Meditation Without Bullshit: Table of Contents and Preface

I revealed the cover of Meditation Without Bullshit: A Guide for Rational Men two days ago. Now it is time to share a bit more. I’m currently slowly building up AaronSElias.com. On that site, you will now find a page with further information on Meditation Without Bullshit. This includes a PDF with the front matter, which includes the table of contents. It furthermore includes the preface.

The book should show up on Amazon within the next few weeks. I will let you know when it is available for purchase.

9 thoughts on “Meditation Without Bullshit: Table of Contents and Preface

  1. I’ve never been able to physically assume full lotus position and I have my doubts that I’m actually able to do so. How much does this matter?

  2. The problem with physical items from Amazon is the international shipping price to Latin America. The person who can purchase it in the US and then bring it to me is a leftie. And I’d rather not have her looking up “Aaron S Elias” on the web. 😆

    1. …and I thought that would be an improvement over Aaron Sleazy ;p

      Aren’t there physical bookstores in Latin America that could order the book? It has a standard ISBN number, so it can be ordered world wide.

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