they demand time, money, attention, and on top make you miss out on opportunities. The awakened normie thinks she has to go. But the fun starts when the divorce proceedings start. Lawyers cost money. Alimony isn’t cheap. Child support is nothing to scoff at either. Plenty of guys get completely wrecked in the process. I had the first encounter with this problem when I was sharing an apartment with some people in Berlin. We had a decently large place with five bedrooms and there was a bit of turnover. When someone moved out, you of course wanted a new flatmate as soon as possible to take care of part of the monthly rent. In this context, we got the occasional call or email from guys who had just gotten divorced or were about to get divorced. This included guys in their late 40s or early 50s. Now imagine that: you’re so fucked that you consider renting a room for three hundred Euros. Meanwhile, your soon-to-be-ex-wife sits in your house or apartment, which you likely paid off yourself, planning with her lawyers, probably paid for with money left in your shared bank account, on how to screw you over in court. This is pretty scary stuff.

I’d say that most of you are better off dramatically limiting the number of serious relationships you want to enter. If you have any doubts about her, then kick her to the curb. Ideally, you thoroughly vet her before making her your girlfriend, which will save you a lot of headaches. The safe choice, by all means, is to stay single.

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9 thoughts on “The true cost of a woman

  1. Sad story about very close family member of mine actually. Very sad.

    So, he had a wife and child, two houses paid for, a business and another lucrative side business underway, a few vehicles and some assets. Long story short, she was unhappy with his drinking and behavior while doing so, so instead of leaving, she took him for every bit. Told the lawyer that he molested the child, which I don’t believe because I was always left alone around this person as a kid. He hasn’t even seen his own boy since the divorce 6 years ago.

    His drinking got worse, he did jail time for stupid decisions. Lost all of his business with nothing to show for it. Now he lives with a friend and his mom. And the friend currently went to jail fo driving on a suspended license, so he actually lives with his friend’s mom for now.

  2. That was the same problem that one had with my ex fiancee. First when I was in the military. It came to a point where I have up a chance to be stationed in Europe because she and her family didn’t want her to move. And the second one was when I got the chance to relocate to West Texas at the peak of the oil boom. Mind you, it’s a rough place to live, but still.

    I think what made it worse was that she was too attached to her family. I mean, everywhere she went her family went, and I had to pay for everything. Their excuse was, the females in their family couldn’t move out or go out of town without a chaperone/guardian until married. Which is understandable for a teen girl, but not for adult women. So fellas, tread carefully, for when you ask for a “family oriented woman”, you might get more than you asked.

    1. This word of caution about family oriented women is apt. While I and my family don’t go to your ex-fiancé’s extent, I certainly feel the dissonance between Western attitudes and Asian family values. There’re expectations on me to give filial piety money, consider how my family will be affected with decisions that I make (even on issues I consider non-major), keep my parents involved, etc. It gets too much for Sleazy sometimes.

  3. > I’d say that most of you are better off dramatically limiting the number of serious relationships you want to enter. … The safe choice, by all means, is to stay single.

    Let me get this straight first. You recommend that men stay single and fuck escorts and/or sluts to fulfill their sex drive based on how much money and/or how good looking they are respectively.

    I did believe in being single forever when I was a virgin. Now however, I feel a void when I even think about it. I do get that I will never enter serious or rather monogamous relationships ever. But, it doesn’t make sense to feel the void.

    For this I personally recommend a tier system of girls. One, two or three girls who are your main stay followed by a lot of higher tier girls. There is fluidity among the tiers and the higher tier girls usually and naturally have a higher turnover rate. (probably since you spend less time with them)

    I even know of a guy who sends his current mainstay girl(s) to pickup other girls for the two of them. Funny how it works.

  4. You don’t even need a girlfriend for a woman to try to fuck you over. My aunt is half-jokingly repeating every occasion she has that she expects me to pay for her retirement. I’m starting to get scared that she actually convinces herself that it’s my duty to help her financially when she is too old to work. Of course at the very best I’ll lend her a small amount of money and use the excuse that she doesn’t pay me back to not lend more. But I expect her to be relentless in her campaign. She’s still young after all (late 40s). Even my grandmother stated somehow that I owe her because she took care of me some times when I was a baby… So it’s not my mother who owes her, it’s me ? Crazy women.

    i met a guy who had a girl for a month relationship
    you could consider them both attractive and polite and nice as people however he told me stories and its the same shit all the time. she was annoying in the end and not happy he makes no money(they are both twenties) fuck. now her new bf is a dentist and she talks crap to him(the first guy) about their past relationship.
    dont know why he keeps talking to her but shows aversion to her physical presence.

    i am average guy and alone wolf .
    but sometimes i socialize and hear stories and get surprised. women are shitty by default
    BY DEFAULT it is not intentional it is their genetic
    after having fantasies in my teens of perfect girlfriend, i cant seem to justify this now at all.
    it is just a game ender. oh and i know one alpha guy and he doesnt bother to go beyond fucking and dumping.

    1. “Women are shitty by default it is not intentional it is their genetic instruction.”

      I think this is the bleak and depressing reality. I couldn’t help but come to that conclusion myself. I’m amused when women seem to think that just because they’ve been exposed to the red pill for months they’re exempted, or above all of that behaviour. In some cases these women don’t seem to have fully understood its philosophy anyway, given some of the posts on the “Red Pill Women” reddit. I doubt that any woman can lead a life that goes against her female nature, even with knowledge of the red pill. That awareness can at best tame her into knowing her place, being better behaved and traditional (provided she hasn’t ridden the CC). It’s quite a damning conclusion for both sexes.

    2. “I think this is the bleak and depressing reality. I couldn’t help but come to that conclusion myself.”

      Aren’t you being a bit hard on yourself?

  6. “A compounding factor is that your typical spoilt Western woman can’t just live anywhere.”

    Oh, they all want to live in Versailles, being supported like a royal princess, having their dress made of diamond, and wish thế gentlemen whọ provides them this to stay loyal, while their beauty fades with time, and their character degrades every year. Such is what is waiting for you, gentlemen.

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