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Debunking “Conservative” Female YouTube Personalities

Most of you are probably familiar with some if not all of the more well-known supposedly conservative female YouTubers. I’m thinking of Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy, Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, and Roaming Millennial. There are certainly many others jumping on the bandwagon. Those women have in common that they claim to be conservatives. But are they really?

What I think is going on is something rather devious: these women target thirsty beta men, of which there certainly is no shortage on this planet. What those women do is using their looks to attract a largely male audience. The content they produce is at best an afterthought. In that regard they are similar to female streamers on Twitch who ineptly play video games some of the time but who let their tits hang out all the time. Those girls rake it in for a few short years. You can see the same effect with the conservative women on YouTube: they exchange youth for money.

Now you may wonder what the big deal is. If so, then maybe read the last sentence of the last paragraph again. Let me ask more to the point: would a conservative woman do what any of those women do? Probably plenty of you don’t even know conservative women in real life because they are so rare, so here are a few hints with regards to their behavior:

1) They are hardly active on social media

2) They don’t pursue a career in the spotlight of the media

3) They don’t use their looks in order to make money

4) They want to settle down soon

5) They are not promiscuous

All of this is just off the top of my head. I could extend this list at will. But let’s work with those few items and see how our conservative YouTubers measure up.

If those women were conservative, they would not flaunt their looks online. Of course, there is a wide spectrum. Faith Goldy is certainly the most aggressive of the women I mentioned, with her fake lips and Botox injections. She is also dressed in the most provocative way. Looks-wise, she could pass for an escort. I’d say she’s aggressively trying to market her looks because she can already see the wall. Faith Goldy is 28 and not married.

Lauren Southern claims to be 22 but looks way older (one, two). This most certainly indicates poor lifestyle choices. If Lauren Southern were a true conservative, she would be much more concerned about how she presents herself. I certainly can’t imagine a conservative woman showing up in yoga pants, trying to get thirsty men to support her via Patreon. Lauren Southern is not married. Okay, if she’s really 22, then that’s still fine. According to other sources, she is at least 26 or 27. A conservative woman who wants to have a family would have given birth to one or two children by that age.

I covered Blonde in the Belly of the Beast to some extent as she is the least convincing “conservative” woman out there (one, two, three, four). She had an active dating life and a career that went nowhere. Her looks are at best mediocre. Seeing that she made poor life decisions, she now tries to use YouTube to attract a partner or something like that. I’d say the proof is in the pudding and if a self-declared conservative woman decides to settle down after years of partying, she’s clearly not a conservative. She’s just another of the many women in their late 20s or early 30s who noticed the writing on the wall.

I haven’t watched many of Roaming Millennial’s videos. At first I was tempted to give her a pass because she’s half-Asian, but she’s really not all that different from the others. Similarly, she is using her looks to make a living, so that is a line of work that is only good for a few years of income.

This was obviously just a cursory analysis, but it is sufficient to show how inconsistent the messaging of those women is. A big part of conservatism is a view towards the future. They want to conserve a functioning society. (In contrast, leftists dream of revolution and universal basic income.) Now, think about this some more: does it make sense for a conservative woman to pursue a career that will only be viable for a few years? I don’t think so at all.

Instead of calling those female YouTubers conservatives, they should be viewed roughly in the same category as female streamers, cam girls, strippers, and porn starlets: opportunists who want cash in on their looks, with little awareness of what a poor choice they have made. Now you could say that Lauren Southern or someone else currently makes a lot of money. That would be completely beside the point. Her career choice was a high-risk move. She dropped out of a bullshit degree at a bottom-tier university, the hardly esteemed University of the Fraser Valley. The expected value of such a choice is low. A more conservative woman would not act like that.

On a side note, I don’t think that Lauren Southern is fiscally conservative. I recall that when Patreon kicked her off the platform, she put up a video in which she was pleading for money and didn’t seem particularly cool and collected. I’m going out on a limb here, but given that she is currently largely living off her looks (and little else) she is likely headed towards an uncertain future. Right now, she’s riding a wave of relative success, but let her age another few years optically and she’ll be done. Really, what a time to be alive this is for at best average looking women: you can pretend to be conservative and have thirsty betas throw money at you. It’s ridiculous.

A particular issue with those women is that they have no unique selling proposition (USP). They do little more than regurgitate what they find online. I’d say that Roaming Millennial is significantly smarter than the others. In particular, Blonde seems to be an intellectual bottom feeder. The problem with this is that the next cute chick can easily unseat them. That’s similar to the next batch of young sluts causing another wave of women in their late 20s to lament that there are no good men left. In contrast, a guy like Black Pigeon Speaks will be able to put out material for decades. Yet, how will a fifty-year-old Lauren Southern compete with the next college drop out who figures the faux-conservative game, gets a boob job, lip job, and hair extension so that she looks good in front of the camera when telling beta men online that conservatism is sexy? Thus, those fake conservatives are fighting a losing battle. Let’s hope they all find their buff cucked billionaire.

24 thoughts on “Debunking “Conservative” Female YouTube Personalities

  1. Tomi Lahren comes to mind, but I think her head seems to be in an okay place. She has openly admitted to her stance on abortion that her conservative employers disagreed with, and she was fired for it. Still, she seems pretty committed (if not her writers do anyway) to exposing Leftism in mainstream media, especially in her debate with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. I don’t really watch any of their videos though, she seems too much like a right-wing reply to the “Young Turks” inflammatories.

  2. There is no such thing as an ant-feminist woman. In order for sanity to return women must be denied the vote (which will not happen). Not a single so called anti-feminist woman has ever called for this. All of these women, from the old battle axes to the current wave of botox bimbos, are concerned with one thing only. Namely, not losing the gains the feminazis have won for them.

    Think of them as the rear guard of a rapidly advancing army spear headed by the blue haired man hating shock troops. The rear and flanks must be protected from attack and what better way to achieve this than deceiving their enemy with hair, make-up, tits, and propaganda meant to deceive. It really is quite simple.

    1. john smith: I agree that almost all of these women just want to get the good stuff. Conservatism is also gynocentric btw. The biggest problem i have with most conservative people. They often want us to ignore that feminism ever happened. They also seem to be obsessed with giving women what they want. They often pretend that modern marriage and traditional or even biblical marriage are the same thing. They are not. They promote marriage. But hardly ever talk about the fact that it isn’t the same contract at all. Most are only selective conservative. They hardly ever condemn anything that women do. The only thing i hear them talk about is men not manning up. They just expect men to marry reformed sluts. And they often shame men who refuse.

  3. I’ve noticed Black Pigeon Speaks doing interviews with Lauren Southern and some other conservative named Brittany Pettibone. I guess he is doing it to boost his traffic.

    I was wondering if his appearances with these women legitimized them … or maybe it’s just to ride off their fans.

    1. True fan: Nothing rong with doing interviews. As long as you can speak freely and your words are not twisted. Doing a interview doesn’t mean you agree with everything the person is doing or saying. The point here is that these women dont walk the walk. (I believe Brittany Pettibone is banging that German dude from the defend Europe mission btw.)

  4. I see a problem here. You’re conflating “politically conservative” with “traditional”. Arguably, a woman could have politically conservative views without being traditional, although I acknowledge the greater tendency for political conservatism to influence the personal life choices one makes with regard to marriage and children. So, I don’t see it as necessarily a contradiction if a female libertarian activist doesn’t want 2-3 children before she hits 30, or if she uses heavy makeup and the like.

    Plenty of indicators do show that these women are not really traditional. But that doesn’t mean they can’t genuinely be a conservative, politically. I think you overestimate the crossover or harmony between one’s political views and life choices.

    1. Of course conservatism exists on a spectrum. Still, I would say it is contradictory to claim to be conservative while making life choices that are more befitting of strong and independent womyn.

    2. By extension, your implication is that we’ll never hear from conservative women in the media (who in your books are both politically conservative AND traditional) because they’ll shun publicity. Either that or they’re just unicorns who don’t exist, of course.

    3. I normally don’t make absolute statements, so let’s say that it is less likely that traditional women would appear in the media, let alone set up their own YouTube channel.

  5. I’d say as long as they help us fight the good fight, I dont mind.

    That being said, it would be interesting to look again in 5-10 years and see if any of them are still at it. I believe Karen Straughan has a pretty decent following without being anything near attractive IMO.

    I dont follow any of them closely enough to comment much, but I agree Roaming Millenial seems to be the smartest and hottest. But intellectually I find it more stimulating to watch Christina Hoff Sommers and Camille Paglia (who identifies as lesbian or transgender anyway). Jordan Peterson recently interviewed Paglia, Id highly recommend you watch it.

    If it comes to male youtubers, Jordan Peterson tops the list, followed by Dave Rubin, Joe Rogan and Gad Saad. And Sargon of Akkad, if you have the time.

    1. I believe Karen Straughan has a pretty decent following without being anything near attractive IMO.

      She’s also an original thinker. She introduced/produced a lot of good talking points for MRA/anti-feminism, did a lot of original research etc.

      The barbie anti-feminists of which Aaron is talking about are just regurgitators. Not one original argument or point or sentence. They’re like talking heads.

    2. You can’t really compare Karen Straughan with any of these girls. She’s a completely different type of person. She’s probably more intelligent than all these girls combined. And she doesn’t claim to be conservative or traditional. She actually understands what she’s talking about. And she isn’t just a youtuber. It’s one of the few red pill women i can actually respect. She doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not. I would love to see her debate Jordan B Peterson in a one on one. She made a great response video on his mgtow comments and made him reconsider some things. I would really love to see those two team up and exchange ideas on men’s issues.

  6. at best, female anti-feminists are just copying the spiel of the men, who said it first and said it better than the women.

    at worst, the are obtrusive and incorrect (the “I don’t need feminism” campaign in particular was sickening because it amounted to “I like female privilege and don’t want to see it end”).

  7. Just googled Karen Straughan… she’s actually not bad looking IMO. I actually crave the minimalist, nonconformist nerd look. If she grew her hair out another three inches she’d be borderline hot.

    OTOH, she does resemble a female version of Lena Dunham, so…

  8. Last comment for now I promise: I will admit to being a casual fan of Roaming’s videos (not a financial supporter). The content is nothing deep or intense, but it’s a good entry-level introduction to conservatism for young people. She is at least of average intellect.

    She’s attractive, but not in “bombshell” category for sure. If someone can make money off of being attractive, WITHOUT being immoral or skanky, I tend to say “so what, more power to them”. I have not seen or heard any content in her uploads that causes me to question her morality or sincerity–and can’t she earn some money on Youtube while looking for Mr. Right?

    1. Martin L. These girls preach about traditional values. But they live the feminist lifestyle when they are young. That’s the point here. It’s only when they are about to hit the wall. When they will start to look around for a man to settle down with. That’s not traditional. That’s feminism. They are too occupied with education, career, badboys and everything else when they are in their prime years. It’s only when they already lost most of their sexual market value. That they want some guy with money to settle down with. So he can pay for her wishes. That’s not the traditional way. And only a loser would accept that behaviour. A high quality guy doesn’t settle for a wall hitting born again virgin. They should have practiced what they preach. But just like any feminist. They want it all. That’s the point here.

    2. Martin L. A girl like Lauren Southern would have settled 7 years ago if she was really a traditional woman. She’s about to hit the wall now. And she’s still too occupied to even look for a man. At what age would a traditional woman have children? 35? 40? Is it now considered traditional to use frozen eggs at 40 and have test-tube baby’s? Is there any standard? Or is this just like the trans stuff. They can live the feminist lifestyle while self identify as a traditional woman? Is that how it works?

    1. You focus too much on labels. I mentioned a few aspects a woman who is wife-material should have. It doesn’t really matter in which box you put them. Note that what you are doing is one of the favorite techniques of feminists and leftists who, instead of debating the issue at hand, accuse you of using the wrong label for their position. As if this mattered.

    2. You are welcome to look beyond the labels. But labels exist for a reason. If you don’t find your self in any one them, call yourself a moderate.

    3. Labels also exist for reasons you don’t seem to be aware of. One of those reasons is to steer discourse.

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