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    1. AlekNovy: If you are worried about privacy. Please stop. You have none. Everyting you do, speak or type on a computer or smartphone is documented. Big brother is always watching. Privacy doesn’t exist anymore. They know exactly how many times you jerk off. And if you ever stand up against the establishment. They will use it against you.

    2. Ben oh benny boi… Way to miss the point. It ain’t about “privacy”. Nice canned retort though.

      Take our good professor Peterson for example. He’s critical of SJWs… publically. It’s not something he hides.

      He got his gmail account suspended… The one with his thousands of scientific contacts and emails with papers attached and term papers etc etc.

      It’s not like he was hiding the fact he’s critical of SJWs, it wasn’t a “privacy” issue. When google removed GAB from the store for allowing anyone to post anything, it wasn’t a privacy issue, it’s a censorship issue.

      It’s an issue when these companies are controlling more and more of the internet and they get to decide what you can and can not do on the internet.

    3. Alek Novy: Not surprised. These leftwing people hate nazi’s so much. That they feel the need to spy on everyone, censor everyone, break windows of shops, support people that hate jews more than anyone, go on the street all dressed in the same uniform, scream the party line over and over. And beat up people with different opinions.
      What’s next?
      I wouldn’t be surprised if they invade Poland.

    4. The social canopticon is real.
      Orwell’s Big Brother is real, but in a way he never thought.
      Now you must be careful of what you do, since you never know who’s taking a picture or who’s filming you smartphone.
      You are unable to express yourself because the Think Police will ban you.
      And sometimes it won’t even have to be Google or Facebook the ones who’ll censor you. Your own peers will become into moral vigilantes.
      About censorship on the internet, it reminds me the famous argument between Raiden and GW on MGS2.

  1. I want to talk about a side note regarding the victims of yesterday’s attack in New York.

    As we all know by now, 5 of the victims were from Argentina, specifically from the city of Rosario. Turns out, these guys came to New York City to celebrate their 30th school graduation anniversary. To put it into perspective. I’m 33. While I was still probably learning how to talk and take a dump in a toilet, these guys were already friends. I imagine them going from club to club picking up chicks, having a beer, playing soccer, perhaps trying to emulate popular bands like The Cure or Soda Stereo. And 30 years later, they could still be able to hang out together, just them, no women around.

    So today, to remember these men and to celebrate the power of friendship and male camaraderie, I propose that if you run into an old friend or acquaintance, give him a hug and buy him a beer. Or if that’s not possible, give them a call and have a good long conversation.


  2. Aaron, may I ask if you’ve been interested in investing in the stock market? I remember when doing a skype session with you that you were aware of how options in the financal markets work.

    Do you have perhaps any good resources that you use on this?

    My guess is that just like in any other field there are a few simple principles that are worth mastering.

    Perhaps alek or others have experiences with this?

    1. I’m interested, but I think I’d be spreading myself too thin at the moment if I got active in that area.

    2. When exploring this a bit, did you perhaps came across worthy resources?

      I’m asking you this because I’m looking for the minimal game equivalent of stock investing 😛

    3. Buy cheap(aka china stock indexes) us or european stock indexes are way expensive now on many metrics).

    1. I want to believe it is satire, but it seems to be real. I chuckled when that woman said that “credit card debt happened”. No, fattie, debt just does not happen, it is the results of poor budgeting and decision-making.

    2. I’ve known a girl like this. The girl would spend and spend far beyond their income. Than she ran off with a other dude. Leaving her ex with all the debt. While she took all the stuff. This dude was stupid enough to give her access to all his finances. He paid the price. He became homeless. While she moved on from one guy to the next. And the next. And the next. Leaving a trail of ruined men behind her. And she wasn’t even beautiful. She was a chubby 5 playing the innocent victim routine. She would look for the real forced loneliness guys. Convincing them that she understand their pain. And that the only thing that really mattered was the beauty within. Blabla yada yada. Than mr computer nerd would come home. And the house and bank account would be empty. And his creditcards maxed out. All the debt collectors would go after the dude’s. While she moved up the financial ladder.

    3. Neutralrandomthoughts: The guys fault for being stupid. At the same time the girl for being a diabolical bitch. Giving a woman excess to your finances is stupid. Just like parking your expensive car in the bronx is. You just dont do it. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s rong to take something that doesn’t belong to you.

  3. Just something i think all men should know.

    Briffault’s Law
    The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place.

    There are a few corollaries:

    1. Past benefit provided by the male does not provide for continued or future association.

    2. Any agreement where the male provides a current benefit in return for a promise of future association is null and void as soon as the male has provided the benefit (see corollary 1)

    3. A promise of future benefit has limited influence on current/future association, with the influence inversely proportionate to the length of time until the benefit will be given and directly proportionate to the degree to which the female trusts the male (which is not bloody likely).

    1. I recall there was some kind of condensed version of “the red pill” for young men, i.e. teens. I think it was called The Red Pill for Young Men. Damn, I gotta find it.

      Problem is that I don’t think boys will be ready to receive the message.

    2. shaking my head: (Problem is that I don’t think boys will be ready to receive the message.) If they are deemed old enough to learn about transsexuals at age 5. They should have no problem understanding that girls value them for resources at age 12. This is the same age that we teach children about sex in my country. The problem is not that children at age 12 wouldn’t understand. It’s more that they are teaching the feminist version. And almost all teachers are female or feminine men. And that most father’s are already kicked out the home when the kids are 12. Young boys are getting totally brainwashed in our current system. They teach young boys to be little submissive bitches. That if they are nice and give girls everything they ask. That girls will like them and date them. Someone should teach them how the real world works.

  4. dada: Sort off. Basically never give a women everything you have. Because after you given it all. She will lose interest and walk away. Always make sure she has the impression there’s more to get from you. You often see Briffault’s law in action with divorces. After the woman has everything she wanted. She suddenly loses interest in her husband. After she had the ring, wedding, house, kids and access to his resources. She doesn’t really need the man anymore. She will turn cold and file for divorce. Thanks to our divorce laws. She’s able to keep everything the man can provide her. Without having to associate with him.
    It’s one of the main reasons modern marriage doesn’t work. Making women independent is stupid. It means they will take what they want and leave when they have it.

    1. AlekNovy: ( Apparently leftists are trying to rebrand all non-feminists as the alt-right. They used to group everyone into a “manosphere”.)
      Yes: They always do that. They do the same with calling people nazi’s. I even heard them calling a orthodox jew a nazi. And than they wonder why nobody is taking them seriously. They have the mindset that you either with them. Or you are the enemy. Furthermore they are often the most sexist and racist people around. When you’re a white male. They will automatically assume you’re the devil. These people have no logic at all. Who could have thought that radical feminist would team-up with radical muslims? They have totally lost their minds. They are at war with white men. They want a genocide on white men. And so they support the enemy’s of their enemy. They must feel desperate.

    2. @Alek
      Interesting. 4 days ago I PM’ed the mods requesting entry,primarily because I wanted to view a certain thread there discussing Designer Babies and CRISPR(genetics)but their community was set to private.

      I never got a response from them,and now I see they went down. I guess I’ll never get to see that thread…

  5. What do you guys think of the “It’s ok to be white” campaign?
    Some people hang flyers in colleges and universities saying “It’s ok to be white”.
    The reaction on the left was predictable. The mainstream media fell for it. They showed their real colours.
    It’s now considered hate speech to say. It’s ok to be white.

    1. It’s now considered hate speech to say. It’s ok to be white.

      It’s genius in a way. Kind of like when Sargon trolled feminist politicians by saying “I wouldn’t rape you”. But this one is even better.

  6. Oooooh Louis CK is now the latest (alleged) scumbag (or victim of no-repercussion accusations): https://archive.fo/RzqYH

    All these allegations….reminds me of the whole McCarthyism Era and French Revolution j’accuse …

    “The more things change, the more things stay the same.”

    1. Funny thing is all of these are male feminists and manginas that kissed up to women.

      Louis ck had a bunch of misandric skits about how much men suck and how women are such angels.

      Funny how none of these accusations have hit non-feminist men. It’s in all cases men that kissed up to feminists.

  7. Sleazy described Gavin McInnes as a beta in disguise, which burst my bubble. I like the guy! Telling men to “man up”, put a ring on it and start a family without addressing whether the typical Western woman is worthy or pleasant enough isn’t sound, but I can’t think of much else that’s questionable about what he says. Of course, he’s also a comedian and entertainer, so exaggeration is part of the package.

    1. Sleazy’s Gal: (Telling men to “man up”, put a ring on it and start a family without addressing whether the typical Western woman is worthy or pleasant enough isn’t sound.) It’s gynocentric. It’s beta behaviour. Doesn’t mean you cant like the guy. But he is part of the problem. The lefty’s wants us to be subservient to women. The right wants us to ignore that feminism ever happened. And sacrifice ourselfs for women and society. The only real difference is a pet on the head from the right. Both left and right are gynocentric. There aren’t much people that call women out these days. Most of them only realise how horrible western women are after their divorce. Even than they often think they just picked the rong one. Both left and right are serving women’s interest. Both are subservient to women. Both display beta behaviour. The right is just pretending they are not. It’s cos-play. They’re only the man of the house for as long their wife’s allow them to be. That’s not exactly alpha behaviour.

    2. There seems to be a lot of confusion about the alpha/beta thing. To me alpha means leader. It’s not just about attracting females. Being the alpha is a package job. Keeping everyone in line is part of that job. This specially applies to the sexual behaviour of the females. A guy that doesn’t has the guts to address bad sexual behaviour from females. Can never be the alpha. The alpha does serve the interest of his group. But he’s never subservient to anyone. He expresses his dominance. This is the part most men on the right are failing to do when it comes to women. They only seem to be concerned with providing and protecting women. So they have a mating opportunity. But they fail in showing any real leadership. They fail to keep order. Just protecting and providing doesn’t make you alpha. Leadership does. Protecting and providing just makes you male. Nothing more. A alpha doesn’t try to buy his right to mate by conforming to the wishes of females. He expresses his dominance over them.

    1. I have checked my spam folder. Unfortunately, that is not whats happening. If I remember correctly, this happened just after the host change or maybe a few days after that.

    2. I have no idea what’s wrong; maybe try subscribing again.

      Does anyone else have the same issue?

  8. This metoo witchhunt shit is getting more and more appalling.
    “It was something that I knew was wrong,” said the woman, who described sitting in Louis C.K.’s office while he masturbated in his desk chair during a workday, other colleagues just outside the door. “I think the big piece of why I said yes was because of the culture,” she continued. “He abused his power.”
    You must put the exact propaganda rhetoric there retrospectively when it was not even mainstream at all.


    “In 2003, Abby Schachner called Louis C.K. to invite him to one of her shows, and during the phone conversation, she said, she could hear him masturbating as they spoke”
    Yeah, right. Especially with 2003 call quality.

    1. This phone call reminds me of that post Alek wrote in matingselfishness about those ridiculous sexual harassment accusations

    2. I’d be very surprised if you could hear fapping over the phone while talking, regardless of how good the call quality is, simply because your voice will drown out the sound of fapping.

    3. Not only that but they try to convince you that they have the agency of a four-year-old.
      These women were not under at the power level. They were not subordinates.
      People might be famous but don’t give me the bullshit that their coworkers working in the showbiz also act like teenager fangirls and they get paralyzed by the mere fact that it is Louis CK. They not. They continued production because they needed the money.
      Also, it is not surprising

    4. Yeah, that’s my “favorite” part. The whole infantalization of adult women.

      Using the same logic, we could say that any time a woman with big breasts asks a man for a favor, she needs to be sentenced for fraud. Why? Because her boobs made him lose her mind, so his consent doesn’t count.

  9. How do I fact check statistics? I asked a YouTuber on Twitter to provide links for his claim that men are more likely to commit rape. 99% of rape cases (single-victim incidents) are perpetrated by white males? Really? Here are the aforementioned links:



    Usually, I could care less about this crap, but the recent Hollywood witch hunts have caught my interest.

    1. The number that feminist come up with are never correct. According to feminist numbers, more women are being raped in American colleges than in the Congo. If you say hi to a woman, they’ll call it rape. It’s ridiculous. This feminist witchhunt seems to be a co-ordinated effort with the media to promote feminism. Feminism dropped in popularity the last couple of years. This is just a PR campaign. These feminist are only screwing things up for themselves. They wont be hired for jobs anymore. I would surely never hire a feminist.

  10. This once again popped up on my facebook wall.
    In this video, a guy discusses with some women who pays on the first date.
    It is interesting to see that someone tries to talk some sense to single women.


    The guy is Matthew Hussey.
    Apparently, he is a dating coach for women which is kind of surprising because single women just usually complain that there are worthy men.
    We men have numerous self-help domains and we usually give advice to each other, especially in dating. Women don’t seem to give advice or most of the times they give counterproductive ones on purpose. The whole cosmo culture is a great indication of that.
    Could directly coaching western women work or it is just wasted effort considering the majority of his target audience is the exact women that people just pump and dump?
    What do you guys think about this?

    1. (Could directly coaching western women work or it is just wasted effort considering the majority of his target audience is the exact women that people just pump and dump?)
      It could work if you start before they hit puberty. No quality guy wants to settle down with a reformed slut. You can make a lot of money with coaching women. Millennial women are becoming more desperate with the day it seems.

    2. The millennial generation is lost. Instead of focusing on what’s already lost. People should focus on what’s still worth saving. Generation z could possibly still be successful. The few millennial men that are successful will possibly end up dating generation z women anyway. And the more beautiful millennial women can become sugar baby’s for generation x. Trying to turn ho’s into housewives has never been a fruitful undertaking. Beter just except that millennial women are unfit for reproduction. Beter just move on to generation z. Or try your luck with non Western women.

    3. This coaching of millennial women is basically a scam for money. Just like the egg freezing market. Great for making money. That’s all. It doesn’t make a difference. Men will never value sluts to settle down with. They dont get warm feelings about frozen eggs. And for most of these women even a sperm donor won’t be a opinion. There’s a great shortage of sperm donors. And frozen egg’s are not usable after just a few years. They are just scamming these women out of their money. And their egg’s will be sold for scientific research for even more money. That’s what happens when you have a generation of delusional entitled snowflakes. They use men as disposible utilities. And in return they are used by everyone trying to make some money out off their self-inflicted misery. Maybe it’s karma.

    4. I’ve watched a lot of stuff by Matthew Hussey, he’s doing a good job at trying to talk sense into women. There are some things he says that make me cringe, but overall out of all the dating coaches he’s doing the best job.

      I’m getting a sense that he’s compromising in certain places to get through to the women. Like if you talk to women and are 100% blunt about everything (giving the points from Aaron’s blog from example), they’ll just get defensive and not listen.

      Matthew talks to women by giving them a mixture of what they want to hear and what they need to hear.

    5. Yes, I agree.
      The quality guy is an important aspect!
      You have to accept the fact that those will settle with a beta so it is better stopping them to become lifesucker harpies to decrease damage in the long run.
      Abused betas and their harpie wives will ruin a generation.
      Also, peer pressure is strong with women so even if they are just reformed sluts they will possibly have some positive influence on their social circle.

      Yes, there is a good reason why women like cosmo and horoscopes. You would need to get inside their heads you should not argue and advise in a straightforward manner like you would with a man.

    6. No quality guy wants to settle down with a reformed slut.
      Yes, I agree.
      The quality guy is an important aspect!
      You have to accept the fact that those will settle with a beta so it is better stopping them to become lifesucker harpies to decrease damage in the long run.
      Abused betas and their harpie wives will ruin a generation.
      Also, peer pressure is strong with women so even if they are just reformed sluts they will possibly have some positive influence on their social circle.

      I’m getting a sense that he’s compromising in certain places to get through to the women. Like if you talk to women and are 100% blunt about everything (giving the points from Aaron’s blog from example), they’ll just get defensive and not listen.

      Yes, there is a good reason why women like cosmo and horoscopes. You would need to get inside their heads you should not argue and advise in a straightforward manner like you would with a man.
      PS. I have fucked up the formatting in the previous comment

  11. I have a thing for Teutonic girls. Specifically, I like their bodies. That being said, I love Thailand and Thai girls. But for some reason, I think that one is superior than the other. Coupled with the fact that I got into a stupid argument while I was in Thailand with a local guy and the rest of it, I now have cognitive dissonance as to what country I should go to more often. What is your opinion and ideas?

    By the way, I agree 100% that the german girls have far less pleasant personalities and far less numbers of them are beautiful.

  12. Aaron,
    I remember reading your interview with Mitchel at Simpleguyskills.com. He then made a move to a new site, broswagger.com. He hadn’t updated in a while now the site is gone. Know what happened with him?

  13. This is an interesting trailer from an old movie (released in 1987) called Cherry 2000.

    The movie takes place in 2017… and was quite prophetic:

    – use of sexbots
    – sexual relations are now set out by contract (which isn’t a far cry from a fallout of #metoo allegations)
    – grrrrrl power (via Melanie Griffith character)
    – oh and sexbots having drawbacks (like malfunctioning)

    Trailer is here: https://youtu.be/BR542tQhXJo

    1. True fan – sexual relations are now set out by contract.
      Feminist are pushing for that for a long time now. The funny thing is that they hate it when practised. Just look at the sugar baby market. Men are generally better negotiators. I’m always laughing my ass off whenever i hear them complain about sugar baby’s being treated like whores. They are in complete denial that’s the end result of feminism. It turns women into whores. And that men will treat them that way because of it. The only problem with such a contract. Women can easily be excused by any judge for breaking it. While men would be hold responsible. I wouldn’t sign any contract with a woman in the Western world for that reason. You can see it clearly doesn’t work with the prenup’s. Judge’s simply throw them out. So why sign something in the first place? Women are not bound by them anyway. Judge’s overwhelmingly side with women whenever they show some crocodile tears. So signing any contract with a woman in the Western world would be pointless.

    1. I am guessing that it is because, according to feminism, all men are rapists. They all should be put in prison. So that wyman can start having lesbian sex in public.

    1. They are lying their ass off. They know that they are more likely to be accepted when they claim to be gay. In Europe 75% of the child refugees are adult men.

  14. Hello,

    I have been radically simplified my live for the past 12 months. Minimal wardrobe, getting rid of things and people, and moving into a tiny room in a shared flat. This allows me to save a significant amount of my paycheck.

    Aaron et al, I gather you live a rather simplistic life too. Especially Aaron has been influenced by Marc Aurel if I recall correctly. The Stoics recommended a rather minimal lifestyle. Therefore, I was wondering if and how you simplify your diets in terms of cost, ease of meal prep, and staple food. I use a lot of oats, frozen veggies, rice, and loads of meat. Only water and green tea. For supplements I only use Vitamin D3.

    I am curious to hear your take. Thank you!

  15. I’m not always a great fan of him. But this time stefan molyneux has made a interesting video. Basically saying what i’m telling everyone for some time now. It’s called (International Men’s Day: The State of Masculinity) This time he’s spot on.

  16. This is the world view about women as I see it today.

    All I ever wanted with women was the ability to get laid with hot women consistently. What I got in return was feminism from women. Lets just say it exemplified the stupidity of marriage and children for me at a level never before possible. But the great thing is, I now actually get laid with hot women consistently. I just have to deal with the bullshit by feminists about being a loser for fucking escorts and not fat feminist women. LOL.

    I was even told that I would be happy in a relationship. Somehow or another, relationships are emotionally profound according to bitches and the religious folk. I never figured how profound but did profoundly found the stupidity (i.e. religiosity/irrationality) of that statement about how relationships are emotional profound. Relationships are not emotionally profound. They are at best religious constructs to keep society afloat. People didn’t have relationships for most part of history. They just fucked. The relationship between sex and children was unknown for the most part of history as well. Even the low IQ science student (who inadvertently will drop out of college) knows that.

    Even when I was in my pickup phase, what I wanted was the rush of pickup not the relationship that comes after. At least after the first three months from knowing her. Funny thing is I want feminism to remain (although it looks like it has peaked) because I want to know what else I’ll find out about “what women want”.

    Because not even Cassanova knew that women just want to get fucked.

    1. Don: (They are at best religious constructs to keep society afloat. People didn’t have relationships for most part of history. They just fucked.) That’s incorrect. Marriage is mostly a religious construct. Relationships are not. Relationships can have different forms. But the insentive to form relationships is biological. Humans are social animals. Humans produce hormones to ensure bonding. This isn’t just a social / religious construct. Without the bonding process women and children wouldn’t be able to survive. Men wouldn’t give women and children resources without it. They wouldn’t give them protection. Men use relationships to get sex. Women use sex to get relationships. This is biologically driven. And not just limited to humans. Other social animals also form relationships. The social rules around relationships can be different. The rules can be a social / religious construct. The forming of relationships in itself is biological.

    2. One of the biggest problems within Western society is the involuntary transfer of resources from men to women. This is ensured by the state by alimony, child support, and many government financial support programs. This creates a illusion of female independence. Women now depend on the state to provide them resources and protection. So the incentive to form and maintain relationships with reliable male partners is damaged by this. This is the main reason women want relationships in the first place. In a natural situation the female has to give the male access to her reproductive organ’s and show loyalty to him to ensure resources from him. If women are not dependant on the male for resources and protection. There is no need for relationships. The same go’s for sex for males. If men can have all the sex they want. There is no need for relationships. This only works for a very limited time. And only in a isolated environment without danger. This is doomed to end in a total break-down of society.

    3. This involuntary transfer of resources from men to women have caused this situation. Women are only interested in 20% of the men. Because they have good genetics or more resources than the state provides to them. And they have little incentive to stay even with the top rating providers. Because the state ensures the transfer of resources after she divorces him. And the top 20% of men have little incentive to settle down. Because they can have sex whenever they want. So 80% of all men have no incentive to support or defend this system at all. They have little to nothing to win. They are simply tax cattle. And the 20% on the top only take enormous risk when they settle down. Because women have little incentive to be loyal even to them. Because she doesn’t need to stay with him to get his resources. The only winners in this system are the badboys. The top gold digging whores. And most of all the state. And the only way to restore the natural order. Is by stopping state enforced transfer of resources to women.

    4. The only logical outcome is violence. Reforming the system in a democratic way is impossible. Because the majority of voters are women. Women will never vote to stop forced transfer of resources from men to women. So there are only a few possible violent outcomes. Either the system crashes because of lack of resources. A violent revolt of the men. Or a take-over by a outside group.

    5. Don (Funny thing is I want feminism to remain (although it looks like it has peaked) because I want to know what else I’ll find out about “what women want”.) Feminism is just gender based communism. It forces men to pay for women without getting anything in return. A guy that wants feminism. Is just stupid. It’s like saying you like to be robbed. I’m not married. but i still pay for women with my taxes. The thing women really want is simple. I can explain it in just one word. That word wouldn’t be “MORE!” They always want more. More of the same. Or more of something else. But they always want more. It’s impossible for men to satisfy women long-term. They will never be contend with what they have. They always want more. And if you dont give it to them. They will look for someone else who will. Or ask the state to take it from you by force.

  17. Ever seen those pictures that are pictures within a picture within a picture? (The Stones’ Hot Rocks album cover or Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma album cover comes to mind…)

    Anyhow, I saw this book promoted in a bookstore…and it seemed like a hamstering narrative within a hamstering narrative. Book is called “Girl Logic” by a female ‘comedian’ …and the book was published by the Weinstein company (lol).


  18. Just wanted to say I am really looking forward to Meditation without Bullshit and congrats on doing it!

    I will also be getting Minimal Game as from what I’ve seen, there is truly way too much unecessary shit in many fields. I came across an Amazon review however and for several reasons: the Meditation book – hence priority for that, timing, and though the review isn’t spectacular it does perhaps encapsulate the value of whatever PUA Game has.

    Here’s the review – https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R3OYR106TPOBW2/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_viewpnt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B006IYBXIU#R3OYR106TPOBW2

    Essentially it’s against (the only review) Minimal Game which is fair enough. I think Minimal Game follows the 80/20 principle and if so that’s amazing. But surely there is some value in knowing:

    Teasing & funny/ approaching advice / groups/ disqualification/ other guys/ getting isolation/ State management/ importance of touching

    Anyway – I these aspects could be handled ‘theory wise’ in a day. I think knowing some of these things and incorporating them by actually going out is good!…….NOT spending £1000’s on Programmes.

    What I’m asking Aaron is:

    1) some of this theory if put into action is very useful, are you saying it’s not? Are there any ‘game’ concepts you would say are useful but not worth paying for?

    2) You have been doing meditation for 20 years, have a certain personality and can enter the deeper states at will – including ‘No Mind’. Do you think your method, which IS following the natural way, is far more effective once someone has that ability to get in ‘the Zone’ like you?

    3) Would you say get there with the meditation, get life aspects in order, learn quickly the theory principles you need to, then get out there and meet women is the best order for a man?


    1. 1) Read Minimal Game with an open mind. This will allow you to realize that most if not all the PUA theory you cherish so much is superfluous.

      2) Meditation will help you because it’s one way of learning to control your mind. Alternatively, if you just want to get laid, you can do what your typical dudebro does and just get wasted.

      3) I’d say fix your life first before you devote time to meditation.

    2. On point 1 – you have to consider what percentile it is that you’re looking at.

      Let’s say that you only utilize minimal game. You get 77% of possible results for you. But then you add an additional pua concept and it adds 2% more results and you get to 79%?

      Add 3 more concepts and get to 81%. Add 5 more and get to like 83%. Is the extra complication worth it?

      If you invested the same time into becoming a better you, the dividends are much better.

      Quiz question. Which version of you will get laid more:

      A) The buff, financially well-off you that’s accomplished in several fields and “only” has 77% game.

      B) The you whos in average shape and with no special accomplishments or finances… But has 85% game.

      Because that’s your choice in real life. When you try to go past minimal game, you enter into an area of heavy opportunity cost.

  19. Gotta say AlexNovy response was better than Aaron’s …… ahh, he’s going for Minimal Response lol!

    I take response point 2) as you saying yes to meditation, taking action, optimal strategy (Minimal Game), continuously improving and applying mind, body, emotion, spirit stuff – anything allowing you greater control and expression of these things to improve health, wealth, mind, opportunities, experiences etc.

    * Shocked about point 3) though. I assume you mean Health, Wealth and Relationships. If I’m going gym, building a business, learning skills and aquiring knowledge and socialising….. wouldn’t meditation enhance all these things – Why wait? Just start a daily practice.

    By that statement does that mean your book is only intended for people who have their life in order?

    I.e. a guy who is starting to but doesn’t have his life aspects all in order but has a lot of time right now – shouldn’t get your book or even spend some time meditating??

    1. If your life is in utter disarray, you should try to fix those issues first before you bother doing anything else. That is all I said. I said nothing to the extent that meditation isn’t helpful if you don’t have your life completely in order (nobody has).

  20. I have this nudging irritation that I need to get out here. You (Aaron) yourself said, being a democrat vs. a republican is a false dichotomy. That you are not a member of the other if you aren’t a member of the other and visa versa.

    But you have gotten to be a republican already. While your writing is and was great I don’t like the idea you started to propose recently about anti sexual liberalization. Which seems awfully similar to becoming a dumbo republican who also think universities are bad for America. Feminism is bad, but its enemy (republicans) is also bad and this is surely a case of enemy of my enemy is also a enemy.

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