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Picture proof that Lauren Southern is not a conservative

Blog reader Ben made me aware of a recent exposure related to fake-conservative Lauren Southern. I have done plenty of groundwork that shows that she has no right of calling herself a conservative, but now we have gotten proof. Below is a picture of her “cosplaying” like a slut with an ex-boyfriend. You’ll find more compromising pictures of Lauren Southern on Stormfront.

This picture does not require any comments as it takes away the last shroud of credibility Lauren Southern might have had. There are some interesting implications that may not be obvious, though. First, I don’t intend to comment on the race issue. The guy in the picture is not white. While traditional women are most certainly more inclined to date within their own gene pool, it certainly happens that they cross racial barriers. For the sake of the argument, let’s just assume that the guy in the picture is a conservative buff brown billionaire and move on.

Infinitely more problematic for her reputation as a supposed conservative is that this picture shows her in broad daylight, in public, in very revealing clothing. She’s wearing underwear. A genuinely conservative woman would not expose one bit of her breasts in public, let alone walk around in underwear in public. Lauren Southern, on the other hand, has no such qualms. A conservative woman does not show her tits because she does not want to look like a slut. You can make your own conclusions about Lauren Southern in this picture.

On the note of her looking a slut, here is a piece of background information you may not be aware of: Lauren Southern is dressed up as “Catherine”, one of the main characters of the eponymous video game by Atlus. Incidentally, it is one of the very few PlayStation 3 games I played. Don’t tune out, because this will get juicy. Here is the cover of that video game:

Catherine shows a lot less boob in the game than Lauren Southern, as you can see. The cover, however, is supposed to be provocative as her boyfriend disappears between her boobs, which reminds the reader of a tit job. You’ll probably find modified versions of that cover online where Catherine has a hard cock between her tits.

The guy on the cover is Vincent. He is dating “Katherine” in real life, but the slut Catherine is wrecking that relationship. Katherine is a real bitch. Catherine is depicted as wild, sexy, and strong and independent. Katherine wants to settle down and have kids. Catherine only wants to get fucked. Vincent comes across as quite the loser. He gets cucked in the game, in fact. Katherine cheats on him, which is why Vincent has horns. Lauren Southern’s boyfriend also has horns, as you can see. Thus, fake conservative Lauren Southern roleplays as a bona fide slut, and her boyfriend as a beta cuck. She probably thought that the character Catherine is “empowering”. No conservative woman would think the same, though.

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14 thoughts on “Picture proof that Lauren Southern is not a conservative

  1. This is just hilarious. I wish i could see the faces of those cucked beta boy’s obsessed with making white baby’s. Their white supremacy princess riding the multi-culture CC. They are losing their minds. It’s just hilarious. Taking in consideration that men are very visually stimulated. I don’t think lauren will have that many beta males left to finance her travelling adventures. And settling down could become more problematic now. It perfectly shows how these so called modern conservative women are. It’s all just cosplay.

  2. I don’t think you understand the word cuck. It usually means when you want a black man to fuck your wife – if they’re against mixing races and want white babies then they are clearly not cucks – no leftists seem to understand the term.

    You post that Lauren Southern is a white supremacist under a picture of her with her mixed-race ex? So dumb.

    1. 1) A “cuckold” is someone whose wife fucks another man, regardless of race. The word “cuck” derives from “cuckold” but it has taken on a meaning on its own, referring to a guy who lets others, particularly women, walk all over them. You can probably figure out for yourself how this meaning emerged.

      2) I don’t claim that Lauren Southern is a white supremacist. She’s a cunning woman milking an army of cucks for money.

    2. Lauren Southern is not a white supremacist. But many of her male supporters are. And they are losing their shit over this. Aaron already explained the cuck definition. And this situation is much like that. These white supremacy boys were financially supporting her. While she fucks what they see as the opposition. Personally i don’t care who she fucks. I just think this is hilarious because they were always defending her whenever someone would call her a fake conservative. And the picture couldn’t be better. She’s literally ridding him in some cosplay outfit. The only thing missing is the beta cuck sitting in a corner jerking off. Than it would be a classic cuck porn scene. LOL

  3. So, she’s a conservative who games, cosplays, and has interracial relationships.
    Conservatives don’t care.
    Liberals are now not only shaming her for not believing what they (wrongfully) think all women should believe, but they’re shaming her for not behaving the way they (wrongfully) think all conservatives should behave.

    1. It is mutually exclusive to be a conservative as well as promiscuous. Since she is promiscuous, she therefore can’t be a conservative. It’s logic 101.

    2. I don’t have anything against this girl. I can even give her credit for some of her reporting. Going to South Africa and reporting on the farm murders was a brave move. But Aaron is right. trad thots are not trad. They are not conservative. They are more liberals. The number of real conservative women in the west is really small. I estimate less than one percent.

  4. This indicates that you have a very narrow view of what a conservative women is. And I’m not even a conservative. I think you want them to be something you can put in a box, but just like the left they are in fact diverse right wingers. This writer is why the right hates the media so much, they don’t understand they’re opposition.

    1. LOL. Men who want conservative women want real conservatives, not former sluts who denounce their former lifestyle.

    2. Sticking feathers up your ass doesn’t make you a chicken. Calling themselves conservative or traditional after living the liberal lifestyle when they were young. Doesn’t make them conservative or traditional. It’s just a sales pitch at that point. Not only is it a question of buying a cow when the milk is free. These cows are almost milked out before they even get on the market. And than expect men to pay full price. Uhhh? Ya good luck with that.

  5. She isn’t Conservative and has never to my knowledge claimed to be Conservative. She’s
    a Libertarian.

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