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“It is hard to figure out how to do a relationship properly”

In my most recent bashing of Lauren Southern, I mocked her, among others, for making the claim that it is hard to figure out how to do a relationship properly. If you have only ever encountered typical Western women, you are probably inclined to agree with that statement, but let’s dig a little bit deeper.

I think there is a particular irony in women claiming that it is “hard to figure out how to do a relationship”. Quite frankly, it’s really easy. As a guy, though, my experience is that the problem is largely due to women. Pick any guy who is fed up with Western women and ask him how he’d like his partner to be, and you would get a fairly short list. What most guys would be extremely happy about is a girlfriend who

1) does not bitch
2) is slim
3) is young
4) does not waste money

I’d say a woman who can offer that would be an excellent catch. Most guys wouldn’t even ask for anything else. Considering the state of the Western world, you could consider yourself very happy to find a woman who only meets criterion 1). That’s probably even rarer than a woman who just meets criterion 2). Instead of women who don’t bitch you find women who tell you they are “strong and independent”. I’d love to say that this is a mere caricature, but women really say this bullcrap. In particular I love it when I hear that moments before she demands (not asks) that I buy this or that for her.

Think back to all the women you have dated: when there was an argument, who started it? Was it you, a perfect gentleman with a big cock or she, the typical entitled bitch? I’d bet that in at least 95% of cases it was her. Speaking for myself, I can honestly say that I never in my life started an argument with a woman, yet plenty of deranged Western women saw absolutely nothing wrong with lashing out at me, shouting at me or insulting me out of the blue.

Of course, not all Western women are like that. The majority of women I met, though, were the opposite of mentally stable. Whenever I think I’ve had it rough, however, I only have to think of what other men have told me of the horror scenarios they went through. I almost feel tempted to suggest dating a woman with histrionic personality disorder or borderline personality disorder at least once, just so that you get a taste for how utterly batshit insane women can be and why you’d rather be single than have a girlfriend like that. Then again, such women can completely wreck your life and you may never recover from it. To give you the chills, here are some highlights of my dating career:

1) A woman throwing a pestle at me out of the blue. In case you’ve never held a pestle in your hands: those are fairly heavy and if flung at you, they could seriously hurt you. Getting hit on the head with it could easily kill you.

2) A woman getting mad at me because I was unwilling to bruise her up. You read that right. That was probably the craziest encounter of my life. No, I did not do it.

3) A woman trying to provoke me to physically attack her in public. Many men have told me similar stories, by the way. They hit you, knowing full well that you’ll end up in deep shit if you hit back. The crazy bitch I had the pleasure of interacting with was of the opinion that her behavior demonstrated that women are superior to men and, of course, I was a “pussy” for not “standing up for myself”.

4) A woman throwing a tantrum after I asked her when she intended to return a bike she borrowed from me. It emerged that she managed to get it stolen by not taking it indoors, which is standard procedure in the West, now that public order has collapsed. Of course, how could it not have been my fault that someone stole her bike?

I could probably write a book on how to survive women with Cluster B personality disorders. Still, I don’t want to give you the impression that there are only crazy women out there. There are a lot of those, though. As a whole, women are considerably less mentally stable than men. As a single data point, bipolar personality disorder is dramatically overrepresented in women compared to men. Worse, if you bang a lot of women quickly, you are likely to meet crazier women because risk-taking is very common in that demographic. You only want to blow a load but they are in a manic phase and crave excitement.

Now we have looked at some extremes. Those extremes show that whatever you would do, a relationship with such a woman is bound to fail. You won’t be able to cure crazy. Not even medication reliably works with those crazies. Even if her condition could be treated by taking pills, there is zero guarantee that this would be of any benefit. On that note, I knew one woman who had a severe personality disorder and was able to cover it up via taking pills. Yet, sometimes she stopped taking them because she didn’t want to “feel numb” — and invariably all hell broke loose. Being a crazy deranged bitch made her “feel alive”. Seemingly the longer she suppressed her craziness, the stronger she relapsed.

You can’t cure a genuinely crazy woman. Similarly, you can’t cure a mildly crazy one. Likewise, you won’t be able to cure a woman who has swallowed feminist bullshit and is convinced that all men are rapists. Man, I’m recalling so much crap right now. A woman I’ve had sex with once told me that she thinks that “all sex is rape”. Damaged women are unable to make a relationship work. They can’t even handle their own life. They are screwed. It’s just a question of how screwed they are, literally and figuratively. If a woman has a hard time making a relationship work, i.e. keeping a boyfriend, then she’s the likely cause of the problem, considering that it is largely women who end relationships. The typical domesticated man, on the other hand, is conditioned to taking crap from females to an extent you wouldn’t believe. Men who kick women to the curb are normally so fed up by her shit that you wonder why it took them so long.

So, what else can you do? That is easy in principle. Find a woman who is not crazy. That, however, is a lot more difficult than you’d think. Not being crazy is the mere baseline for a successful relationship. Most women, unfortunately, cannot meet that criterion. Yet, that is your answer if you want to make a relationship work.

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10 thoughts on ““It is hard to figure out how to do a relationship properly”

  1. “Think back to all the women you have dated: when there was an argument, who started it? Was it you, a perfect gentleman with a big cock or she, the typical entitled bitch? I’d bet that in at least 95% of cases it was her. ”

    I will fully agree with this statement. However, I will count myself among the guys who let themselves be baited by a nagging woman who digs her heels and will pester you until A: you give in, or B: you get mad, thus giving her an excuse to refer to men as violent psychopats.

  2. “Think back to all the women you have dated: when there was an argument, who started it?” “I’d bet that in at least 95% of cases it was her. ”

    This seems like the case. Women want to feel a wide range emotions aka have “excitement” in their lives. I understand wanting variation from the norm looking at it from a logical stand point but on some level I still don’t get why some chicks can’t go without trying to start fights? Did they watch too many soap operas? do they have a chemical imbalance? what has inspired this shit meme.

    Man entertaining stories about those crazy girls, can’t say I have experienced anything near that level of psycho. Would be interesting to hear about your friends stories. It’s actually fucked how some people act whilst still somehow holding down regular jobs and not getting into trouble with the law.

    1. A big problem is that such women don’t seem to realize that actions have consequences. You can’t just start an argument over nothing and expect this to not affect the relationship in the future.

  3. The typical Western woman feels entitled to more than she’s worth. Let’s face it, it’s hopeless. I dont see the Western world recover from this anytime soon. Almost all of them have a worthless college degree. And a huge student debt. That’s not an ideal starting position to start a family. Why would any man want to bail them out. And take the risk that she leaves when her student debt is payed off. Not even speaking about the chances of alimony and child support. Relationships in the Western world are simply to much investment and huge risk. And there is no reward in it for men. Just not crazy isn’t good enough. Why would any man go for such a bad deal? I dont believe the Western world can be saved by reform anymore. It needs to be destroyed and rebuild from zero. You need a generation of women that grow up with nothing. These women are not likely to lower their demands. They have been spoiled to much. Maybe if they learn how it feels to be hungry they’ll lower their expectations.

  4. Aaron, either you’ve been unlucky to meet a bunch of unpredictable psycho-bitches or you are not that good at identifying red flags.
    Argument for the former would be a huge sample size and you simply describing the outliers.
    Argument/Indication for the latter would be your divorce.

    With a low double digit lay count I’ve never had anything of that magnitude happen to me. Might be the low sample size or might be because I didn’t let it happen. Frankly, I think I’ve done well by intuitively staying away from the crazy ones.

    1. The examples I presented were outliers. Two aspects come into play: a large sample size and a biased sample, considering that women you pull from clubs are, at the very least, more extroverted. They are also more likely to be batshit insane.

      That being said, irrational thinking and an utter inability to reason logically I have encountered over and over.

    2. “considering that women you pull from clubs are, at the very least, more extroverted. They are also more likely to be batshit insane.”

      Fully agree.

  5. Some Western women behave in such a peculiarly crazy way that I have never seen before (no-one would do as such in my country of origin). Amen!

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