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“Makeup removal app” pisses off women

We all know that most women look like complete crap without makeup. There are women out there who are so insecure that they even sleep without removing their makeup. They pull home some stud from the club, go to sleep with their makeup on, and in the morning they disappear to the bathroom to remove all that crap from their face and starting over. I may be in the minority, but I greatly dislike women who wear makeup. My knee-jerk reaction is that the more makeup she wears, the shittier she most likely looks without.

You should look up what common makeup products contain. Probably a big reason why Western women age so incredibly quickly is that they start wearing makeup from an early age onward. They plaster their face with products containing lead and other toxins, and then they wonder why they look like hags before they turn 30. Yet, the average woman is unable to question peer pressure, so they collectively spend billions of dollars a year on makeup, wreaking havoc on the environment at the same time, while claiming to be all for environmental protection. They are fucking hypocrites.

If you have not had the doubtful pleasure of seeing a supposedly hot girl without makeup, look no further as there is an app for precisely that purpose: “MakeApp” (Android, iOS) uses super-advanced totally-binary cis-male white-supremacist anti-feminist algorithms that manipulate pictures to “virtually” remove makeup. Some of the comments you read by women online are incredibly stupid, though. They don’t get that the app does not really remove make-up but instead attempts to create an approximation.

As you could expect, women are pretty pissed about MakeApp. At The Independent, you’ll find the following gem:

Where most beauty apps will offer users a range of image-enhancing filters that are designed to make you look better, MakeApp does the exact opposite by imposing redness and dullness. (…) Vexed users have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns that the app will exacerbate insecurities and low self-esteem.

Quick, we need to coddle the female ego! Frankly, I think we should promote the mindset that every woman who uses makeup does so to hide an ugly face. Always be aware that makeup is used for deception.

Shitty site par excellence BuzzFeed also had to chime in. There, the female writer seems to believe that the app accurately renders pictures that show people without makeup. Take in the headline with subtitle:

This Beauty App Takes Off Makeup In Pictures And, Yes, It Was Created By A Man: Honey, I already know what I look like without makeup. I don’t need an app for that.

It’s not an app for females, though.

Look how stupid the writer is:

The app allows you to filter images five times before charging you 99 cents to continue using it. If that’s too rich for your blood may I also suggest water, soap, and a mirror? They should do they (sic!) trick too.

The commenters are not any better. Man, you should have been around before Google and Amazon existed. Back then, the Internet was full of smart people. Once the plebs came online, it all went to shit. (I had a phase where I barely used the Internet for several years in the early 2000s because I was so disgusted by all of it.)

Here are some great comments by female BuzzFeed readers, which make you really wonder why STEM subjects are not brimming with women:

Lol at the eyebrows not changing, you think my eyebrows are sculpted like that on their own? This isn’t removing makeup it just makes you paler and deletes your eyelashes.

To which a ditz responded:

hahahaha I was about to comment this. SO stupid lmao

Yup, you’re right.

Another one chimed in:

Yeahhhh I just tried this out and it couldn’t even remove my eyeliner, just kind of made it look faded…

Even more cringe-worthy than the BuzzFeed article was the one put up by PopSugar: You Can Use an App to See Women Without Makeup, or You Can Just Get a F*cking Life. Man is that bitch butthurt!

I don’t want to include the pictures in that article in this post, but if you feel so inclined, then click that link above. The female writer even presents proof: “To prove how faulty the technology is, I’ve added a (quite fierce) real no-makeup selfie of Sarah, below.” What you then see is a picture of a fat chick with a ton of foundation. This is, once again, an example of “hamstering”, i.e. absurdist reasoning. There are indeed women out there who claim that foundation is not makeup. On a related note, after LinkedIn went to shit, I once came across a post by a woman who posted “due to requests” a picture of her without makeup — and what you got to see was a dull face with a thick layer of powder.

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7 thoughts on ““Makeup removal app” pisses off women

  1. would kind of appreciate if the links to each of these sites went to an archive, so someone could read the content without giving them page views.

    the only thing more repulsive than clickbait is feminist clickbait.

  2. I dont think make-up always has to be a positive or a negative. It depends on the user and the way it’s used. Some women use make-up to hide their ugly face. Some use it as a way to express themselves. Some use it every day. Some only on special occasions. I think the reason many men have a problem with it is because we feel defrauded sometimes. Just like a woman would feel defrauded when a man would lie about his job and income. (now considered rape) Maybe we can push for a law that makes it rape when she turns out to be ugly without make-up? Equality right?

    1. There was actually a debate posted on youtube about this. If someone finds the link I’d appreciate it. Might have been from a radio show.

      Basically on the feminist side was a feminist lawyer (or law professor) arguing for implementing these “rape by deceit laws”…

      And they did ask her “well wouldn’t makeup then qualify”? “Wouldn’t women be raping men by wearing makeup”… and she had a pretty hamsterish rationalization why it shouldn’t apply to makeup. I can’t remember off the top of my head.

      But feminists always come up with these convenient caveats where the exception is something that indirectly excludes women.

      For example DV laws don’t say “always arrest the man”. They say “always arrest the physically stronger person”.

    2. Alek Novy: (Might have been from a radio show.) Tom Leykis? It sounds like a Tom Leykis subject.
      I do know a woman named Joyce Short is campaigning for this. I dont believe she’s a lawyer or law professor. But she is knowledgeable about these laws. One of those hardcore men hating career women. But i dont think she would ever go on the Tom Leykis show.

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