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Why you’ll meet crazier women through one-night stands

In my last post, “It is hard to figure out how to do a relationship properly”, I made the argument that “doing” a relationship properly is not difficult in general. It is only difficult for crazy women. As the examples of encounters with crazy women I described was rather extreme, I’d like to elaborate on that issue.

Arguably the most difficult women to deal with are those with a so-called Cluster B personality disorder. Those constitute a relatively small part of the population, but it is not a negligible one. For instance, among young women, 6% suffer from (enjoy?) bipolar personality disorder (BPD). I knew a woman who deliberately stopped taking her medication so that she would feel “alive”. In that case, I am quite convinced that she must have tremendously enjoyed her manias.

You may now think that 6% is not so bad. That is just BPD among young women, though. Chances to meet a woman with any kind of personality disorder are a lot higher, but that’s a topic for another day. Running the numbers, you’d conclude that the chance is very high that you’ll never encounter a woman with BPD because you’re not aiming for a triple-digit lay count. That would not necessarily be correct. The problem is that women with BPD are dramatically overrepresented among women who engage in casual sexual encounters. They are risk-seekers and highly impulsive. Fucking some dude in the bathroom stall while their clueless beta cuck of a boyfriend gets drinks at the bar is nothing for them. (This is not much of an exaggeration. Wait for Sleazy Stories II!)

Let’s use some numbers from Berlin, Germany. In the age group from 18 to 29, in the year 2004, there were roughly 550,000 people (source). For simplicity, we assume an equal split of men and women, which leaves us with 275,000 women. Calculating 6% of those leaves us with 16,500. Take into account that women with BPD have a harder time maintaining a relationship, and you’ll probably agree that the chances of meeting one are not non-trivial: women with BPD are more outgoing and they are more likely to be single. Thus, you are much more likely to meet one in a club or bar than you may think if you just focus on the 6% figure.

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11 thoughts on “Why you’ll meet crazier women through one-night stands

  1. “Chances to meet a woman with any kind of personality disorder are a lot higher, but that’s a topic for another day”

    I understand that in this post you are speaking about women and that the audience here is mostly male – and while this is a true statement, it’s just half the picture.
    “Chances to meet a HUMAN with any kind of personality disorder are a lot higher” is more accurate.
    There’s not just “sane” and “insane”. It’s a whole spectrum in between those two extremes and unfortunately the majority of people tilt towards “insane”. It might take longer to see them play out and take shape, but I can safely say, that there are more destructive personalities in this world than healthy ones.
    I don’t say this to defend women, but with regards to the distribution of personality disorders, men are no better than women.

    1. I believe that simply being male is now classified as a personality disorder. Feminism has infiltrated psychology on a massive level. Some people working in that field are more crazy than the people they are treating. It’s a female dominated field these days. That’s one of the reasons boy’s are described pills for displaying normal boy behaviour. And looking from my chemistry background. If you give these drugs to a healthy adult it should do enormous damage to the body and brain. If you give it to a child it’s almost certain he’ll become insane. Not to say anything against Aaron’s objections about women with bipolar personality disorder. I can understand that deliberately stopping her medication so that she would feel alive was indeed the reason. Taking chemical shit like that will kill your brain. Even if she was normal when she started taking them. There’s no way to have a healthy brain function after you take chemical shit like that for some time. It’s just like crystal meth.

  2. One important reason we have so much people with psychological problems would be hormones. Most people believe these problems are caused by a malfunction in the brain. Many of these problems are a result of hormones produced in the adrenal glands. Or a lack of hormones. Testosterone for example helps people to focus in stressful situations. This is also wy women are more likely to shut down under stress. Women can not produce the same amounts of testosterone. Because there’s more hormonal pollutants in our environment. And there are more stressful responses triggered. The body cant keep it’s hormonal levels stable. This triggers the body in a fight or flight response. This is processed in the brain. But not always caused by the brain. Therefore giving these people drugs that target the brain is not the best solution. The solution would be to target the environment. Getting hormonal levels stable. And women to return to their natural environment. The home. Women are not build to do highly competitive jobs.

    1. The powers at be would never agree with the solution needed to solve the problems. They prefer treatment of the symptoms instead. The solution doesn’t fit into their plans for society. And doctors and the pharmaceutical industry are making too much money on the treatment of symptoms. They dont want to solve these problems.

  3. he ben my man.
    can you give examples of hormonal pollutants?
    i mean get what you are trying to say but except for plastic i dont really have a clue.
    also are you sure that hormonal deficiency or or high variability in a given time triggers flight or fight response?
    also it is not just fight or flight there is also freeze.
    i suspect i might suffer from low test or my body is not sensitive to test.

    1. It’s hard to avoid hormonal pollutants. It’s everywhere. The most common sources are. Flax, Soy, Agriculture chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. But also in most animal products. And hormonal birth control. Cosmetic products. Some countries it can also be found in the drinking water. These so called superfoods should also be avoided. Most GMO’s. The biggest problem would be that products like soy are used in almost all supermarket food products. It’s very hard to avoid them. It would be a good start to try avoiding soy products and eat organic. Get your testosterone levels checked. And dont use any testosterone replacement chemicals. You should try to stimulate your natural testosterone production. If you try to boost it in a unnatural way it can backfire on you. Working out and drinking lots of clean water can help getting the poison out.

    2. dada: (are you sure that hormonal deficiency or or high variability in a given time triggers flight or fight response?) In a emergency situation the brain triggers the the adrenal glands to produce adrenaline and multiple male hormones. These are used to increase your chances of survival. It gives a boost in energy output by increasing heartbeat, lung function etcetera. It also gives you i higher focus and sense of awareness. If the the adrenal glands are malfunctioning. They can produce these bio chemicals without good reason. The body and brain will react like there is an emergency situation. Even when there is non. This will give you feelings of imminent danger. After the body has used all adrenaline you’ll experience blowback. Malfunctioning adrenal glands can trigger the brain. And the brain can trigger the adrenal glands. So problems with either can have the same outcome. Considering both are over stimulated. It’s not surprising people have problems with their emotions.

    3. dada: low testosterone will not trigger a fight or flight response. It will however influence how you deal with stress. You might indeed freeze. Or feel the need to flee in case of a stressful situation. Men with high testosterone are more likely to have a fight response. And they have better focus while under stress. Men with low testosterone are more likely to avoid confrontation. And are more likely to panic in a stressful situation. Men in the 50s had twice the amount of testosterone than men today. So even when your levels are considered normal today. It’s only half of what it should be. It’s save to say that 80% of all western men have low testosterone.

    4. Dada, I think it may be worth it for you to avoid vegetable oils, especially soybean oil. Consumption increased by many multiples in 20th century, and these replaced the “evil” animal fats, yet CVD has gone up not down.

      I suspect vegetable oils cause CVD, but its in literally everything in every restaurant too. Soybean, sunflower, flaxseed, coconut, palm, walnut oil all come from the seeds via industrial processes. High pressure pressing, extraction with solvent, its as processed as pink slime. So basically these are industrial toxic waste that capitalism managed to package as something healthy.

      I looked up oliveoil as healthy replacement cause mediterranean ppl live longest too, but somethings fishy. There are not enough olive trees in the world to cover world consumption of oliveoils. So somewhere a middleman is mixing with cheaper vegetable oils.

      I have given upto completely ban these from my diet. I just make the effort to cook unprocessed weekly (process food myself instead of having it processed in factory, cut up your own meat/fish/vegs) so that at least my ratio of omega6/omega3 is as low as possible.
      Btw, use grassfed butter, since cows maybe fed cheaper gmo soy. Avoid margarine.

      I do want to still be able to enjoy a restaurant with friends so I accept eating unhealthy foods laced with vegetable oils once in a while. I try to avoid fried foods when eating out as most effective. But I dont eat out more than once a month anyway, becoming a billionaire soaks up lots of my time.

      Im not sure if soybean oil got phytoestrogen, but fermented soy like tofu and soy sauce apparently dont, not sure though.

  4. Soy is possibly the most dangerous food for men. They use it in almost everything because it’s very profitable. It’s horrible that they allow it. They should ban it from the market completely. There have even been extreme cases with men having higher oestrogen levels than women. It shows that organisations like the FDA are failing. They even recommended soy products. It’s even used in some baby formula. This shouldn’t be allowed to continued. It’s one of those sad examples were profits are deemed more important than people.

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