A cautionary tale of a woman who wanted to know what cards she could get

Meditation Without Bullshit will soon be available for purchase. Wanting to keep the momentum, I’m currently working hard on preparing Sleazy Stories II for release. An interesting aspect of that book is that a lot of time has passed between the events described in that book and the eventual release of the book. Out of curiosity, I looked up a few women I met back then. As you can probably imagine, a lot happens in a woman’s life between her mid-twenties and mid-thirties. It’s quite eye-opening when you see it unfold.

One woman stood out in particular. When I met her, she was in her mid to late 20s. I don’t recall her age, but she was one of very few women above the age of 25 I met back then. She was one of those women who just talked way too much. Psychologists call this “oversharing”. Among others, I learnt that she had decided to leave a boyfriend she had been together for seven years, and that was two years ago. She did not have a good reason for leaving him. She only thought she could do better. You can probably see where this is going. Even worse was that she also thought she wanted to “turbocharge her career”. She had a stable job at a medium-sized company. We’ll get to that a little bit further below.

Being a starry-eyed 15-year-old is well and good. Being a nave 27-year-old, though, is a recipe for disaster. It seems she did not even manage to enter a long-term relationship, let alone get married to a multi-millionaire. That woman claimed that someone hailing from an old European aristocratic family was chasing her, but she “didn’t feel anything”. Her story sounded like completely made-up bullshit, but I listened with a straight face when she told me of her invitation to his chalet in the Swiss Alps. (Sure, and porn stars are beating a path to my place and want to fuck me for free.) I quickly got rid of her because I had the impression that she had serious psychological problems.

Career-wise, things seemed to go a bit better. She got a position at one of the largest German companies, but her job title does not indicate that she has made much of a career. Most certainly she would have been better off at her old job. If you read her LinkedIn profile with a critical eye, it hits you right in the face that she has one of those low-responsibility jobs that only exist in order to boost diversity numbers on paper. It’s doubtful that this will lead to a great career further down the line.

She thought she’d see what cards she’d get in her late 20s, obviously believing that things would turn out just great for her. What had happened instead was that the hand she was dealt when she sat down on the table was just highly unfavorable. It really does not take a genius to figure out that this is the likely outcome for a woman in her situation. Being an old cat-lady might have its perks, but it’s a rather crappy outcome for a woman who believes she could land a high roller and (!) have a great career at a multi-national corporation.

In her case, she got neither. The writing was on the wall. All it takes is looking around and taking cues from reality — and not from TV shows that provide escapism for frustrated single women. I think she did not want to believe that she will be unable to compete with young women who want to settle down. All a woman would need to do is ask herself what a man would want. Then again, they would need to realistically assess what men want and not believe their own bullshit according to which men want “mature” or “strong and independent” women, considering that those labels are euphemisms for “old and out of shape” and “bitchy”.

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5 thoughts on “A cautionary tale of a woman who wanted to know what cards she could get

  1. You would certainly agree that the first and the second wave of feminism is a force for good. Is all this negativity of yours geared towards the third wave only?

    1. Don: (You would certainly agree that the first and the second wave of feminism is a force for good.) There is no good feminism. First and second wave were responsible for destroying the family. Third wave just made the insanity more visible. And most of the problems that were caused with first and second wave became wide spread during third wave. Even a little research into the history of feminism and it’s financial backers will demolish the idea of good feminism. I would say that first and second wave did even more harm than third wave.

    2. On a different note, how do you explain the explosion of sexual harassment cases in the USA these days?

      By the way, who do you think are the financial backers of feminism?

    3. Don: (On a different note, how do you explain the explosion of sexual harassment cases in the USA these days?) Mostly obsolete over the wall bitter women. Looking for a last chance to stand in the spotlight and make some money. Backed by feminist organisations who see this as a chance to promote their dying ideology and make money. Followed by many hysterical women who also want some attention. And sponsored and hyped by leftwing media trying to stay relevant and make money .

      (By the way, who do you think are the financial backers of feminism?)
      There were multiple groups trying to profit from it. And gain power by it. Probably one of the most important would be the Rockefeller foundation.

  2. It’s scary how back then, it was mainly TV and magazines that coddled and insulated women from reality. Now you have TV, magazines, “social media” and just an overall ‘gyn-ocracy’ that preaches “you go Grrrr-l”!

    I mean, look at this year’s “Time Person of the Year”: the so-called ‘Silence Breakers’ (link: http://archive.is/418HC )

    Yea, so brave. These womyn come out 20-30 years later after getting ahead by giving head…and then “coming forward” when they are 5 kilometres post-wall. Oh, and there’s no proof of what they allege. Just her word.

    I wonder what if the old @sleazy from years ago would be able to ‘slay’ in today’s environment???!

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