What average men just don’t understand about female sexuality

I still find it baffling when men, despite copious amounts of evidence to the contrary, hold on to beliefs they had hammered in by our decrepit feminized society. One such belief is that sex is akin to a favor women hand out. Unsuccessful men are often convinced that this is the case, which is why we call them pussy beggars. In reality, things are a lot different. Guys who obsess about picking up women are often prime pussy beggars. They tend to approach women arbitrarily, hoping that their scattershot approach will lead to the occasional hookup. As we have discussed earlier, this is a disastrous strategy. I recall reading about guys who chronicled well above 1,000 approaches, with very little to show for. Sexually attractive men don’t do that, though.

Donald “The Wall Just Got Ten Feet Higher” Trump got a little bit more infamous when a tape got leaked to the press in which he essentially said that because he is rich and famous, he can just grab women by the pussy. This was taken completely out of context. He did not mean that he can grab random women by the pussy. No, instead it meant that some women are so eager to fuck him that he can just grab them by the pussy. I am by no means famous, but I have had a glimpse of that level of game when I got invited by a bunch of multimillionaires to party with at some beach town that is heavily frequented by the rich and famous. The men were all loaded. There were also plenty of women around. Only the best-looking women got into those venues. If you think regular women are shallow and vapid, then I have to tell you that you have no idea what else is going on in the real world. (I’ve seen one woman who was so obsessed with herself that she danced in front of a mirror all by herself.)

Now imagine the following scenario: you’re in the VIP lounge of a very exclusive club with a bunch of high rollers who have spent a few thousand Euros already, and there are girls around who want to party. In fact, the hottest girls get into the VIP area based on their looks. Among those, gold digging is quite rampant. The smarter ones of course try to figure out how much money you have. One girl asked me what I did for a living and how many cars I owned. The answers apparently weren’t to her liking so she walked off mid-sentence. Two hours later, she left with some Arab sheik. Yet, not all girls were such ambitious gold diggers. Plenty just assume you’re the total package if you hang out in such an environment. Those women were incredibly touchy-feely and, yes, they had absolutely no problem if you retaliated. In fact, they were more than happy if you did as it meant that she could now legitimately party in the VIP area. Girls who got ignored were eventually removed by the staff of the venue, so it was a relatively high-pressure situation for them.

So, what could you do? Well, let’s say you sit on a sofa with two or three multimillionaires and all of you drink out of a 500 Euro bottle of champagne each because why the hell not. Then a bunch of girls show up and they ask if they could join in. Sometimes, they immediately put one leg on top of your thigh or just sit down in your lap and wrap their arms around you. You can’t behave like in a seedy techno club in Berlin, but if you feel like rubbing their pussy discreetly, they are absolutely fine with it. You can even have women almost fighting over you. While you rub one girl’s pussy, another girl could as well try to throw herself at you. I also had encounters where girls were very forward and I just grabbed their pussy while they asked me what my name was. Always remember, frothing feminists and beta guys, it’s not sexual assault if they love it. Oh, yes, I can relate to Trump’s statement.

I did most of my pickup in rather more plebeian places, though. There, you can just go all out. Well, I should say that you could because with the influx of rapefugees to Europe this has changed dramatically in recent years. I regularly fucked chicks in bathroom stalls, but this has gotten a lot more difficult if not impossible in the cities I visit due to a few cases of gimmegrants raping girls. I even know of one case where a girl got raped and afterwards stabbed to death in a bathroom stall. Good luck trying to fuck a chick in that venue nowadays! I had to deal with the occasional bathroom attendant. Nowadays, you have security guys patroling clubs. (One of my weirder encounters include a security guy stopping me as I was about to leave the venue with a girl and check with the girl whether she is inebriated. She afterwards had to confirm that she indeed wants to leave with me.)

That was just a side note. The point is that in clubs for the commoners there are plenty of pussy beggars while women willingly throw themselves at a small number of men. These women use sex to get your attention. This is a prime explanation for slutty behavior because, for some reason, those women have learnt that if they hand out access to their pussy to men they find attractive, then those guys may stick around for at least a little while — and even if not, they still get validation from being used as sex objects.

I think most men completely underestimate how much validation slutty women get from engaging in spontaneous sex. Swallowing a load of cum of a prime specimen of the male sex validates their entire existence. More conservative women can’t even relate to that kind of behavior, and this is not surprising because they are wired so differently. For a slut, on the other hand, instant gratification is high up on their list of priorities. If the choice is between one of:

1) not having sex at all
2) getting a placeholder boyfriend for lack of options
3) having sex with a guy they really fancy, even if he may disappear right afterwards,

then 3) is irresistibly attractive.

Let me illustrate this with some anecdotes. The first one really hammered this point home for me. I had chatted up a girl at a club in Berlin. She told me her boyfriend was away to get beers. Since she was very touchy-feely — Yup, I had grabbed her pussy already — I suggested that she should just suck me off in the bathroom. This was partly intended to be a joke, but with my deadpan expression it certainly sounded as if I was completely serious about it. She did not verbally respond to that but instead smiled. I took her hand, made my way through the crowd with her and ushered her into the first available stall I found. I pulled my pants down and she got to work right away. She was indeed very eager to suck me off. Afterwards, she said that she’s happy I allowed her to please me and asked me how I liked it and whether I think she’s good at sucking dick. Let that sink in for a while.

Another case was a girl I banged within minutes in a bathroom stall, incidentally at the same club, Berghain in Berlin. I don’t think we had exchanged even one complete sentence. She somehow thought that me putting my dick in her meant that I would hang out with her afterwards, but I just disappeared. You may now think that this is shitty behavior and that she surely must have hated me for it. Yet, I bumped into her again a few weeks later — and she asked me right off the bat whether I would like to fuck her again.

The moral of all of this is that the average guy walks around begging for pussy, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the women he lusts after willingly bend over for guys who could not care less about them. Don’t be too envious if you don’t belong to the category of guys who have made such experiences because those women aren’t worth it in the long run anyway. Still, those women very willingly have sex. If anything, they are the ones who are begging — for dick. Thus, reality is the exact opposite of how low-status men perceived it.

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  1. Most guys that complain about the unwilling women have never been into a vip of a nightclub. A good nightclub owner always makes sure that the male / female ratio inside the vip is about 1/3-1/4. That means the women will always be competing for the men. And most women dont even have the money to pay for the drinks themselfs. So if they dont go out of their way to entertain the men. They’ll have to stick with water. If security doesn’t remove them first. It’s basically the same as prostitution. These girls gladly whore themselves out for drinks and entertainment. If you can’t pick up a woman inside the vip. You shouldn’t be concerned with women at all. Because there’s probably a bigger problem that needs your attention.

  2. Wow Aaron, your last few posts were gold. Mainly the ones about female social skills being a myth and the one about how women could shame you for absolutely anything. But this is in a league of its own. Precisely because it says the opposite of what PUAs said in the past. (in the past because they are no more thanks mainly to you) I remember very well that a PUA once said millionaires are bored in nightclubs because they don’t get pussy that guys with PUA style game needs to help them party. LOL.

    While they were saying that shit, probably for a lack of options with women, I made some money which I didn’t have before and was able to attend venues and parties which I previously couldn’t attend. Those beta pussy beggars probably haven’t even stepped inside a club because, it was very evident to me from the first time I stepped foot inside a club that only some men (rich, good looking or both) are the ones getting all the pussy. Some of them even had body guards who you can’t mistake for being there to thwart ugly girls. At least thats part of their job if not the whole part of their job at a club.

    I actually know of a guy who is a prince and lets just be honest, he never have even heard of all this feminist crap let alone PUA. Because, he lives in a different world.

    Sigh. You have gotten out of the need to fuck sluts but I haven’t. I am happy that it is possible though to get out of that need. By that I mean, I don’t still care to have a woman for the long term. But it might happen someday when I meet an exceptional woman.

    Keep it up with the posts.

    1. Don: (inside a club that only some men (rich, good looking or both) are the ones getting all the pussy.) This is generally how it works everywhere. Nightclubs are no exemption. It only becomes more visible because people go to nightclubs to have fun and get laid. If you dont have any money you shouldn’t go to nightclubs. It’s a place where the professional gold digging whores spend their free time. If you’re not a guy that can afford to go vip. You shouldn’t go at all. You would be better off calling a high class escort. And it’s probably cheaper. Beside that, most nightclubs in the Western world suck anyway. The only clubs i really enjoyed in Europe where the illegal ones. Again better go to Asia! Asian nightclubs are more fun. And they only cost you 10% or less of what a European nightclub would cost you.

    2. There is some truth to PUA. It can help guys better understand female nature. And it can help some guys with confidence issues. But most of the time. It’s just a way to scam beta guys for their money. And if they would spend all that time making money instead of chasing women. They would probably have better results. Like every skill. The more you practice it. The better you get. Having social skills can be a attractive trait. But it only add’s one or two points. Having good looks or money has much more effect on women.

    3. Ironically, I followed a lot of misguided and harmful PUA advice throughout my teens and it did nothing but destroy my confidence with women and make getting laid and acquiring a girlfriend seems like this vastly complicated task.

      It wasn’t until I opted out of the PUA world, began having confidence in myself and putting myself out there through trial and error, and growing some balls, that I began to have success with women, and now I have the most supportive, loving and caring girlfriend I could ask for. (She’s half Asian btw, go figure.) Aaronsleazy helped me significantly to rewire my thought process when it came to the nature of women and dating throughout my teens. I’m now 22.

      There is a huge problem in the online stratosphere when it comes to ‘dating advice,’ and that is majority of the information is spouted by clueless PUA’s or gender-neutral dating blogs that pussify men by telling them to reject their ‘toxic masculinity.’

      The state of dating advice online is abysmal. I have repetitively found over time that Aaron Sleazy preaches the basics because they work. Looks, money, status, confidence. Eg. getting in shape and developing self-confidence will do far more for a young man than studying the bullshit known as ‘game.’

      Let me tell you, losing weight from 113kg at 6’1 to 86kg did more for my dating success, as well as developing my self-confidence and becoming more social, than following conventional PUA bullshit. I’m happy to say that I never had such a lack of critical thinking skills that I reached the point of aimlessly approaching random women on the street during the day in the hopes of getting laid.

      From experience, I can’t say PUA advice really offers anything of value to men and if anything, does more harm than good.

    4. Yeah, I don’t know why guys who make that much money don’t know the cost they are paying to party with slutty gold diggers. Escorts are in fact way cheaper. But that being said, I still like to party every now and then.

    5. Shepherd: The hole puck up scene is polluted at this point. And i wouldn’t advice the PUA lifestyle to anyone. Most of the guys doing pick up are focused on the rong stuff. They follow steps with things to say. That stuff doesn’t really work. But studying female nature. The core reasons wy and how women react to things can be of value. Lots of guys have no idea wy women are attracted to badboys instead of nice guys. Basic red pill principles. And having a good friend that supports you as a wingman can be helpful. The problem with PUA is exactly what you are saying. (misguided and harmful PUA advice) Most PUA is only focused on the women. While self improvement and confidence should be the focus. Making women the centre of their universe is one of the worst mistakes of most PUA. It go’s against the core principles. Women are not attracted to men that look up to them. Thats wy most guys only become successful with women after they give up on PUA. When they stop giving a fuck.

    6. Don: (Of course, the biggest part in that is the rush of pick up.) That’s the thing it should be about. It’s about the hunt. Not the catch. Just go out and having fun with friends. Most of the time women will come to you. Or they’ll give signals that they want to be approached. When women see how you and your friends are having fun. They want to join in. Specially when other women are showing interest already. You should make them compete. You are the price. Not them. It’s called game. That’s exactly what it is. Just a game women like to play. Just go out and enjoy it.

  3. Moral of this is as well, that nowadays average men have no grounded role models (no some whiny faggot on instagram is not grounded) to identify with. Aimless and senseless men who are also sexually unsatisfied are easy prey for feminazi’s and their ideas – these men wont make a stand.

  4. “Don’t be too envious if you don’t belong to the category of guys who have made such experiences because those women aren’t worth it in the long run anyway.” That‘s exactly the conclusion I made in my early twens, long before any PUA shit came up in Germany. My friends were still idealizing all those sluts and hoping they will turn into trustworthy women while I had given up completely and startet banging prostitutes. This way I can focus just on sex and don‘t have to deal with any drama. Some say sex with a prostitute is not the real thing because you have to use condoms. Well, I wouldn’t want to bang any of these sluts without condom, either. So what?

  5. “Don’t be too envious if you don’t belong to the category of guys who have made such experiences because those women aren’t worth it in the long run anyway. ”

    I think you should emphasize this more.

    I haven’t had a quarter (tenth?) as much experience as you probably, but after a few encounters, I just found it hard to care about sex/women any more. Sex can be fun, but no more than a nice meal, a good workout, or many other things in life IMO.

    Some might say I have low-T or whatever. I haven’t tested it but I am lifting decent numbers (2x BW DL, 1.8x BW Squat, when I did Olympic lifting, clean and jerk 150kg, snatch 120kg), and can gain muscle even on a deficit.

    1. I often wonder if I have low T as well because of how I completely lost interest in sex (except when a hottie is throwing herself at me and doing all the work).

      At this point, I’d rather bang 1 “groupie”, than 15 chicks I had to work for.

      It could be lowered t, but it could be having tried every kind of chick I wanted and found the ” overhyped luxury meal” to be quite disappointing.

  6. Solid article.

    During the previous May, I decided to run a challenge of stone-cold approaching 100 women on the streets with the goal to get laid with 3-4. I used a very basic line “Hi, you are cool, can I have your number to hang out some other time?”

    It was a disaster and I found myself diminishing my self-respect and giving validation to rags who don’t deserve it. I hadn’t had a single number. There were times I found myself walking around the streets like a poor shit. I don’t know, really, but it seems that the effort you put on this thing is far greater that the outcome. In on of your old articles you write something that is perhaps the best line I’ve ever read about cold approaching:

    “Cold approaching barely gets you anything, and the little you get FEELS LIKE WORK, because it is”.

    This is excellent. It’s amazing, but I have the same sense about this whole thing.

    I’m starting to realize that the “WOMEN DO THE CHOOSING” thing is the real thing. And in order to have women choose you, you need to work on youself as much as possible, to be asmasculine and good-looking as possible, in order every time you get out of your home, to have a specific number of girls who choose you.

    I don’t know Aaron, but I would like your opinion on this or even a post.

    1. Your observations are correct. Note that I expanded on this, i.e. the issue on how to efficiently get laid in the real world where women do the choosing, in my books Minimal Game and Club Game.

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