Artificial Intelligence will put photography models out of work

I just came across a highly interesting paper published by NVidia, with the presumably off-putting title Progressive Growing of GANs for Improved Quality, Stability, and Variation. Bear with me, though, because the content is quite fascinating. What NVidia has managed is to randomly generate, among others, realistic human faces.

Have a look at this:

Tastes differ, but the face on the upper left would not be out of place on the cover of a glossy magazine. To conform to contemporary tastes of the political left, though, we’d have to fatten her up a little bit, add a nose piercing and give her pink hair, but apart from that, I’d say the result is a resounding success. The pictures generated are of a size of 1024 x 1024 pixels, which is probably less than the resolution of your smartphone. Yet, from here on we just need to scale this by throwing more computational power at the problem.

In case it has not been clear: those pictures don’t show real humans. They were completely computer-generated, and it took just a few dozen hours to do so. Now think a bit bigger! Right now we can generate 2D model faces with the computer. The next step would be 2D human bodies. A bigger step are randomly generated 3D models. Heck, in ten years we may have randomly generated porn. You tell the machine what you like and it spits out a never-ending library of virtual whores. What a time to be alive that would be!

We are not quite there yet. However, it is safe to assume that models will start to get a bit nervous, and not because they wonder whether the photographer was happy with their blowjob skills. In advertising, we don’t necessarily need a well-known pretty face. No, instead any pretty face would normally do. In the very likely case that the computer dreams up an especially attractive woman, she would likely become a virtual star anyway, and if she gets too expensive to license, we’ll just generate 256 new ones.

Imagine that, instead of hiring a capricious model who needs to take coke breaks and can only take so many dicks a day, the art director of a magazine could simply let a data center randomly generate a few dozen pretty faces and pick one in the end. They don’t even have to bother with photoshopping the images afterwards, so cost-savings would snowball through every stage of the production. One barrier to widespread industry adoption would be that computers don’t suck dick, which surely is a competitive advantage models have over those computer-generated images. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if some Japanese researchers are already working overtime to produce a blowjob robot. We already have VR. Now we just need to get a few hardware extensions.

25 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence will put photography models out of work

  1. ( I wouldn’t be surprised if some Japanese researchers are already working overtime to produce a blowjob robot. We already have VR. Now we just need to get a few hardware extensions. ) There are already robots that go much farther than that on the market. There were even whorehouses with sexbot’s closed down. Because they were putting the real human whores out of bisness. The sexbot’s were more popular than the real girls. Even when they were asking the same amount of money. They are building sexbot’s with pretty advanced IA in it. Not only will they give sexual service. They are capable of learning. You can program them to have a personality. They can remember your birthday and how you drink your coffee. In 10 to 15 years. You will have trouble telling if they are real women or robots.

    1. Yarara: Seen it on the youtube channel of turd flinging monkey. He has a section where he discusses news articles called 420. This was one of them. His channel is sponsored by the dollhouse. He always discusses all news articles about sexbots. And the feminist attempts to ban them. It’s hilarious at times. Feminist freaking out because sexbots are replacing women. After they told men they dont need them. Hilarious!

    2. Yarara: If you see the feminist orc that’s leading the crusade against sexbots you’ll agree. Men will fuck toasters before they’ll put it in one of her holes. It’s hilarious!

  2. Have any of you watched that movie with Al Pacino, “S1M0NE”? Not his best by any means, but it’s the first thing that came to mind when I was reading this post. Though there’s surely a stretch between presenting computer-generated photo models as flesh-and-bone and doing so with actresses.

  3. I like it.
    Cool article, Aaron!

    A bit of schadenfreude, but frankly I don’t see why women should not compete with technology, too.
    Man’s SMV is largely defined by ressources for which to aquire he has been competing with ever increasing automation.
    Women’s SMV is her beauty, so let’s have them compete a bit with technology for something they were pretty much born with anyway.

    Looking forward to sex bots. They’ll make women better. Those who adapt, that is. Capitalism rules. Evolution rules.

    What was that meme again? “Improvise, adapt, overcome”, right?
    Get in line bitches.

    1. One day women won’t be able to compete anymore. You’ll see sexbots that are like the cyborg’s in terminator films. Living tissue over metal skeleton. You won’t notice the difference between real women and bot’s. You’ll be able to order one that looks and behaves just like you want. They will clean the house and cook dinner. And obey your every command. Who knows? Maybe when you’re old, you can order a naughty nurse to take care of you.
      As far for the price of pussy. It’s already going down. You can see more and more middle clas women prostituting themselves on sugar baby websites. The prices are already dropping. One of the best ways to look how a economy is doing.Is by looking at the price of pussy. The Western women are not capable of finding quality men anymore. They will become desperate and drop their price. Not that it will make much difference for me. I won’t touch them even if they would be willing to pay me.

    2. Just wait till someone figures out how to hack her system and make her chew your dick off and rape you anally with a snow shovel. 🙂

    3. This would be the sexbot for the cucked Western male who wants a more authentic experience.

    4. … plus the ability to produce robot children that never grow old and necessitate alimony payments until the former owner of the sexbot has died.

    5. If you want some B-grade movie «fun», look for «Cherry 2000». If I remember correctly, the story (tl;dr) goes as follows: Near future, rich guy is living in love with his old-model sex doll in what remains from America after a nuclear disaster. Sex doll becomes out of order, can’t repair it and he doesn’t want a new model. Guy goes to nuclear wasteland in the desert where the factory of that model of sex doll used to be, with Melanie Griffith (I’m not kidding) as his guide, so he can get the same gynoid pussy. Eventually, he falls in love with human pussy (lol).

    6. I agree, Aaron, the twist was totally anti-climactic. But I think it was something to be expected, considering the flick was promoted and sold as some kind of «sci-fi melting pot» (the producers promoted it that way, at least), although watching it, the whole movie feels like a typical chick flick from head to toe.

  4. Dude, you can do high quality renders like this in just a couple of hours using free software and models readily available on the internet. Some chick on my Facebook feed consistently cranks out 3d rendered images for customers that make clothing for 3d models and some of her stuff is almost indistinguishable from actual photographs.

    Also, Lightning from Final Fantasy 13, along with other characters from the game, were previously used for Dolce&Gabbana campaign a few years ago with, from what I remember, good results. You get double brand recognition. With it being so easy to scan real life objects into 3d space now its just a matter of time that you don’t need a real model for anything, just scan, place on a 3d model and select your premade scenes, lighting and poses. (which is practically what I do now for my renders, which you can view on my blog).

    1. There is a difference, though. Lightning from FF XIII had to be painstakingly created by hand. The images in that paper were completely computer-generated.

    2. If you haven’t before, I recommend you check out DAZ3D’s web site. From a single model (Victoria) with thousands of settings you can customize or randomize an infinite number of “people” with a few mouse clicks. I mean, I have no doubt that Nvidia has technology that probably crushes anything that DAZ produces, but as an example of just how easy it is with simple PC software, yeah, higher end stuff will likely put both models and actors out of business.

  5. You know, this topic can be extrapolated to AI and replacing male and female actors. With Kevin spacey now a liability, his face is scrubbed out and someone else’s face is put on.

    Perhaps this whole ‘me too’ and sexual harassment claims will hasten AI in film too as well as photography. Afterall AI can’t harass or sue for harrassment!

    1. Looking forward to the days actors are regarded a low profession again.

      Actors used to be around the social level of prostitutes once upon a time.

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