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State of the art of sex dolls

There has been some discussion about sex dolls in the comments to my post Artificial Intelligence will put photography models out of work, including references to an older discussion on my former blog on Google’s blogspot. Sex dolls do not constitute a topic I ever actively looked into, albeit the occasional link gets sent my way.

Out of curiosity, I did a bit of cursory research. Judging from video material, contemporary high-end dolls for a few thousand bucks are quite aesthetically pleasing. No, I can’t imagine banging one, but if you’re MGTOW’ing it up and want to avoid the company of real women altogether (we won’t blame you), that seems to be a surprisingly attractive option. I’m posting a video review below. I found a few parts laugh-out-loud funny, but the reviewer, a YouTuber who goes by the handle “Turd-Flinging Monkey”, seems dead-serious.

How was that?

I can understand if you think this was creepy. Also, even though I think that “Turd-Flinging Monkey” is dead-serious, part of me suspects that he is also acting. At around 16:00, when he takes off the head of the doll, puts a finger in its mouth and demonstrates how the head reacts to pressure, going from “hot” to “Down syndrome”, I thought there is no way he is serious.

I think with dimmed lights a sex doll such as the one in the video is likely quite believable. That guy has another video up where he talks about how he likes cuddling with his sex doll, so he would probably not be that interested in Virtual Reality. On the other hand, I think that we will have convincing VR before we have convincing sex dolls, let alone sexbots. Still, compared to what I thought sex dolls looked like, the state of the art is surprisingly advanced.

Anyway, this post is just a prelude to a longer post I have been preparing on musings on the effect of Virtual Reality on the sexual market value of sluts and whores. I recently had the opportunity to try out the industry-leading consumer VR headset, the HTC Vive, so I have some impressions to share, and some speculations. Stay tuned.

32 thoughts on “State of the art of sex dolls

  1. I forget where I originally heard about them, but RealDoll dolls are freaking expensive, but holy hell you can get all kind of custom options and they are very realistic. The 4-10k spent on one of their dolls is a pittance compared to what you would spend on a girlfriend (lord knows I spend that much or more a year on the wife), though a hooker would probably be cheaper (money-wise, but at least no chance of diseases here). For guys who are afraid to talk to women or just don’t want to deal with them its just a matter of “what do you want to save up for” when it comes to building a custom girl.

    1. Real Dolls are over priced compared to Asia. Orient Dolls are about $2,500 including international shipping and look a lot better.

      On the VR front, it’s Asia again. Honey Select from Illusion has progressed pretty darn far.

    2. (Real Dolls are over priced compared to Asia. Orient Dolls are about $2,500 including international shipping and look a lot better.On the VR front, it’s Asia again. Honey Select from Illusion has progressed pretty darn far.)

      LOL! Even the fake Asian women are better than the fake Western women.

    3. Your comment made me laugh out loud, Ben! Well, Chinese manufacturers presumably look at Chinese women for inspiration, so they are bound to produce superior sex dolls.

  2. About the last paragraph: recently I commented with my brother (a conservative fella that would make lots of people here proud) about VR sex and its implications. With current political climate as it is, we wondered how long it’d take to open the Pandora’s box of “Virtual Rape” [shudders]. I mean, I’m not even willing to dismiss the idea entirely. I haven’t researched the technology in its current state, but it’s supposed to resemble reality, at least psycologically while not physically. Will it be plausible to pull some Jonathan Crane (Batman’s Scarecrow) shit on someone, to make him/her feel genuinely tortured or raped?

    1. Your comment made me think of something else: I recently head about a Swedish guy who gets prosecuted for “raping over the Internet” because he videotaped an amateur camwhore and threatened to release the material. I could very well imagine deranged feminists, frothing at the mouth, claim that men who have sex with avatars in VR sexually harass or rape them, despite the fact that those avatars were designed for that very purpose and are, obviously, not real people.

    2. Philosopher Peter Boghossian recently submitted a prank paper to a social sciences journal where he argued, among other nonsense, that men who manspread are “raping the empty space around them.”

      It got published.

    3. @Aaron: and what about pedophiles, zoophiles and other degenerates? They might argue that VR-sex provides a safe way to get their rocks off. I mean, libtards are all about pedo acceptance now, but if we, of more conservative persuasion, argue that “Virtual Rape” is anti-men nonsense, we’d be forced to admit that “Virtual Rape child victims” are nonsense as well.

      Like I said: Pandora’s Box. Can of Worms. Although Hentai that caters to pedophiles has already existed for years and basically fulfilled that role to some extent.

    4. Manuel S: (what about pedophiles, zoophiles and other degenerates? They might argue that VR-sex provides a safe way to get their rocks off.) Pedophiles that rape real children should be shot. And i definitely would agree people jerking off at child VR porn are sick. There is however a problem with prosecuting these people. This is also a pandora’s Box issue. Because this would be prosecuting for thought crime. There is no victim in this. VR personalities have no feelings. Sexbots dont have feelings. They can not suffer pain. And if it’s oke to prosecute someone for this thought crime. What would be the next thought crime that would be acceptable for prosecution? Also a pandora’s Box dilemma.

    5. @Manuel S.
      – I’d say let the Pedophiles and other degenerates have their VR fun. Lots of people were born very unlucky in life and in the genetics department. Giving them a safe and victim-free outlet for their sick fantasies is the most merciful thing we could do for them and it benefits everyone.

      I do have a caveat though. I believe every serious criminal and degenerate should be sterilized(pain-free of course) to prevent the spread and continuation of their defective genes into the future generation. (at least until we get genetic engineering to a high enough level that we can pick off every bad gene in their offspring. but then again,you can argue that such people should not be qualified to be parents,and will likely still fuck up their offspring if allowed custody)

    6. Maou: (I believe every serious criminal and degenerate should be sterilized(pain-free of course) to prevent the spread and continuation of their defective genes into the future generation.) Also Pandora’s Box. What would be the next group? If you want to prevent crime by sterilisation. It would be more effective to sterilise single mothers and their children. Where would this stop? Who’s going to make the decision? Most criminal behaviour is environmental. It’s not all genetics. Considering the way our Western governments behave. And how governments behaved historically. I wouldn’t feel save if they had that much power. To forcefully sterilise someone. How long would it take before the feminist pass a law to sterilise every male with toxic musculinity? Or all the evil white men? Pandora’s Box!

    7. I’m not really sure if the feminists would try to get certain groups of men sterilized. That would make more people choose the childfree lifestyle. Believe it or not,the average person(especially the average parent)is often not very accepting of that lifestyle. I know because I’m CF and I frequent the CF reddit forum. Its not uncommon for people there to report having to deal with idiots who are insecure in the life choices they’ve made and out of jealousy try to drag us down with them by pressuring us to breed. (we call those people “Bingos”)
      If the average person/parent is too insecure to accept the CF community,I would imagine the feminists would be even more opposed to us,seeing as the majority of women out there want children.

      But overall you do have a point. I guess limiting the forced sterilization to just the Pedophiles would be more feasible,as that’s the group nearly everyone in society agrees(Including Pedos who have heart and conscience not to act on their desires and realize the kind of curse they were born with)should go extinct.

    8. Maou: There are already feminist that want to sterilise all men. They want to take sperm from them in puberty. They called it milking them. And sterilise them or even chop off his nuts. Women would be able to use their sperm in a lab to have a baby. Never underestimate what evils feminist are capable off.

    9. Maou: Feminism has always had ties with Eugenics. Victoria Woodhull and Margaret Sanger were involved with Eugenics. And the Rockefeller Foundation has always been one of the greatest financial supporters of both feminism and Eugenics. Feminist calling for forced sterilisation wouldn’t be the first time. Both ideologies are financed by the same people.

    10. Maou: Where do you think planned parenthood comes from? Feminist and the Eugenics movement have created planned parenthood together. Feminism didn’t fall from the sky. And it wasn’t a spontaneous movement that came from unsatisfied housewives. It’s the frankenstein creation of some of the most powerful people in the world. It was never about equality. It’s about power. It has always been about power. These people view the population like cattle. And both feminism and Eugenics are tools to control the livestock.

    11. @Ben
      I was unaware of the connection,thanks for letting me know.

      This discussion reminds me of a very old DOS game called “Gender Wars.”
      I never played the game myself,but as the title says,its about men and women going into war. They reproduce via genetic engineering,but they have to steal the necessary reproductive material from the each other for it to work. Imagine if that ever becomes a VR game? lol.

  3. my question remains what actions feminazis will take to block this technology, and what clever men will do to get around it.

    1. There could be a tax if not an outright ban. If you end up in the Soviet Republic of America or the EUSSR, you better get out once you see the writing on the wall.

    2. patriarchal landmine
      They will try everything they can. Sexuality is the greatest advantage women have over men. If they lose that advantage. They will be screwed.

  4. If conservative men can control the production of sex dolls/bots as well as VR to ensure that none are made which cater to women’s sexual needs, then there’s a greater chance for the corrective effect on women to happen. After all, feminists could likewise use dolls or VR if they’re not getting any. Unless, a claim could be made that women are a lot less inclined to have sex with dolls anyway because what they desire from sex is different from men.

    1. I have to disagree with you, for once. Women are not even the target audience. Here is a related comment from my old blog, written by me on a similar remark:

      It’s an impossibility as a matter of fact. As a dude, you would be fine banging surreally good-looking anime chicks in VR that give you the most raging boner of your life, while some robot head with three tongues makes you cum so hard you are afraid you’re damaging it. On the other hand, the perfect illusion for a woman would be a hot young billionaire showering her with attention and money, and one she can show off in real life. Spending $50k on a high-end simulation of a billionaire version of Ashton Kutcher won’t quite work because he won’t come out of the screen and shower Jane Plain with a couple mill’.


    2. @Sleazy’s Gal
      -I would honestly prefer to let the ugly feminists benefit from the technological advancement as well as us. This is to give them the incentive to stay the hell away from the dating scene,and maybe even convince at least some of them to finally stop their nonsense forever while they drowning themselves in VR pleasure.

      Also,I think giving women VR is a good thing anyway since it gives them the incentive not to slut around in real life and keep it in the virtual world. No risks of STD’s and unwanted pregnancies. Everybody wins.

    3. Sleazy’s Gal; (women are a lot less inclined to have sex with dolls) Most Western women already have a dildo or vibrator. They dont need a complete doll for just sexual pleasure. Their emotional and financial needs are a different matter.

  5. Turd-Flinging Monkey is never that serious. He has a humorous approach to things. When it comes to using dolls and VR porn however. He combines the two. Personally i dont think dolls and VR porn would ever do it for me. But i understand why he does it. This dude has some really bad experiences with women. There’s only so much a man can take. I think the doll and bot market will grow much bigger the coming years. If you would mass produce them. Dress them up like popular anime figures. And bring the price down a little. You could make lots of money in Japan for sure.

    1. I’d probably give it a try just to see what its like, once “doll brothels” or doll rental become common, but I dont think I would buy one. Call me creepy, but I still find it creepy to pretend to replace human interaction with robots.

    2. Yarara: (but I still find it creepy to pretend to replace human interaction with robots.) I think it’s more like they are trying to fill the void that’s already there. Human interaction has already broken down for a large part. Specially between men and women. Men are not getting what they want anymore from women. So it’s not so much a replacement since interaction with real women isn’t there anymore. Men are problem solvers. We have always build things to serve our needs. I don’t think this is much different. Personally i dont have this need because i have better alternatives available. But some men might not have those options. Many men dont even know how to communicate with women anymore. Or they simply dont want to have anything to do with them. Or take the risks. And if you look at some women i can understand they would not want to fuck them anyway. I’m not going to judge men for seeking a alternative.

    1. Ironically these technologies will also cause the price of biological pussy go down. My predictions, biological pussy will plummet in price.

      Especially when you combine it the witch hunts the feminists are doing… They’re doing it to artificially raise the price of pussy, but it will actually have the opposite effect.

    2. Like Mc Donalds workers on strike for a higher minimum wage not realizing they are pushing their jobs further toward automation.

    3. Hasn’t that already led to automation that put people out of work? I dimly recall having read about burger-flipping robots and kiosks that take orders and such, all so that fast food chains don’t need to pay $15/hour or whatever inflated figure those people had in mind.

    4. The robots exist, there are some that can make the entire burger from start to finish and allow to customize them.

      I seem to recall that last time I checked the quality of the burgers they made was not yet on par with those made by humans, and there were a few kinks to be worked out still, but it is already a matter of when, not if.

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