Facebook spits in the face of victims of Islamic terrorism

Of course, we all know that “Islamic terrorism” is a term that triggers the left to no end. Muzzies slaughtering a few unbelievers in broad daylight has nothing to do with Islam, we are told. Muzzie mayor Sadiq Khan of London even claims that Islamic terrorism is “part and parcel” of living in a big city.

Yet, despite Islamic terrorism being so incredibly commonplace that you are almost tempted to shrug your shoulders when you read of yet another terrorist attack, I was a little bit taken aback when I received a Facebook notification about the latest Muslim vehicular outreach event, which happened in New York City and led to a death toll of 8. Hey, it’s all non-believers, so what’s the big deal? The perpetrator made it to the US on a diversity green card. Yup, diversity is our strength!

So, what did Facebook do? Instead of calling a spade a spade, they downplayed the Muslim truck of tolerance ram attack to such a degree that it is downright revolting. They call it “The Violent Incident”:

It’s a violent incident when someone punches Richard Spencer. Heck, to the left it’s a violent incident if a low-income black person does not get a no-money-down mortgage for a big house (that was a prime catalyst of the Great Financial Crisis, by the way). They call it structural violence. On the other hand, referring to the cold-blooded murder of eight people as a “violent incident” is downright insulting and disrespectful to the highest degree to the friends and families of the victims.

I am disgusted.

11 thoughts on “Facebook spits in the face of victims of Islamic terrorism

  1. Every person or organization who tolerates or encourages, in any way, mass immigration and muslim invasion is DIRECTLY responsible for EACH death caused by those terrorists. They are collaborators and traitors. Our ancestors did not die against nazis to see their descendants willingly raped and killed by muslims or anyone else. Protecting our loved ones and our heritage is not xenophobia.

  2. On a side note:
    “prime catalyst”
    It takes two to tango and if so-called NINJAS who wanted loans, had run into closed doors, then GFC wouldn’t have happened. Not to mention the perverted conflict of interest of paying a a supposedly independent rating agency to rate your bundle of smelly loans with a triple A, which I think is worse than a private institution (bank) lending to broke fuckers (which, assuming there’s no bailout, is then their problem, but that’s a different story obv.).

    1. An underappreciated part of the problem is that ethnic minorities with poor credit ratings were essentially guaranteed a mortgage because lenders were afraid of getting sued for discrimination. It’s referred to as “disparate impact”. First, we had a messed up legal structure. Then, millions of people who should not have qualified for a mortgage got their million-dollar McMansion. Add copious amounts of criminal energy and regulatory capture, and things get really ugly.

    2. I wasn’t aware of the fear-of-discrimination-factor. Things make a lot more sense now.
      Thanks for pointing that out.

      Just imagine Standard and Poors telling Lehman “look, we’re not even rating your colateral debt obligation – it’s basically loans to a bunch of broke-ass niggers”

    3. Another often overlooked fact is the role the government itself fanned the flames through Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

      As to the discrimination factor, I’ve read that too. Interestingly black-owned banks were refusing mortgages to blacks as well, but in retrospect no one seems to have had half a functioning brain back then. Bubble euphoria tends to do that, even to otherwise rational people.

      If you want to see an extremely ridiculous example of this, google up on the Beanie Babies bubble of the late 90s. First time I heard about it, it sounded like a prank to me, but that shit was for real (spoiler: it was about stuffed toys!! No, really, I’m not shitting you)

  3. Ironically those people he mowed down were mostly not americans but countrymen of mine. Do we get to play the “latino” victimhood card? Oh wait, is one muslim card equal or more worth than a latino? Not sure… Or are argentinians too white to count as real latinos? Please some leftie, enlighten my ignorance about our proper value as humans…

    1. victimhood card?
      If you are a black muslim transsexual lesbian leftwing radical feminist autistic single mother with bi-polar disorder. You can rule the universe.

    2. They were Argentinians? Holy crap, I’m just finding out.

      The question of the Latino victimhood card is one of great confusion for libtards. But we’re usually on the bottom of the totem pole, the whiter we’re assumed to be, the lower. No card for Latino-looking George Zimmerman, for example. And some of them might remember when you trolled the whole world by trending #PrayForArgentina as a joke (seriously , you guys rock 😂).

    3. Holy shit Manuel, I just recalled how the ZimZam was described as a WHITE-hispanic, as if being white would automatically turn you as an acceptable target, and of course the “hate-crime” card can be safely pull.

  4. Facebook is part of the radical leftwing establishment. I’m not really surprised. They play word games all the time. Just like when they decided that Arabs are now called Asians. I’m curious how many news outlets will copy this. With the Asian label it was almost all the press in the Western world over night. So i suspect that order to call them Asians came from the higher up’s. So let’s see if all terrorism will be called a incident from now on. Than we’ll know if it’s just a single reporter, just Facebook or the higher up’s making this the new PC name for terrorism.

  5. Never forget:
    -If a muslim does a terrorist attack, it gets downplayed, “Islam is the religion of peace”, yada yada (bonus points if he used a gun, you can blame the gun industry for making those ebul babby killin’ assault guns!)

    -If a crazed white guy snaps and starts killing people, of course that’s a terrorist attack/killing spree! Those evil whiteys and their privilege! The caucasian genes really turn you into a psychotic killer, it’s just a matter of time!

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