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Why Lauren Southern isn’t married — for real

I have questioned the public persona of several fake-conservative female YouTube personalities before, for a variety of reasons (one, two, three). In particular, I questioned the public persona of Lauren Southern, which is completely unbelievable. To me she is a step up from a camwhore as she is using her (rapidly fading) looks to extract money from an army of cucked beta males. Lauren Southern recently released a video in which she addresses the question why she isn’t married, and what a cringe-worthy video that is.

For starters, here is a screenshot taken from that video. Look at this woman:

Yes, this is Lauren Southern, a woman who claims to be 22. To me, the woman in that picture is in her mid-30s. She’s either lying about her age or she has a severe medical condition that made her age by an extra ten years. I hope it’s the former. Otherwise, Lauren, I hope you’re tackling whatever you are suffering from. Why am I bashing her again for lying about her age, you may ask. That is easy. We’ll get to that later.

Before I start to really unload on Lauren Southern, watch her video, please:

Alright, let’s get started.

1) The biggest problem with this video is that she does not present a concise, logical argument for why she is not married. The crux of the problem is that she claims to be a conservative. However, her lifestyle choices run counter to that claim. Thus, people call her a hypocrite. Calling her a hypocrite is perfectly legitimate because you can’t claim to be a conservative woman, yet make lifestyle choices that indicate the exact opposite. In the MGTOW community, the inability of women to make logical arguments and instead come up with wholly inadequate ad hoc justifications for their behavior used to be called “hamstering”, alluding to a hamster in a wheel running like crazy. That is exactly what she is doing in that video.

2) Related to 1), the main issue of Lauren Southern is that she is not an original thinker. Instead, she regurgitates other people’s opinions or provides commentary that is hardly critical. Her audience eats it up nonetheless because they don’t care about what she has to say but they do care that she’s a blonde and reasonably attractive female. Well, she’s attractive for her age. What we have seen in this video is that she is unable to address the question why she isn’t married. She can’t do that because then she would, due to the rules of logic, have to admit that she isn’t a conservative, but that would break the narrative.

3) A prime example of “hamstering” is bringing up absurd counterexamples. I have dated enough women to have become intimately familiar with that pattern. Here’s an example straight from the mouth of a woman I had tremendous joy in kicking to the curb: I had asked her whether she could do me a little favor and pick up something on the way back from work. My request amounted to, essentially, asking her to get me a grapefruit in case she does some grocery shopping. To that she had to say that I wasn’t interested in having a girlfriend who was an “equal partner” but a “house slave” who was at my beck and call instead. Yup, she was a little bit crazy.

In the case of Lauren Southern, “hamstering” consists of justifying being single as a supposedly conservative woman with the alternative of “having seven kids” with an unfit father, and this is something she wouldn’t want to do to her children. How fucking dumb does she think her audience is? The alternative to being a single woman is not getting repeatedly knocked up by the Afghan drug dealer but instead finding a stable guy to settle down with. Similarly, Lauren Southern, to quote from your video, the alternative is not to “have a kid right now.” People don’t believe you’re a conservative because you’re not.

4) Lauren Southern furthermore justifies her non-conservative conservative lifestyle by claiming people miss “nuance” and that she is an “exception”. Yup, Lauren, you are as much an exception as every Western woman who ends up being 30, single, and having 50 shitty years left to endure. They all think that they are special and that the knight in shining armor will come, when in reality he may at best cum on her face in a dingy bathroom stall. On that, note, Lauren Southern said that she is waiting for her conservative billionaire. Grow the fuck up, Lauren! That conservative billionaire is not going to go for a non-conservative conservative woman who looks a good decade older than she claims to be.

5) The video ventured into the surreal by the time she, for the third or fourth time, stated that she is twenty-two years old. Even if you are only 22, Lauren Southern, you don’t look like it. In that video, I’d say you look like 35 to 38. Thus, even if your chronological age is 22, your biological age is not, which means that it is about time you get serious about having a family. Oh, right, you’re an exception and I don’t get nuance.

6) The most bizarre statement of the video was, which is again an example of her inability to construct a convincing argument, that she “may end up as a crazy catlady at the age of 30”. No, crazy catladies are not 30. They are in their menopause. This could have been a slip of the tongue, but let’s get a bit conspiratorial for a moment: I think it is not implausible to assume that she is 32 but simply subtracts ten years, so she claims she’s 22. However, when she sarcastically mentioned the prospect of becoming a crazy catlady at 30, she could have simply rounded up her fake age to the next ten, and not her real age, so instead of 32 turning into 40, 22 became 30.

7) After a bit of speculation, let’s get back to the video and end my article by ripping apart the biggest bullshit line of her entire video. It is the following: “It is hard to figure out how to do a relationship properly.” Nope, it is not. It is difficult for your typical millennial slut who jumps from cock to cock and believes that there will be a high-quality man ready to settle down after Chad and Brad not only no longer want to fuck her, but ask her why she isn’t at home with her kids when she approaches them. (Yes, desperate women at the end of their window of fertility aggressively pursue men.) It is not hard to “do” a relationship properly. For most or almost all Western women, however, it is difficult to not be an insufferable bitch.

I hope this was the last article on Lauren Southern for a while. I’d be surprised if she’s still around in a year or two because she’ll soon get to a point at which even your typical cucked beta male gets tired of looking at her aging face. As a matter of fact, competition is heating up. For instance, Roaming Millennial is smarter, younger, and much more attractive than Lauren Southern. She doesn’t even stand a chance. That’s just like some 32-year-old woman in a club realizing that there is not a single metric on which she can compete with a 22-year-old.

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26 thoughts on “Why Lauren Southern isn’t married — for real

  1. At first I didn’t understand why you were obsessing about those alt-right chicks so much.
    Now, I see you are giving them the same treatment you gave pua.
    This explains a lot, I thought you were slowly losing your mind.

  2. This has exactly been my feeling about Ann Coulter. Whatever intellectual attributes she has, it doesn’t matter. Actions speak louder than words, and if she really was a conservative, she would have settled a long time ago. But no, and instead she looks as old and bitter as the feminists she fights against, to the point that sometimes I can’t tell her apart from a feminist. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if she came home to a bottle of Merlot, a bump of cocaine, and a bunch of cats.

  3. Yeah, good job Aaron Cuckold, but fake news can only get you THAT far in your life. Really that whole “she is lying about her age” argument because she LOOKS older to you, is just so out of date. At least try to keep some of your brain cells still active by not fully embracing stupidity because you are halfway there. So…happy downfall.

    1. Don’t work your hamster too hard.

      These are the possibilites:

      1) Lauren Southern is 22 and looks a lot older than she is.
      2) Lauren Southern is lying about her age.

      If 2) is true, then we are done. She is lying about her age. If 1) is true, then she is in deep trouble because she looks a good decade older than she is. No matter what is true, there is no possible way to spin this favorably.

    2. White knighting much?
      It doesn’t even matter how old she is. She and all her female youtube friends are doing the exact same thing all Western women do. They’re wasting their best years on everything except relationship and having a family. I wouldn’t be surprised if she started making men bashing videos after she has crashed into the wall. It’s not like she doesn’t have men showing interest. She’s single by choice. She doesn’t want to settle down. She’s to occupied with everything else. Just like every other woman in her prime. They only settle at the last moment or when financial problems are starting to grow. As long she can travel, gets lots of attention and the beta’s finance her lifestyle. She’s won’t be hurried to settle down. Only when those things are starting to fade away will she settle. She’s still having to much fun. I have no hate against her. I just dont think she’s anything special.

  4. Well Aaron Cuckold, obviously you are not halfway there anymore. You are on full retard mode now.
    “Why am I bashing her again for lying about her age, you may ask.”
    You just admitted that she is lying and wrote a whole piece about it but now you have just humiliated yourself AGAIN by presenting the possibility that she is saying the truth and therefore YOU are lying. But even worse than you being FAKE NEWS, is that you are such a lowlife and petty excuse of a man who thinks that young women who look older is something that “there is no possible way to spin this favorably”. Obviously women nowadays are in big trouble if they are teens and look like full grown women or if they are old but look younger. WOW!!! Just WOW!!! I never realized women have rejected you so many times that it caused you a brain cancer. Good to know. Don’t work your dildo too hard.

    1. Work on your English, buddy. I can’t admit that she is lying. I claim that she is lying about her age. Lauren Southern, on the other hand, can admit that she has been lying about her age.

      I presented the options. No matter how you turn it, Lauren Southern looks bad. This may be hard to stomach for you, but it’s a fact nonetheless. If you wanted to attack my post, arguing against the position I present would be a good start. Hurling ad hominems at me, on the other hand, won’t convince anybody.

      I had to chuckle when I read your description of a woman who has hit the wall as “full grown”. You must be a male beta cuck who campaigns for feminist causes in the hope that this will get you laid (hint: it won’t), and if it’s not that, then you’re one of those bitter women who hit the wall because they thought that there will always be a millionaire waiting for them.

    2. MGM: How is he the cuckold here? You are the one white knighting for a girl that likes to have lot’s of male attention without giving you any action. Wouldn’t that make you the Cuckolded one? Technically she can’t cuckold anyone because she isn’t married. But that’s basically how she’s behaving towards her male audience. She enjoys all the beta’s attention. Convincing them to financially support her by shaking it just out of their reach. While she has no intention to give it to any of them. It’s the same basic behaviour as a woman cuckolding her husband. It comes from the same basic female desires. And guys sending her money are displaying the same submissive behaviour as the cuckold husband would. She would never give it to her male fans. Her hypergamy compels her to look much higher on the social and financial ladder. She doesn’t even consider any of her worshippers. Mostly because they worship her. She believes they are beneath her.

    3. She doesn’t even consider any of her worshippers. Mostly because they worship her. She believes they are beneath her.

      To be fair. She’s not wrong. If a guy worships her, what does that say about his smv?

    4. AlekNovy:(She’s not wrong.) No she’s not. But why won’t these pussy worshipping beta’s see it. At what point are they going to realise that this isn’t working for them. They have no difficulty pointing out male feminist. But all it takes is a blonde girl telling them what they like to hear. And now they are on their knees. I’m not surprised she rejects them. I’m just disappointed in these guys calling themselfs red pill. They are blue as it gets. She’s shit testing the crap out of these guys. And non of them seems to notice it. It’s just sad.

  5. My request amounted to, essentially, asking her to get me a grapefruit in case she does some grocery shopping. To that she had to say that I wasn’t interested in having a girlfriend who was an “equal partner” but a “house slave” who was at my beck and call instead. Yup, she was a little bit crazy.

    I think this has to do with the pathological lack of straightforwardness and the typical manipulative, passive-aggressive behavior of western women.
    In her mind this is a plain demand because that is how she requests something: with always plausible deniability and duplicity so when anything happens she can avoid responsibility.
    In the reverse situation, if you would not have gotten her a grapefruit even when you were not shopping, she would be mad at you because you are not a mind-reader. She wanted a grapefruit!

  6. Aaron, this question is half-serious at best, but what would you say if a (presumably) very red-pill Lauren were to assert that she’s holding out for a quality red-pill alpha, but that the only men showing interest in her are cucks or beta losers?

    1. That would depend on how old Lauren in that alternative universe is. Holding out is well and good, but in her case the issue is that her time window is closing fast because she looks so old.

    2. If Lauren wanted to settle down she would have done it. She meets all sorts of men from all the corners of the world. She’s single because she wants to be. She has chosen career fun and fame over marriage and family. Just like all other Western women do. She doesn’t priorities the things she preaches.

  7. It seems lauren is finished! First there was a backlash from the wy i’m not married video. Now everyone is going nuts about leaked photo’s of her and her ex-boyfriend. She’s on top of this dude in his boxer. She’s dry humping him in a sexy outfit. Surprise! He’s a mixed race black dude. The alt right is losing it’s mind over it.

    1. He doesn’t look that black to me. But it’s funny how they are losing their shit over it. Their princess is fucking brown guys. LOL

  8. The only thing more cringe than her dreadful video is this dreadful article. Just be honest, you badly want to fuck her and this is a tragic attempt to get her attention haha. Fuck*ng cuck loser

  9. Rather than comment on whether or not Lauren Southern is lying about her age, I would like to point out to everyone that she does her journalistic credibility no favours. She seems to have moved away from conventional American Conservative political discussion to latching onto any White Supremacist narrative she can get her hands on, all so she can stay relevant.

    She seems to spend most of her time harping on about an apparent suppression of White South Africans as some way of garnering attention from her ever-dwindling audience. If the Left were ever to do such a series of articles, she and the rest of the Alt-Right would accuse the Left of “virtue signalling”; but when the Right do it, it is apparently acceptable.

    Yours sincerely,
    Comrade Pingu

    P.S. NOOT! NOOT!

  10. She literally said, “it would be degenerate of me to get married to someone who she isn’t completely in love with, and who I don’t think would be a good father to our kids” therefore, she hasn’t yet found that person.. Yet you’ve spat an entire article based on the premise that she never actually answers the question?? SHE ANSWERED THE FUCKING QUESTION. Are you unhappily married and trying to tell people that they should be too, just fir the sake of being married??? You douchewaffle. Also, I couldn’t care about her age..would defo smash. ?

    1. @Plankton: She’s not married because it’s not a priority for her. These trad thot’s are just as all those feminist they criticise. They are focused on school, work, fun etc when they are young. And only when their clock starts ticking they’ll settle down. Demanding mr perfect to show up and pay the bills. These trad thot’s are not traditional. They just have a different sales pitch.

    1. Check out those two blog posts on Lauren Southern’s age:

      Now she’s back, after having gotten a bunch more cosmetic procedures. It’s just a hunch at this point, but I get the impression that the thousand-cock stare becomes more pronounced with age. She has a bad case of it.

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